Corona finances: McLaren could lend to historic F1 cars


( – The Corona crisis has hit all Formula 1 groups financially hard. The smaller groups in particular fear for their existence. McLaren apparently is considering up to 275 million pounds (around 307 million euros) by mortgaging both its headquarters in Woking and historic Formula 1 vehicles.



In the Corona crisis, McLaren could resort to drastic means zoom Acquire

As ' Sky Data ' reports, the manufacturer is responding to one application rejected by the British government , with which one received a loan in the amount from 150 millions of pounds. Williams also recently deposited his car collection and the factory as collateral for a Michael Latifi loan.

Although McLaren has sold many of his historic racing cars over the decades, the crew still has an extensive collection, including some world champion cars. The cars that are connected to Ayrton Senna are of course the most valuable, as auctions show.

So the MP4 / 8 with which the Brazilian 1993 won in Monaco, auctioned in May 2018 and brought in £ 3.7 million. According to 'Sky', the total value of the McLaren car collection amounts to up to 250 million pounds , The factory is estimated at 200 million pounds.

details The manufacturer did not want to disclose his plans to raise money to ''. “Like any other UK company, McLaren is hard hit by the current pandemic, so we're reviewing a variety of different funding options,” said a spokesman.

2017 13 served the most valuable McLaren classic car as security for an outstanding payment (37, 5 million pounds) to ex-team boss and co-owner Ron Dennis. The sum could be paid according to plan – together with the buyback of Dennis' shares. The cars remained in the possession of McLaren.

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