Ex-Ferrari man advises Sainz: “Do nothing stupid and shut up”


(Motorsport-Total.com) – At the end of last year, Ferrari made clear its direction for the future by including the Formula 1 crew Charles Leclerc up to 2024 committed. Instead of Sebastian Vettel from 2021 Carlos Sainz his new teammate . Quite a few already suspect that he will be the clear number two.

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But Trevor Carlin, Sainz 'former Formula 3 team boss, warns in conversation with' Reuters ': “Ferrari could have underestimated Carlos if they thought they would hire a number two. I hope they didn't.”

It is true that every crew, whether at Mercedes , Red Bull or Ferrari, we're always talking about number one, but in the case of Sainz, Carlin believes that things could develop differently: “I think he can do the same with the same equipment, the same treatment and the same cars be like Charles. “

Carlin:” Sainz can make the Tifosi very happy “

Only in qualifying does the team manager see slight advantages at Leclerc. “But when it comes to the race, Carlos will probably ask him everything. I think he will fight there to earn his recognition,” said Carlin.

As the son of a double rally -World champion and three-time Dakar winner, Sainz has always set high goals. And because the pressure at Ferrari was mainly on Leclerc's shoulders, “Carlos could be the surprise show there and make the Tifosi very, very happy,” Carlin believes.

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In his view, Sainz has mainly been around since Switching from Toro Rosso to McLaren made an amazing development. He now reminded him more of Carlos, who drove Formula 3 at the time: “He battled much more relaxed, with his own brains and much more confident. He has matured into a real professional.”

Ex-Ferrari mechanic gives Sainz good advice

It remains to be seen how he will fare as such at Ferrari. In any case, Joan Villadelprat, former chief mechanic of Scuderia, already has good advice for the Spaniard, namely to always stick to the Group line.

“For the Italians, the Tifosi is Leclerc is currently number one, of course, because he has overtaken a four-time champion. That means Carlos has to work very hard. He has to be very serious, “Villadelprat told ' El Confidencial '. The sixth of the World Cup last year has the facilities for this.

“We have already seen Carlos' skills: he is fast, consistent, makes no mistakes, is good at starting up and A hammer in the races. Now he will have to do all this and more. In addition, he has to adapt to a completely different structure than the one he is used to, “knows the former chief mechanic.

Villadelprat: Sainz can win the title at Ferrari

Because Ferrari is a place where you can gain fame or when the eternal number two is forgotten: “The Barrichellos, the Irvines … people who came, finished second and then disappeared”, remembers Villadelprat .

In order not to be included in this list, he advises Sainz, “Do nothing stupid and always keep your mouth shut. It is very important to be amazed at the company. ” In this regard, Vettel's last moments at Ferrari weren't too good. In the end, he finally pulled the short end.

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Sainz should, if it goes to Villadelprat , so keep in the background in his debut season with the Reds. “If he takes up space number two in the first year, that seems right to me,” he says, but also makes it clear: “That doesn't mean that he can't win races or titles.”

“And if Sainz is as competitive as Leclerc, he is free to race in the second year,” says Villadelprat. In the meantime, he recommends the newcomer to “concentrate on his work, settle in and serve at Leclerc and show him at the appropriate time that he is just as strong or stronger.”

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