Briatore: Ferrari wanted Carlos Sainz as the clear number 2 alongside Charles Leclerc


( – The discussion about the number 1 driver at Ferrari continues even after Sebastian Vettel's announced departure. While some advise his successor Carlos Sainz to hold back for now , others believe that he will step out of the shadow of Charles Leclerc faster than many think.

For Ex-Formula 1 team boss Flavio Briatore, however, the thing is clear. “Ferrari is completely behind Charles Leclerc,” says the 70 year olds opposite the ' Gazzetta dello Sport '. That was only logical, after all, Leclerc was an equally outstanding driver as Michael Schumacher or Fernando Alonso, according to Briatore.

With both drivers, he won two titles in his time as team manager at Benetton and Renault . Since then he has been a big political advocate to combine a “very special” driver with a competent team-mate who is good enough but not so good to steal the number 1.

Because of Leclerc: “Vettel had to pay”

“For me, the recipe for success is always to have a driver for the title and a driver who collects a lot of points and takes them away from the opponents,” explains Briatore, crediting Vettel: “He just had to pay when a man as quick as Leclerc came to Ferrari. “

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The former team boss compares the voice with the season 2007 when Lewis Hamilton came to McLaren-Mercedes and in celebrated four victories in his first year in Formula 1 and became Vice World Champion. At the time, he had surprised his crew as much as Leclerc had Ferrari last year, according to Briatores.

Therefore, the Scuderia had to act because: “If you have two drivers of equal value in a racing team, then you take you just get away from each other important points. ” Which he sees Sainz as clear number 2, even if Briatore does not want to deny him that he has earned the place at Ferrari.

Glock: Sainz is easier to subordinate

“He is a good driver who 2019 had a very nice season, especially considering which car he was drove “, praises the 70 year old . Alternatively, Daniel Ricciardo was traded as a possible Vettel successor at Ferrari, who instead inherits Sainz at McLaren – for good reason, as Timo Glock believes.

“Dani Ricciardo has his price “, he says in a new edition of the Formula 1 podcast 'Initiating Grid' . “This is someone who makes good money. And someone who says: 'I definitely want to go to the World Cup.' He doesn't want to be in the second row. ” That is exactly why he is in better hands with McLaren than with Ferrari.

So Glock analyzes: “I think that with Carlos Sainz you probably have – at the moment – the simpler teammate, whom you can tell a little more clearly can: 'Circulation on, first year, and so on and so citadel, in the top team. Now you line up in the back!' Something like that. ” A Ricciardo would not have participated.

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