Grosjean sure: Vettel's Ferrari out was not the last surprise


( – Although in the Formula 1 season 2020 so far no wheel turned, but the driver carousel rotated for 2021 the us stronger. The separation of Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel was followed by the announcement that Carlos Sainz would succeed him. The vacant place at McLaren is taken over by Daniel Ricciardo, who leaves Renault.

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The starting field for the coming season is by no means finalized, which is why Romain Grosjean expects further surprises in the driver market. In conversation with ' Sky Sports F1 ' the Haas pilot admits : “I was somewhat surprised by some decisions. I probably would not have done the same.”

One of the big surprises for him was Vettel. “I was pretty sure that he would continue with Ferrari,” says Grosjean. “Then things developed in an interesting way.” And they could continue to do so. Because there are some rumors about the free space at Renault.

Alonso to Renault? Conceivable for Grosjean

“You hear from Fernando Alonso. Why not? I think there are still a lot of things going on. I think the saga is not over yet, “said the Haas pilot. The name Alonso recently came up more and more frequently in connection with Renault. According to French media, he is even said to have signed a preliminary contract .

When asked if he would have done it differently, Grosjean is buttoned up. “I would have played the puzzle a little differently,” he says cryptically and adds: “I don't want to get myself into trouble! We all have our opinions and expectations.” The Frenchman doesn't want to reveal much more.

Only this: “It was interesting. There were obviously a few conversations behind the scenes and a few things happened and some people did a really good job accomplished. ” He is a little more open in his opinion about a possible return of Alonso, who 2019 took a break from the premier class.

F1 comeback from Alonso would be positive, but …

“He's obviously a great driver. He always tried to work very hard,” Grosjean praises the Spaniard, with the last seven in the season 2009 Race in the same group, namely Renault, drove. The glorious years in which Alonso and the manufacturer won the World Cup (2005 / 06) won, but were over there.

Photo gallery: Fernando Alonso's career

Two World Cup titles and 30 Gigantic- Fernando Alonso has achieved prix victories, as well as estimated in Formula 1 150 Earned millions of euros – but it all started in the Gallop Kart, here at the tender age of nine. Photo gallery

“He already had a comeback at Renault, and obviously it was 2009 not the best car – I can attest to that, “Grosjean recalls. Nevertheless, he believes that a third attempt would be “definitely positive”, “but that also means that one space is lost and there are not so many spaces” on the Formula 1 driver market for 2021.

In addition, the economic venture is currently very tense for all teams . Grosjean also notes: “It is interesting, even with everyone's financial venture. The teams and all companies around the world are not in the best venture at the moment. So let America wait, became emerges.”

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