“We’re making ready for between 12-16 races” – Dorna Sports activities CEO


Dorna Sports activities CEO, Carmelo Ezpeleta, has been talking to the Spanish MotoGP™ Podcast in regards to the most fresh MotoGP™ calendar update

Dorna Sports activities CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta has been talking to the Spanish MotoGP™ Podcast, ‘Cambia el Mapa’, about Wednesday’s announcement that Dorna Sports activities, the Regional Authorities of Andalusia and the City Council of Jerez de la Frontera bear agreed to make a proposal to the Spanish authorities that, if licensed, would realizing the Circuito de Jerez – Angel Nieto attend two MotoGP™ Grands Prix.

A breakdown of the Spanish Sizable Prix and Andalusian Sizable Prix proposal announcement: 

“Now we had been making ready it for days. Cherish I had already explained, our realizing used to be to launch on the pause of July and to continue planning events in Europe till the middle of November, roughly, and from then on in warmer climates, the put we are in a position to flee from November to December. If that received’t be conceivable then the World Championship will enact in Europe.”

An agreement to send the proposal to the Spanish authorities has been reached. What are the next steps?

“The agreement between the Regional Authorities of Andalusia, the Jerez City Council and ourselves has been reached. We established the basics: how and what’s going to happen, how this may per chance be organised. We introduced it to them and as well they chanced on it acceptable to send to the Authorities of Spain. This is what we’re doing with every country that we poke to. There’s a protocol that we now bear determined upon, that would per chance be finished the next day or the day after, the put we now bear reduced the series of those which may per chance per chance well well be the MotoGP™ household to 1300 of us.

“At the a similar time, in every of the nations, there is a commission the put they debate all of these sorts of issues for all of the sports. Each and each sport has assorted prerequisites. Once we now bear a transparent protocol, which is sort of finalised, with admire to the series of controls, what the paddock will seemingly be enjoy, and so on, we post that to the Authorities of Spain. This involves diversified assorted ministries. I request it involves the Residence Space of enterprise – for the motion of of us, Health – for the safety measures and Transport – for what’s going to be fascinated with coming to and leaving Spain.

“This is the case in Spain and the other nations around the sphere. We’re talking with Brno, also Austria and Italy, to come at some level of on the assorted alternatives.”

“Our realizing exact now is to launch racing on the pause of July” 29/04/2020

Carmelo Ezpeleta Dorna Sports activities CEO affords his thoughts on what’s going to even be salvaged from the 2020 MotoGP™ season

You’re talking yet again about a reduced paddock. Can you demonstrate how that can work? How will they hotfoot, what’s going to or now not it be enjoy?

“We’re working in accordance with the most fresh prerequisites, as a technique to entire it in the come future. I hope that from now to July the measures don’t secure any worse, nonetheless enhance. The thought exact now, because it stands, is that those outdoor of Europe would must approach to Europe now not decrease than 14 days before the Sizable Prix and build in Europe. Then, all of the teams, including the Europeans, will must entire a test before leaving their nations, no later than 4 days before they approach on the main Sizable Prix, which will seemingly be in Spain.

“At that level, they’d well approach with their licensed test that claims 4 days in the past they had been without coronavirus and, then once they approach on the circuit, we’re going to have the skill to pause yet any other test. After that, each day we’ll bear a team with Quirón who will ensure that folks are exhibiting no symptoms and we’re going to have the skill to attract shut everyone’s temperature. Then there will seemingly be a protocol attach in space must one thing happen and the way in which we’ll take care of it.”

The course of that we now bear needed to entire with Spain, we now must entire with the other nations. “First and main of June, I feel about this may per chance be conceivable to bear a entire calendar of the races in Europe and, in theory, what may per chance per chance well well happen outdoor of Europe.”

Correct now basically the most series of races that may per chance per chance well happen after the cancellations is 16. Can also we now bear 16 races?

“If there will also be some outdoor of Europe, sure. We’re making ready for between 12 and 16 races.”

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