“Not the right thing”: Button doubts Alonso's comeback at Renault


(Motorsport-Total.com) – It's no secret that Fernando Alonso is anything but averse to a Formula 1 comeback. It was not for nothing that the Spaniard was immediately associated with Renault when there due to Daniel Ricciardo's move to McLaren for 2021 a cockpit became vacant. But how attractive is this choice for Alonso?

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Fernando Alonso (hyperlinks) and Jenson Button were 2015 / 16 teammates at McLaren zoom Salvage

His former Formula 1 colleague Jenson Button doubts that he would be particularly interested in re-entering Renault. “I think if Renault were close to the top and he could see that it 2021 or 2022 would give chances for podium finishes and victories he will take this likelihood, “says the Briton.

But talking to ' Sky Sports actions F1 'he explains that it will be a long process until Renault makes it all the way back to the front. “It will probably take more than four years. He does not have this time and he is not ready to invest this time. I do not think so,” Button oracles about Alonso's future.

“I'm just not sure if this is the right opportunity for him. I think if he could join one of the top three teams he would of course take the likelihood because he can show his speed. With 38 years he didn't lose her . But build a team again for three or four years? “

Photo gallery: Fernando Alonso's career

Two World Cup titles and 30 Colossal-Pr Fernando Alonso has achieved ix victories, as well as estimated in Formula 1 150 Earned millions of euros – but it all started in the trail kart, here at the tender age of nine. Photo gallery

Exactly this construction work Alonso probably no longer wants to do . McLaren CEO Zak Brown said something similar this week : “The question is whether Fernando with a car that does not yet seem to be victorious for 22 race wants to return, “he expressed doubt about a Renault return from Alonso.

It would be the Spaniard's third mission for the French manufacturer. 2005 and 2006 he won his two World Cup titles with the brand. However, since the revival of its factory campaign in the year 2016 Renault has never reached a single podium. Last season, manufacturers took fifth place.

Alonso had 2018 withdrawn from Formula 1 to pursue other racing activities. For a return to the premier class, the 38 – Open year, connected with the hope that the field under the new regulations – because of the Corona crisis on 2022 postponed – becomes more competitive again.

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