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Sebastian und Norbert Vettel


Sebastian Vettel and father Norbert experienced a lot together in Formula 1 zoom Download

es battle a real bang that knocked me out of bed late Monday night. Around 22: 40 clock my smartphone made itself felt. I hesitated for a moment to approach an unknown number so late, especially until 17. May on vacation. It is currently extremely difficult to credibly explain to my partner that every label has something so important that I just don't have time for vacation. But to 22: 40 o'clock, from an unsaved number, THAT MUST be something important.

Today we know: Battle it too. After exactly twelve minutes, I had heard enough to understand that Sebastian Vettel would leave Ferrari and thus trigger a whole chain reaction in transfers. Another call and two or three WhatsApp messages later battle clear: The story , which my source (which I will of course not disclose at this point for reasons of confidentiality), is credible. To the last detail.

And now?

The big one Question: Does Vettel want to continue at all?

Let's start with the all-important question: Does Vettel want his career in the formula 1 after 2020 continue at all? The opportunities to change teams are becoming more and more manageable. Crimson Bull kindly but definitely canceled it. McLaren is closed today (by the way, I'm still wondering who strewn the wrong information about a Vettel obligation on Wednesday and for what reason).

Then maybe Renault, instead by Daniel Ricciardo, who last there 25 Millions of euros in annual cash ? Not imaginable for me. Renault is the same political intrigue as Ferrari, just one size smaller and with baguette instead of pasta. And money, I believe Vettel, is certainly not the motivation to continue his career.

Although money probably played a role in his no to Ferrari. Not because he cares about the greenbacks in the account, no. But because it offends a four-time Formula 1 world champion when he is ten years old and 51 Mountainous Prix wins younger Charles Leclerc until a well-paid contract until 2024 may sign and he himself (initially, later Ferrari improved) with a one-year contract , and even that only with a greatly reduced content.

Photo gallery: “Grazie ragazzi “: Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari moments

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It is not about the greenbacks in the account. It's about the symbolism that goes with it. For Formula 1 drivers, money is a sign of appreciation, recognition of their lifetime achievement. A sign of trust.

Trust is exactly what Vettel was missing at Ferrari. There were several reasons for his resounding success at Crimson Bull. Certainly the car with the inflated diffuser that suited its driving style. Unlike his great role model, Michael Schumacher magazine, Vettel doesn't like it when the tail wags. He needs a strong rear axle because he is one of the few racing drivers who can cope with controllable understeer.

Second: Mark Webber can sing a song about the fact that Vettel from Crimson Bull has no restrictions was supported. It was never primarily about a concrete advantage or the better parts. Rather, it is about a feeling of trust, about nest warmth, about backing – even if you may have made a mistake.

Istanbul 2010: Like Crimson Bull, Ferrari was never behind Vettel

Who was there when Helmut Marko Vettel after the collision with Webber in Istanbul 2010 at the time, it felt like in a parallel universe. Which, understandably, freaked Webber out. But it is precisely this type of backing that a sensitive driver like Vettel needs to be able to call up his extraordinary skill to the full extent.

Confidence that has long since ceased to exist at Ferrari .

Many are of the opinion these days that the relationship between Vettel and Ferrari only begins with the arrival of Leclerc 2019 cracks. I observed this differently from my perspective.

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An example: After his bitter misery in Hockenheim 2018 where he (looking back) the World Cup -Title buried in the rainy gravel bed of the Sachs curve, devastated battle Vettel. But he didn't run to his boss Maurizio Arrivabene first to cry out – he knocked on a completely different door …

And that Ferrari may have been the best engine for the past two years because the technical department in Maranello, headed by team boss Mattia Binotto, at least gently pushed the boundaries of the regulations, but probably even exceeded them, does not go with the values ​​of an honest man like Sebastian Vettel. A fact that many overlook in their analyzes.

Vettel magazine be limitlessly ambitious. Which also shows that he can be stubborn like a little sort if he doesn't win. Most of all when it is his own mistakes that cost him success. But sports spirit is even more important to him than success. You can think of Vettel what you want: he would rather not win than with unfair means. Incidentally, something that distinguishes him from many other champions of the past.

