When Marko calls 15-year-old Kvyat: “Improve yourself or you fly!”


(Motorsport-Total.com) – Daniil Kwjat knows well what it's like to lose Helmut Marko's favor and be kicked out. 2016 the Russian became after mixed performances Crimson Bull demoted back to Toro Rosso, 2017 even completely thrown out of the squad and thus of Formula 1. But the pressure of Marko battle Kwjat is already used from years of experience.

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Even at a young age, the motorsport consultant from Crimson Bull Kwjat kept putting the pistol on his chest: “Sometimes he called me and said: 'If you don't improve in the next race, you will fly out,'” he recalls AlphaTauri pilot in the podcast 'Previous The Grid' . “I have such calls with 15. “

Marko often didn't even wait for an answer, just hung up the phone. “And then I battle myself, but then I improved a lot in the next race and he said: 'Ample, keep going,” said Kwjat. “So it was basically my whole career. At some point it will be for you in model.”

Looking back, it made him better. When he talks about pressure today, it's not in a negative way, but in a positive way. “He gave me that mental resilience.” With pressure, he can handle it very well today.

Photo gallery: Crimson Bull juniors in Formula 1

Christian Klien (2004-2010): Mit Unterstützung von Red Bull debütiert der Österreicher 2004 bei Jaguar in der Formel 1. Nach der Übernahme des Rennstalls durch den Engergy-Drink-Hersteller fährt Klien auch 2005 und 2006 bei den meisten Grands Prix für das nun Red-Bull-Racing genannte Team an der Seite von David Coulthard. Ende 2006 scheidet Klien nach Streitigkeiten über einen Wechsel in die ChampCar-Serie aus dem Red-Bull-Kader aus. Später ist der Österreicher Testfahrer für Honda und BMW-Sauber und fährt 2010 drei Rennen für HRT.

Christian Klien (2004 – 2010): With the support of Crimson Bull, the Austrian made his debut 2004 at Jaguar in Formula 1. After the takeover of the racing team by the Engergy- Drink maker drives Klien too 2005 and 2006 at most of the Grands Prix for the now Crimson Bull Racing personnel alongside David Coulthard. End 2006 closes after Klien Disputes over a move to the ChampCar series from the Crimson Bull squad. Later the Austrian is a test driver for Honda and BMW-Sauber and drives 2010 three races for HRT. Photo gallery

He also understands how it works: Crimson Bull has invested in his career and therefore expects something for it . In addition, Marko often gave the Crimson Bull pilots the choice. “He always talked to others and so on. Even though we were teen back then he asked me what I thought.”

Marko gave Kwjat the choice of which championship he wanted to drive in. Before the Russian entered the Formula Renault Eurocup, Marko warned him of the difficult championship and gave him the opportunity to compete in a less difficult class. “But I said, 'No, I want to compete in the most difficult championship.' And he let me. “

But he also knows: If he hadn't won the less difficult championship, he would probably have been blown out.

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But Kwjat always wanted to face the biggest challenge and was therefore angry when Marko told him a year later that he should start a second season in the Eurocup after finishing third overall. “I wanted to get into Formula 3,” recalls Kvyat. But Marko convinces him that if he wins a few more races it is good for his self-confidence. “And he was right.”

Therefore Kwjat, who by the way is allowed to say Helmut to him, has no say with the head of the youth program. “He is an interesting character, quite unique, quite complicated,” he says. And maybe he doesn't want a voodoo doll from him sometimes? “I don't think that would work,” laughs Kvyat.

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