Wolff does no longer rule out Vettel at Mercedes (German)


Wolff talks about Russell and Vettel

Mercedes Motorsport Director Toto Wolff does no longer rule out that the Silver Arrows will take four-time System 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel for the 2021 season. “For us, the question is, what are we going to full about George Russell? That is an option. Then there could even be a Sebastian Vettel option,” the Austrian told ORF: “Nonetheless that’s no longer the very first agenda, in consequence of we have to pay attention on our make a selection up driver squad.

“Sebastian is pulling all the strings”

Vettel will gentle be on the wheel for Ferrari till the quit of the year, when the 32-year-outdated will leave the Scuderia and be changed by the Spaniard Carlos Sainz. “Sebastian is pulling all the strings,” Wolff talked about. “He can ranking for himself whether or no longer he desires to quit or be part of 1 other crew. There are gentle some attention-grabbing areas to head.”

Which areas Wolff methodology by that is seemingly to be his secret. For Vettel, there is most reasonable one living on a high crew – and that is seemingly to be Mercedes. Within the Silver Arrows, the contracts of both World Champion Lewis Hamilton and “wingman” Valtteri Bottas expire on the quit of the season.

The British high talent Russell (22) belongs to the Mercedes junior programme and used to be a take a look at driver of the Silver Arrows, currently he’s a odd driver at Williams.

At Renault there would also be room

Within the quit, Vettel used to be regarded as a candidate for a cockpit at McLaren, nonetheless the British signed the Australian Daniel Ricciardo. One option for the 53-time GP winner would gentle be Renault, nonetheless the French were a ways late their expectations for years.

A profession quit for Vettel also seems seemingly.

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