Poll: Quo vadis, Sebastian Vettel?


Your opinion is asked: What will Sebastian Vettel do in the future after leaving Ferrari? And who will succeed the Germans?

(Motorsport-Total.com ) – After the exclusive message from 'Motorsport-Total.com' on Monday evening on Tuesday Ferrari actually has the departure of Sebastian Vettel with the end of the season 2020 approved. The German could not agree on any further cooperation with the Italian racing team. Now the question arises whether the Heppenheimer ends his career or finds shelter with another crew.

Sebastian Vettel


Sebastian Vettel becomes Ferrari at the end of the season 2020 leave zoom Bring together

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Fact is: Thanks to Vettel, the driver market has now been whirled up properly. Many drivers are still without a contract for 2021 there, also Lewis Hamilton has not yet reached an agreement with Mercedes. Only at Ferrari and Red Bull did a top pilot tie in the long term: the Reds are betting on Leclerc as the upcoming world champion, the Bulls on Max Verstappen.

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