Brown criticizes Horner's customer car idea: If, then only for nothing


( – In order to cushion the economic consequences of the Corona crisis for Formula 1 groups and to ensure their continued existence, Christian Horner from Red Bull made the proposal sit up, that the top manufacturers should sell their cars to the smaller groups . McLaren CEO Zak Brown is not very enthusiastic about this idea.

Christian Horner, Zak Brown


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“You know that I am not a fan of customer cars”, he puts in the podcast of our sister portal 'Autosport' unmistakably clear. “Everyone is talking about the DNA of Formula 1, and this is that people are their own designers.”

Some of them may have recently reached their limits, speculated Brown. “That's why they built someone else's car. I think that's something that needs to be addressed.” For example, Racing Level attracted attention during the pre-season tests with a Mercedes copy, which caused a lot of criticism and malice from my point of view, it’s an emergency solution that might solve the Instruct for a year or two, but then we’ll be back exactly where we were. ”

If the path of customer cars should really be taken, Brown pleads for the top teams to donate their old cars: “They have all the things that you did in research and development, you have the spare parts. Then you should give them to your customers and not charge them anything. “

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