15 races left in 2020? Steiner expects “six merciless months”


(Motorsport-Complete.com) – Formula 1 was not yet able to hold a single race due to the ongoing Corona crisis, but the Extensive Prix of Austria in Spielberg should finally start on July 5. The goal is to by the end of December 15 by 18 to race . This would squeeze the entire seasonal calendar into the second half of the year.

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For the groups and drivers this would mean an unprecedented effort. “Of course it will be tough,” Haas team boss Günther Steiner agrees with ' RaceFans.acquire '. “On the other hand, a lot of people are currently on short-time work. That is not a good thing, and of course it would have been better to spread the work over twelve months than over six months.”

Part of the job. And everyone wants to keep it without exception: “There aren't many jobs as good as in Formula 1. Once you've been there, any other job quickly gets boring. So I think everyone will just bite through it. We already have worse things behind us. “

team boss remembers Haas entry four years ago

This is how Steiner remembers Haas' entry into Formula 1 2016. “If you knew what we went through in our first year. How many days and nights we worked before the test in Barcelona. Some people from back then are still there and now suspect that these times are coming back,” he says.

At Haas you are ready, emphasizes the team boss, but also says: “There will always be people who don't take part. If someone decides that they don't want to do it, they have to they don't do it. We live in a free world. And I respect that too. It will be the same for united states of americaall, it will be six merciless months. “

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For this period, it is the internal team e bundle as sensibly as possible. A rotation principle within the crew is not provided. “No, we won't do that,” says Steiner. “I think that brings with it even more problems. Because then you have to make transfers, and mistakes happen there.”

Steiner: “We must not lose an entire year”

That the implementation of the Formula 1 season 2020 is held on, Steiner advocates: “Yes, I support that. Of course there is a financial background that I have I don’t know exactly. It’s not our job either. But I think the FOM (the Formula 1 administration) knows what the groups are expecting. “

“I think it would be good to add another season,” he drives castle. “If we lost an entire year, we would also lose some fans because it looks like we don't want to drive. But we want to. It is a difficult task for FOM, because nobody knows how to do it this virus will continue. “

How many Grand Prix events can actually take place will also depend on how the subject develops in each country and how politics reacts to it. “I would be satisfied with 15 races,” says Steiner. Only FOM has a precise overview of what is possible and what is not.

“But I've been doing this for some time now, so you get a feeling for what could happen and should. I think that more than 15 would be very difficult. ” In each tumble he hopes to end the season at the end of the year: “It was always like that in Formula One. We should try 2021 to have a fresh birth. “

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