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(Motorsport-Entire.com) – Sebastian Vettel brings momentum to the driver market. He will leave Ferrari at the end of the season as 'Motorsport-Entire.com' has previously reported exclusively . It is unclear whether the Heppenheimer his career at the age of only 33 years will end. Or whether he switches to another crew again. First expressions of interest come from Mercedes.

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“Sebastian is a great driver, a great personality and an asset to every Formula 1 crew,” Toto Wolff told the news agency 'dpa'. The Austrian maintains a good relationship with the four-time world champion. Could this actually switch to the Silver Arrows?

Wolff adds: “With a view to the future, we are primarily committed to our current Mercedes drivers to be loyal.” Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas currently have no contract for 2021 , the Briton has talks with Mercedes about a Extension only recently added.

Vettel's Ferrari departure could now have far-reaching effects on the driver market for the season 2021 – which could even reach the world champion team. Because team boss Wolff also emphasizes that he “naturally cannot ignore such a development” when looking into the future.

Only two of six cockpits of the top teams are over the season 2020 also occupied – at Ferrari with Charles Leclerc and at Red Bull with Max Stape. Also at McLaren and Renault, places could be free, since Carlos Sainz and Daniel Ricciardo are traded as successors of Vettel at Ferrari.

After speculation about a flirtation between Hamilton and the Reds, the latter has now emphasized that he is preparing for an extension at Mercedes and has no other crew in mind. While industry circles assume that the six-time champion will remain, Valtteri Bottas' seat could wobble.

Photo gallery: Sebastian Vettel's way to Ferrari

A childhood dream comes true: Sebastian Vettel has been driving 2015 for the Scuderia Ferrari and follows in the footsteps of his great role model Michael Schumacher. We draw Vettel's way to Ferrari in 25 Steps in chronological order. Photo gallery

The Finn received only one-year contracts from Mercedes since he 2017 came into the crew. Confirmation came particularly late in August of the previous year. On the sidelines of the winter tests, Bottas noted that he would like to have certainty in the long term and would like to reach an agreement as early and discreetly as possible.

If Vettel actually decides to switch spectacularly to the Silver Arrows, the driver pairing Vettel / Hamilton would provide a lot of dynamism. The Large Duo would have a total of (at least) ten World Cup titles. However, it is questionable whether Mercedes would like to spend large sums of money for two top drivers in times of the corona crisis.

“At Mercedes it is not known whether they will continue as a works team. McLaren would be an issue Bull, I don't think he'll come back, “race legend Hans-Joachim Stuck estimates Vettel's situation opposite ' Eurosport '.

According to Stuck, Vettel has only two options: either the Heppenheimer changes to another winning team or he stops. He advises his compatriot: “If he doesn't find a crew with chances of winning, he will surely make the wise decision and stop. A Vettel must already be sitting in a winning car. He doesn't need to be chipped away either.”

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