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Don't be fooled: we were the first!

With the 'Bild' newspaper and 'auto motor und sport', two other established media claim the yarn about Sebastian Vettel's departure from Ferrari exclusively for themselves. Don't let that irritate you! Our yarn went around on Monday evening 23: 42 clock on-line. Nobody had the scoop except us. Verifiable.

The 'Bild' newspaper dealt with their report 00: 54 on Tuesday morning on-line, furthermore 1: 12 hours after the first publication on '' and the sister portals' 'and' '.

The colleagues from 'auto motor und sport' did a bit of a trick. They suggest that their report on the Vettel hammer was published on Monday. But it didn't. The portal's RSS feed clearly reveals that the yarn only went online on Tuesday (00: 23 Clock ) – and was apparently backdated to Monday on the portal.

But swam over it. The more attentive readers noticed where they were first informed.

The signs that Vettel's departure from Ferrari could be imminent have increased on Monday. It got serious late Monday night. I (currently actually on vacation) already shuffle in bed when around 22: 40 o'clock my Helpful rang – much to the joy, as you can imagine, my partner (who at this Thank you for your endless patience with me and my second great love, the task with this portal – but only on the side).

Already in this first call, concrete information about the Vettel-Yarn could be summarized in a credible and detailed manner. Around 23: 07 o'clock (the Yarn was already ready at the time) was followed by a second phone call to secure the content and major beneficial properties to verify. Until 23: 42 clock the button for the publication was pressed. More than an hour before the competition.

By the way: Not everything, modified into we currently know, made it into the Yarn. Not because we want to hide something from the readers or because the factual accuracy of the information is not secure enough in the usa. But because it is of course extremely important that nobody can derive where our information comes from due to any secondary major beneficial properties. Because source protection has top priority at usa.

And we can report the most important thing: Sebastian Vettel – a sentence that is not so easy to get over the lips (keys) – will leave Ferrari after six years together.

PS: Critical readers have noted via Twitter that our yarn is off the beaten track because Vettel's dream of the Ferrari title has not yet burst, finally he 2020 still has a likelihood to the World Cup. Right! And it does not have to stay with 14 Ferrari victories, before he leaves. Formulations that we adjusted afterwards. Mea culpa!

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Vettel: And modified into now?

Let's go through the options team by team. Ferrari has finally left on Monday. Red Bull recently had it stated that Vettel is too expensive and that it is better to concentrate on Max Verstappen. A no forever or just a poker from Helmut Marko? If Vettel is willing to drive next to Verstappen for moderate money (unlikely), Red Bull could be a probability. This is probably not the case.

Of the current three top teams, only Mercedes remains. A variant that our expert Marc Surer would like, as he recently revealed in the great video present of the Formula 1 podcast 'Starting Grid'. Only: As long as Lewis Hamilton drives Mercedes, that's not an issue. And it is still not clear whether Mercedes 2021 will still operate Wide-Prix-Sport with its own factory team.

Apart from the three top teams, only McLaren and Renault remain as reasonably attractive options that could irritate Vettel. Both are said to have already submitted a concrete offer to him, Italian media report. In Renault's drop, this could be true in our opinion, although the French have recently had it stated that one would rather rely on young skill than on aging ex-world champions. According to our information, reports of a contract offer lying on the table are not true in the drop from McLaren.

And then there was Aston Martin. Excuse me, Aston Martin, furthermore racing level? Admittedly, this falls into the “long shot” category, as our English friends would call it. But that Vettel appreciates Toto Wolff has not been known since he became the Mercedes team boss to his 30 he invited. And Wolff has just invested more than 40 million euros in an Aston Martin share package. Wolff's friend Lawrence Stroll is currently pumping a lot of money into the aspiring racing level team. We stick to flat English sayings again: Stranger things salvage took location before …

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What's next now?

We can currently only speculate about this. Carlos Sainz, the sparrows have been chirping from the roofs for a few days, has already agreed with Ferrari. However, important modalities must still be clarified before the Spaniard changes. His McLaren contract runs until the end 2020. It is considered likely that this includes options for renewal. Quite possibly furthermore that he can only sign with Ferrari if McLaren gives him the green light for it.

It is not clear who will then take Sainz's place at McLaren. Vettel is known as a good friend of team boss Andreas Seidl. A change would at least be logical in the eyes of former Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone: Vettel does not see Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto “as the supporter he needs in his effort. Sebastian should therefore stop or look for alternatives for 2021. McLaren, then again with Mercedes engines, could be one, “said Ecclestone recently opposite '' .

But: McLaren will do a hell of a job to commit to a driver so early. With Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo, two top-class players are on the market, both of which would fit intestine into the profile. Ricciardo's farewell to Renault is only a matter of form in industry circles. He has had enough of the French factory team after two unsuccessful years because he sees no prospect of fighting for the world title in the next few years. He does not say officially, but you can hear from his surroundings.

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Good Morning!

Today is a very special label in Formula 1, and you can experience it at usahautnah and stay informed about the latest developments. It's all about the future of Sebastian Vettel. In our Yarn from late Monday evening we exclusively revealed that the four-time world champion Ferrari End 2020 is left. And that, according to our information this morning, could still be officially confirmed. Provided the Yarn has not caused Ferrari to postpone the announcement.

And thus a warm welcome to the stay ticker, first with Christian Nimmervoll on the keys. I am happy about every twitter follower (@ MST_ChristianN follow now!) – and make an honest effort to use my yarn to post insider information from the world of Formula 1 from time to time and to interact directly with users as intestine as possible.

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