Barrichello on Vettel exit: “Ferrari is under particular pressure”


( – Ferrari has a special status in Formula 1 not only because of its unprecedented success. Right from the start, the red racers from Maranello have been surrounded by their very own Air of secrecy, which not only captivates the Tifosi to this day. The Scuderia also has a special fascination for many drivers.

Rubens Barrichello, Sebastian Vettel


Rubens Barrichello can easily imagine himself in Sebastian Vettel zoom Download

One of them is Sebastian Vettel. When he 2015 joins Ferrari, he kicks in the great footsteps of Michael Schumacher, who 2000 to 2004 one time Winning streak with the Reds celebrated. The expectations of his German successor were correspondingly high – and remained, with the exception of 14 victories, unfulfilled.

We have known for a good week that Ferrari and Vettel from 2021 separated Will be going , and despite the initial euphoria somewhat sobered. Rubens Barrichello, Ferrari teammate of Michael Schumacher in his most successful years, knows that a cockpit at Scuderia can be a curse and a blessing.

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101 Rennen hat Sebastian Vettel seit 2015 für die Scuderia Ferrari absolviert. Vor Saisonbeginn 2020 kann er auf 14 Siege, 12 Pole-Positionen und insgesamt 54 Podestplätze in Rot verweisen. Wir blicken zurück auf die vergangenen fünf Jahre!

101 Sebastian Vettel has been racing since 2015 for the Scuderia Ferrari. Before the start of the season 2020 he can click on 14 victories, 12 Pole Positions and total 54 Show podium places in red. We look back on the past five years! Photo gallery

“Ferrari is just above everything, it's the top organization, the exhilaration. But it's so great is to be in a Ferrari, to be in Italy, to feel this attitude to life, the pressure that comes with it is just as great, “says the Brazilian in the podcast ' F1 Nation 'firmly and speaks of a “special Ferrari print”.

For example when followers are besieging the internal most racetrack in Fiorano. “They gather around the fences just to see you. It's a love that you can hardly understand. It is such a nice feeling, but also associated with so much pressure,” says Barrichello. U.s. it is more important to have his thoughts under control.

Rubens Barrichello, Kimi Räikkönen


At Ferrari, Barrichello was always in the shadow of the great Michael Schumacher zoom Download

Like him, Vettel has twice been Vice World Champion at Ferrari. However, unlike Barrichello, the German already had four titles when he came to Scuderia. “With all the titles he won, Seb is a driver who combines some great features,” says the former Formula 1 driver.

“He is German, so he keeps it he keeps a cool head when necessary, but he also has a lot of emotions. It's nice to see him smile or sometimes hear him speak freely from his liver. But there is always pressure and the biggest one is in your head. ” But only those who are psychologically strong are fast, emphasizes Barrichello.

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