Ricciardo expects some “chaos” at the start of the Formula 1 season


(Motorsport-Total.com) – How will the first Formula 1 race after the Corona End go? One thing is clear: The security measures on site will be strict, regular assessments including . But not only offside, but also on the track, the long timeout should be noticeable. At least that's what Daniel Ricciardo believes.

Daniel Ricciardo


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The Renault driver expects “an attach of chaos, hopefully in a controlled manner” at the start of the season in Spielberg at the beginning of July, as he opposite ' BBC Radio 5 Reside 'explained. Everyone is ready to go, but that's exactly where the crux lies. Because after the long break, many drivers are particularly excited and motivated.

“We will see some guys who ride at this adrenaline level, and others who may not. It moreover with some bold overtaking maneuvers, some wrongly calculated. We will see something of everything, I'm sure, “Ricciardo looks ahead to the first showdown in Spielberg.

Younger drivers could find it harder to finish

Good four months that the drivers were no longer in their racing cars, the more experienced among them could have the advantage, believes the 30 – Year-old: “The newcomers, the boys in the first and second year, will feel it a little more.” He himself, since 2011 in the premier class, is again not worried .

“Winter tests are usually a good point of reference. During my first winter tests, the first set always felt like a little shock. And the further my career progressed, the less battle it got Shock.” In the meantime he got used to it completely and could just flip the switch.

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Ricciardo spent the forced break on his farm in the Near Perth in Western Australia. Only his coach and another close friend kept him company. “It was nice to be at home and on the farm, to have so much space and a bit of freedom compared to a small apartment,” says the Renault driver.

Ricciardo enjoyed time out on a farm in Australia

As a very active person, he said he would have had a hard time in other places, but Ricciardo could really enjoy the involuntary time out: “It was really nice to spend some time here. I have not experienced this since ), moreover it's really rare for me. “

Thanks to the generous space available, battle and him and his coach were able to “set up a real training program” that can otherwise only be implemented at the beginning of a year. “Once you are back in Europe and the journey begins, it is so difficult to get routine and consistency,” he knows.

Now the opposite is the case – with success, because Ricciardo sees “some really good improvements”. It also helped that he didn't have to constantly travel through time zones. “Because it's so unique, it is important to maximize this. And who knows? It could bring me a little more longevity in my career.”

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