Kubica: The time spent in the Mercedes simulator used to be primarily the most easy rehabilitation program I would perhaps well hang dreamed of. [PL, DE, EN translation in comment]


The Swiss portal Neue Zürcher Zeitung had a truly curious dialog with Robert Kubica about his fair in Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen, a year in Williams and his return to racing. Below you will be taught the general interview translated.

NZZ: How briskly are you travelling now?

Robert Kubica: Currently 0 km/h. I if truth be told had been in my condominium in Monaco for weeks. And when I impart I’m sitting at dwelling, I invent no longer leave it for 99% of the time.

NZZ: Does that imply that you simply trail at this 1%?

RK: When you happen to want to want to put it that means, yes, but it handiest means going out for one thing to eat.

NZZ: What does this standard of living imply for a one who feels extra cosy riding 300 km/h?

RK: Discovering unique skills! As an example, studying cook.

NZZ: What’s in an athlete’s weight loss plan when shedding weight is no longer as foremost in System 1 because it old to be?

RK: I accomplished intriguing meat a while previously so my weight loss plan on the general entails fish, greens and rice.

NZZ: How gain you arrange to defend in elegant shape?

RK: You will even employ care of that in your condo. I traipse the (bicycle) coach and that is the explanation ample for me. I also gain a mighty psychological practising.

NZZ: On this part you needs to be on the master stage now.

RK: You imply my rally accident after which I fought for my lifestyles for months, and then return to System 1? Nowadays the venture is extra dramatic for general public. At the time I used to be if truth be told one of a small team of patients in the intensive care unit. On utterly different hand, the implications of the accident had been extra drastic for me, particularly in the first months. Nonetheless no longer lower than I knew what I used to be combating in opposition to. Nowadays our opponent is invisible.

NZZ: Did you gain one thing out of this convalescence?

RK: Such sophisticated moments alternate of us. That time has shown me how valuable a particular person can adapt if he accepts definite things. You would prefer to keep personal targets, even supposing it is a long way painful to achieve them. You largely want to search the sunshine on the tip of the tunnel. Ensuing from my occupation, I do know that it is likely you’ll well presumably continually attain what it’s worthwhile to hang. You will even’t lose sure pondering.

NZZ: After cancelling the Australian Gigantic Prix, you had to leave many things unfinished.

RK: Earlier than Melbourne I used to be very busy with my Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen testing in Hinwil and dealing with the BMW Orlen Crew ART I’m presupposed to force in the DTM. Preparations for the season hang started. Now the entirety is suspended. I’m already missing quite loads of things, including of us from motorsport.

NZZ: Other than the obtrusive intentions – would you be ready to beginning again precise now or would you want a warm-up?

RK: I learned one thing from my accident: you continually want to retract a ardour for what you reside for. That’s why I will be succesful to’t wait to employ off and fabricate that keenness in me.

NZZ: After to bring collectively abet to F1, on the tip of last year, it is likely you’ll well presumably impart to yourself: OK, I did it, I proved to everyone that I would perhaps well come abet. It’s over.

RK: Now, can hang to you will hang gotten overtime for yourself, you converse extra. Nonetheless peaceable, force in F1 is peaceable my biggest dream. It has come staunch. Perhaps now I if truth be told feel it even extra, on yarn of there shouldn’t be any longer any riding. More turns into definite now. For me, as an illustration, there shouldn’t be any longer any series on this planet that I’d purchase over F1.

NZZ: So you’re an addict.

RK: To illustrate – I gain primarily the most pleasure from motorsport.

NZZ: What used to be it purchase to head abet to Hinwil, where did your occupation in F1 beginning?

RK: I will undoubtedly no longer neglect what BMW Sauber did for me. My occupation in F1 wouldn’t exist if they didn’t red meat up me abet then. For the same motive, it feels fantastic and special to be fragment of this environment again.

NZZ: In the Alfie Romeo you’re a reserve and pattern driver, focusing on the activity in the simulator. Is it that it is likely you’ll well presumably keep in mind to come to the fair of a racing driver?

RK: Right here is a brand unique chapter and we are able to thought the plot in which it goes. If there’s one lesson I took in 2011, it is that there’s nothing definite.

NZZ: For the length of the F1 test drives in Barcelona in February you drove a C39. Did you’re feeling cosy in it?

RK: It went reasonably smartly. I mercurial bought a just appropriate feeling in the auto. The impressions had been a lot like the first Sauber rides – no longer handiest on yarn of I keep primarily the most easy time of day.

NZZ: It’s good to perhaps well no longer fully skills your return in 2019 with Williams. You had been on the abet of the stakes.

RK: It used to be a rattling sophisticated year. Now no longer appropriate for me, but for the general crew. We weren’t ready to force in utterly different locations than the last ones and no-one would perhaps well thought how valuable I if truth be told did and how I drove. The drivers had been customarily judged by the implications, and those had been disappointing. It used to be no longer the year I hoped for.

NZZ: So used to be it a misplaced year?

RK: You will even’t impart that. There had been many sure things in it that I will employ with me. It also means that the general question marks and discussions had been slit off about whether I’m able to wander. Of us no longer doubt my skill.

NZZ: Alfa needs to employ a keep aside of residing during the stakes where the competition is the biggest. What are your personal targets for this season?

RK: I’m right here to red meat up – on the side of my crew.

NZZ: In the alternate you’re thought of as if truth be told one of primarily the most easy drivers in the simulator, if no longer primarily the most easy. How did you gain this recognition?

RK: It’s if truth be told crazy on yarn of before the accident I used to be riding for teams that did no longer hang simulators. Handiest after the trouble I bought into the simulators – first to practice my skills. Going abet to being a wander driver, such workout routines had been foremost and priceless for me. The time spent in the Mercedes Simulator used to be primarily the most easy rehabilitation program I would perhaps well hang dreamed of. I used to be ready to amass quite loads of skills with simulators as a instrument for automobile pattern.

NZZ: Before the entirety of the year you seen the simulator in Hinwil, which makes Alfa primarily the most easy crew in this part. Nonetheless then it used to be acknowledged that it’ll also employ even a year to invent it fully functional. It’s sophisticated.

RK: It’s a truly prolonged route of, consisting of time and energy spent in a loyal automobile. The results from the simulator have to correspond to what is occurring on the music. You would prefer to hang quite loads of files and files from the motive force, and customarily just appropriate fortune.

NZZ: Is there a keep aside of residing for just appropriate fortune where the entirety is calculated by supercomputers?

RK: I do know what I’m speaking about. You take a seat there for weeks and gain an intensive non-stop test program. And then all it’s worthwhile to gain is alternate one keep of screws and all at if you streak down arduous. That is one of the best fortune you want, even with very arduous work. When you happen to take into yarn your declare, the carmakers can gain the auto sooner or alternate it. What’s created precise away is tested nearly and you already know how valuable it is price, whether it’ll also be advantageous for the auto without wasting time and fabric. You will even’t gain it extra efficiently.

NZZ: Might perhaps well no longer laptop programs invent you finally turn out to be unemployed?

RK: Of route, synthetic intelligence can steer one thing in the precise direction, however the feeling of a rally driver, the feeling of the auto’s behavior in sigh cases can no longer be reproduced. Suggestions have to come from the motive force, and that is extremely foremost for engineers.

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