#VirtualGP Barcelona: Tune-Restrict-Insanity decides battle for victory late


(Motorsport-Total.com) – As spectacular as the virtual Gargantuan Prix of Brazil the Formula 1 race from Spain is struggling Not on Sunday evening. Nevertheless, the virtual race on the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya also provided some exciting moments. At the end of the day, George Russell took the win because Charles Leclerc wanted to take advantage of a peculiarity of the game in the penultimate round.

George Russell

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How many short cuts does the last chicane take? So much for every drop zoom Download

Already at the race in China all pilots drove wildly over the exit zone of the last chicane because the game allowed it. In Barcelona, ​​the drivers were able to shorten the second part of the last chicane considerably and thus save time. In the penultimate round, however, Leclerc overdid it and was given a time penalty.

At this point he was just behind George Russell, who had already received a three-second penalty in his Williams . Had the Ferrari driver finished just behind Russell without a penalty, he would have won. But the Brit benefited from the thoughtless maneuver. Leclerc sees it athletically: “George struggle faster today anyway.”

Leclerc demands strict rules

Turned into displeasing him, however, is the opportunity to cut short in the last chicane. “That should be strict,” he says. Because then there would have been clear demarcations with the route limitation – so it struggles for the drivers a guessing game how much you can shorten without penalty. And it is clear that they will shorten – otherwise there is no likelihood of victory.

“It makes no sense. We have to sort it out,” he says after the race. “Because that makes it ugly to look at,” says Leclerc. He felt closer and closer to the border in the race. “And at some point it struggles too much and I already had a warning, so I got a punishment. Too bad.”

“When the news came on the radio that he was a punishment I pissed myself like a flash, “laughs Russell, who also played with the tune limits before. “I could have done it without [Abkürzen].”

“I only did it because I didn't care about another penalty because I wouldn't win anyway. I did but hoped you would get a penalty if you followed me, “he said to Leclerc. That's how it happened.

And so Leclerc couldn't get his third victory in the fifth tournament in the end. For the first time Russell won an official virtual Gargantuan Prix. Previously, he had already secured the pole salvage 22 situation, but struggled after a bad start. In the course of the race, he fought some thrilling duels with Leclerc, which seemed unimportant due to his punishment – initially.

Norris gives up after three spins

Third place went to Mercedes driver Esteban Gutierrez in front of Brazil winner Alexander Albon, whose strategy didn't work. He drove twice to the field and went five seconds ahead of Leclerc on softer media. But that he relied on Tough again in the last stint turned out to be a mistake: So he could not get to the leaders.

In fifth and sixth place followed with Nicholas Latifi and Antonio Giovinazzi two other current Formula 1 drivers. Also in the top 10: Anthony Davidson (7th), Pietro Fittipaldi (8th), Antonio Fuoco (9.) and Max Fewtrell (10.) – all former or junior pilots.

David Schumacher landed on his second appearance 13 after he after two rounds only 19. and penultimate struggle.

Lando Norris once again caused a sensation. The Brit had already twisted twice in the first round and hopelessly struggled the last. After a pit stop and a third spin a short time later, he gave up the race in exasperation – this time voluntarily. Before in qualifying, he had one of his now famous game cancellations.

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