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(Motorsport-Total.com) – With the new Formula 1 regulations, which due to the Corona crisis on 2022 has been postponed, the gap between poor and rich teams is to be narrowed. Numerous technical measures should lead to more equal opportunities in the future. Another measure is the budget limit from 2021, another concerns restrictions in wind tunnels and CFD simulations.

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One wants to ensure that a rich crew no longer simply has a competitive advantage due to the additional resources. An idea is currently being discussed behind the scenes of how smaller teams could be helped to find the connection. One possibility would be to give these teams more time in the wind tunnel and additional CFD tests.

“This could be a help,” says Haas team boss Günther Steiner at 'RaceFans.obtain' . “If you end badly [eine Saison], you could make it back up to the front. That's part of the current discussion. It's not as drastic as it sounds. But it gives the less successful teams a probability, the gap up front to close. “

Would this be feasible in the regulations? “I think that would be wonderful. It also doesn't slow down the technology. Formula 1 would remain the pinnacle of motorsport,” says the South Tyrolean. But would it be unfair if a crew – even if it is not a top team – can do more in the wind tunnel than another?

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“No, because I don't think you could speak of a 'Steadiness of Efficiency' here. That would be pretty disrespectful. You would just give people a probability, to develop more. But they would still have to do it themselves. If you can't do it, then more time in the wind tunnel will not help. “

” It just helps to bring the field together, without achieving a 'Steadiness of Efficiency' through weights or other things “, Steiner finds this proposal positive. “I think that would be a good idea that would not damage the DNA of Formula 1. If you take the wrong direction in a year and need a little more time to catch up, then you would have the probability to do so.”

The fact that this topic is being discussed intensively is also confirmed by Red Bull. “We are looking at united states as we can give the midfield teams a little relaxation,” says team manager Christian Horner at 'Sky'. “For example, the top teams have a certain amount of time in the wind tunnel, and those teams from fourth to seventh place, say, have more time if they operate with a smaller price range. And then again for the last three teams.”

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