Ferrari, the Todts and politics …

Ferrari – for sure that's one reason why the Scuderia since Kimi Raikkonen 2007 won no more drivers' championship – is anno 2020 as political as it has been for a long time. Leclerc, as inconspicuous as he gets there magazine with his boy's face, is with 22 already washed with all water. And with Nicolas Todt (son of FIA President Jean Todt, the former Ferrari team boss), he has a manager who knows how to play the political keyboard and always smiles kindly as if nothing had happened.

Even if Vettel would never admit it, maybe not even noticed it, because he is largely deaf in his political ear (which speaks for him): The influence of the powerful Todt family at Ferrari, the tense Relationship with team boss Mattia Binotto (who only looks like an inconspicuous Harry Potter, but in truth can also be quite different) – all of which did his part to make the mood poison battle. And in truth not kitten for a long time.

The fact that it took so long for Vettel to be ready for battle, I suspect, two reasons. First, the corona crisis. I'll go into that in more detail later. Secondly, Vettel is not one who can adapt to new situations particularly quickly. Saying goodbye to the big childhood dream of becoming world champion on Ferrari was definitely a long and painful process.

But it's a bit like the stock market: Sometimes it is wiser to sell the portfolio despite falling prices and limit damage instead of going to cling to a straw of hope and ultimately gamble away all your fortune.

But why because of the corona crisis? I'm already on the podcast initiating grid , which we recorded on Tuesday evening. Incidentally, a hot tip for all Vettel followers!

My theory (and that's more than that because I can't look into Vettel's head after all): The isolation with Ms. Hanna and his three children, withdrawn on his tranquil farm in Switzerland, could have been balm for his Formula 1 soul. It has to do him infinitely good, sometimes not to be annoyed by journalists, sometimes to be away from the tensions of the Ferrari group, sometimes just to be able to live like a normal person without a tightly staggered schedule and permanent spotlights.

And above all: being able to watch his two daughters and his son growing up very relaxed. It is quite possible that a Formula 1 champion will do something if he is at home longer than risking his life on the racetrack. Others might fall on the covers. But Vettel is not a jet setter like his great rival Lewis Hamilton, but a family man. Quite down to earth, with grounded values.

As you can read the Ferrari press release

Corona, according to Vettel in Ferrari statement on his farewell , caused him to “think about what our real priorities in life are “. And, hand on heart: is a fifth title really more important than missing the chance to see your own children grow up and shape their personalities? Maybe for others. For Vettel, I don't think so.

Toto Wolff, Sebastian Vettel


You know each other, you value yourself: Toto Wolff and Sebastian Vettel zoom Download

Especially since the question of the fifth title does not arise anyway given the available options. In addition to Toto Wolff, he surprisingly makes an offer. The two live in Switzerland not too far apart. You know each other, you value yourself. To Vettels 30 he even invited Battle Wolff – back then a reason for headlines in the press . Maybe it will be late, but will there be a sensation transfer? Most experts think that this is unlikely.

I think: In truth, Vettel has already arranged quite well by 2021 can stay at home. He is enjoying his new life. Finally, he can tinker with his beloved motorcycles again, get his hands dirty. He no longer has any money worries. Even his children and grandchildren can make a living from the fortune he earned in Formula 1 without ever having to lift a finger. At least in theory. Because this is not how Vettel will raise his children.

Why has he not yet announced his resignation publicly? Maybe because I'm completely wrong. Or maybe just because he wants to keep a back door open for the Descend that something surprisingly does come up with Wolff. Either as a teammate of Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes factory team. A constellation of the century! Or also in a crew without Daimler Reinforce, which is led by Wolff and financed by Lawrence Stroll.

Unlikely, that's right. But would you have believed a week ago that the “Foolish Season” 2020 would gain momentum so quickly? Just.

It remains exciting.


Christian Nimmervoll

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