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(Motorsport-Complete.com) – The Superior Prix of Austria is scheduled for 5. July initiate the new Formula 1 season – under unusual circumstances. To enable the event to take place, the next step follows on Thursday: Purple Bull has submitted the necessary safety concept to the Austrian Ministry of Health.


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Formula 1 could start the season in Spielberg at the beginning of July zoom safe

As the Austrian news agency 'APA' reports, the concept was worked out at the Purple Bull company headquarters in Salzburg and coordinated with the Styrian government via Helmut Marko in Graz. “The safety concept is ready,” confirms the motorsport consultant.

“It should include all the requirements that the government makes. We have taken into account all known requirements and are now waiting for the response”, so Marko. In order to be able to run one (or even two) races on the Purple Bull Ring, safety measures had to be planned due to the corona crisis.

Minister of Health: Check the concept “seriously”

Nothing is known yet about the exact content of the concept, however According to the news agency report, it is about being able to check the security measures. Various checkpoints on the racetrack are also being considered.

Previously, Formula 1 sports director Ross Brawn had announced that the Formula 1 team in Austria in a way “ Bladder “would live – to keep the risk of new infections as low as possible and at the same time to protect the local population. Purple Bull team boss Christian Horner also spoke of “ draconian security measures “.

Now the ball is with the Austrian Minister of Health Rudolf Anschober (The Greens). He had already been asked about this during a press conference on Thursday, but at that point the minister had no knowledge of the concept. However, he expects “promptly” to receive it.

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The concept of Purple Bull will then be ” serious and correct “check and assess whether there is a risk or not. “At this foundation, decisions are based on facts, and it doesn't matter whether I'm a big Formula 1 fan or not,” Anschober notes with a smile. Previously, he had already pronounced himself as not a great friend of motorsport .

“But I assume that because there is also a lot of economic potential, it will be done very seriously. Then we will do the same serious process for the review.” It is already known that the entire non-public will be tested for the corona virus before entering the country.

The entire Workforce on COVID – 19 tested , all results have been negative. The implementation worked perfectly. Brawn announced that every person in the paddock tested every two days should be.

Haas team boss: Will only 60 People take with you

It remains questionable how much non-public will actually enter Austria and land at the Zeltweg-Hinterstoisser airport with charter planes. At most 2. 000 People should participate in the event in the Mur Valley. “How many people are ultimately necessary is currently being evaluated,” says Alexander Wurz in the 'ORF' interview.

“Clearly: The drivers, the mechanics and groups have to be there for every race to make sure that the cars start safely. We then have all the official and volunteer helpers, the marshals and the race management, they have to be there. ” The latter group alone makes around in Spielberg 500 People from.

Advertising employees, VIP guests or media representatives will be avoided. “You have already prepared meticulously to reduce the number of people to the bare minimum.”

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He suggested a Use the Corona app in the paddock to make it easier to find the contact person in the event of an infection. “It was determined that we should not exceed 80 people per team of workers can take with them, “explains Haas team boss Günther Steiner in the 'ORF' conversation.

He only wants his troops to be around 60 Limit employees on site. “United states less people, united states less the danger, that's my opinion. Therefore 80 maximum allowed. I think, overall we will be between 1. 000 and 1. 500 be people. “

If you calculate with 80 People per team of workers, you already get a number of 800 People on site. Added to this is the non-public on the racetrack, including the marshals (usually round 250), rescue workers (round 100 persons), security staff or officials.

safety distance in Spielberg “no articulate”

On request from 'Motorsport-Complete.com' to the Austrian Motorsport Authority AMF, how many people are expected on site, it says: “The organizer works in exchange with the Austrian federal government and in coordination with Formula 1 and the FIA ​​on solutions to meet all requirements and to meet all the requirements of the authorities. “

A concrete breakdown is currently not possible. An insider says that the scenario in Spielberg in July will be more like a larger test than a superior prix like in previous years.

“We are currently reducing the number of emergency personnel “explains the local race director Andreas Meklau in an 'ORF' conversation. “The task of my group at the moment is to see whether the distances can be kept with regard to safety. This is feasible off-road on a 4.3 km long racetrack, because I see no articulate at all.”

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The sporting performance is also under the current circumstances “no articulate”. But what happens as soon as, should a marshal become infected? “Then he won't come in,” emphasizes Meklau. “The requirements are very clear.”

The requirements also stipulate on the Purple-Bull-Ring site that the safety distance of at least one meter and the requirement for a mask to be kept indoors. “The Purple Bull Ring is unheard of because you have such a large facility there,” says ex-Formula 1 driver Gerhard Berger.

“The boxes are like that to a large extent that the separation of the people can be managed quite well. Became as soon as I've noticed so far, that also supports the Austrian government. At least they don't see any articulates either. ” It will be seen in the coming weeks whether the security concept will withstand the official test.

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