The tales behind the pictures: Formula 1 photographers and their favorite photos (1)


( – In Formula 1, a lot happens in a split second. The job of the umpteen photographers on the racetrack is to press the shutter button at the right moment. If this succeeds, iconic images often emerge, which often only clarify the meaning of what happened there afterwards.

Jos Verstappen

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At Jos Verstappens fire accident 1994 Steven Tees most famous picture was taken zoom Download

Steven Tee has been a leader for more than 30 years Formula 1 photographer. During this time, the managing director and chief photographer of LAT, today part of Motorsport Images , witnessed many great moments first-hand.

It is difficult to choose which pictures mean the most to him, because it is difficult. But tea has taken up the challenge and opens its archive for us:

Photo gallery: F1 photographer Steven Tee poses his 15 Favorite pictures before

Belgium 2012: “The race stands out because I was able to capture Romain Grosjean's serious accident from a different angle. I was no more than a meter away when he flew over Fernando Alonso when I turned around I found that all but one of the photographers had disappeared. “ Photo gallery

Whether on or off the track: With these 15 selected photographs, he combines a very special memory. He used to tell the stories behind it.

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