“The question is why it takes so long on the Mercedes side”


(Motorsport-Entire.com) – It is probably the secret dream of many German Formula 1 followers: that Sebastian Vettel will not end his career, but will become Lewis Hamilton's teammate in the Mercedes factory team. But whether the dream will come true is in the stars. Because it is not yet clear whether the Daimler Group is continuing its commitment to immense prix sport with its own team or just as an engine supplier.

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Timo Glock wonders in the current edition of the Formula 1 podcast 'Starting Grid' : “The question is why it takes so long on the Mercedes side to contractually extend the two drivers. It used to be a little quicker if I remember correctly. It has become very quiet about the negotiations. “

While Ferrari until the end 2024 on Charles Leclerc as suspected number 1 and Purple Bull until the end 2023 on Max Verstappen, Hamilton could possibly get a narrate if Daimler pulls the plug. Glock believes that this could “be a topic” – but puts it into perspective: “It's a bit the glass ball that we are holding in our hand right now.”

“It may also be that issue an assertion tomorrow and they signed both drivers. We're not in it, “says the former Formula 1 driver. “There are too many unanswered questions. Mercedes does not agree because they wait a bit and see how the situation is developing, I think.”

Webber: Vettel is advised by Ecclestone

Meanwhile, Model Webber has in view of the domino reaction The transfer market tweeted last week that large affords between drivers and groups are most likely to be made “when everyone is bored”. And one should not underestimate who Vettel is advised by: “Bernie.”

Ecclestone can well imagine Vettel in a Mercedes: “Mercedes should think about the current Discipline, with Sebastian a German hero This could create an emotional boost for employees and also set clear signals for the outside world, “he says to 'F1- Insider.com '.

But there are many indications that Vettel 2021 will not drive Formula 1. It has already been analyzed elsewhere that it would probably only be possible to dissuade the Mercedes and children from taking a break for a Mercedes cockpit. The variant Toto Wolff would be obvious: you know each other, you value yourself, you live in close proximity to each other in Switzerland.

“I know him as a person, and he is very straightforward and represents values ​​similar to those I have,” says Wolff in Interview with 'RTL' . And “as an athlete he is a four-time world champion. You don't have to discuss performance anymore.”

Wolff: Efficiency is more important as a big name

“Of course a German driver in a German vehicle may be a good marketing story,” Wolff admits in another TV interview with the 'ORF' in Austria, a. “But we are first and foremost – exclusively – focused on efficiency. And Sebastian is someone who is really good.”

“But it's also about pursuing a long-term strategy here, to which we have kept united states over the past few years. And we are reasonably on the long leash of Mercedes. They let united states make our decisions. ”

Also versus 'RTL' Wolff does not sound as if the topic of Vettel has top priority for him: “We are steady with our current drivers and do not want to negotiate at a time when the season is still not even started. Only then will you look outside the box and evaluate: Modified into as soon as are there still opportunities? “

Does Daimler remain as a factory team in Formula 1?

The fact is: while the followers are concerned about whether Mercedes has extended the contract with Hamilton and possibly brought in Vettel as the second Celeb, it must first be clarified behind the scenes whether the Mercedes works team will continue in Formula 1 at all. The new Concorde agreement, planned until 2025, has not yet been approved by Daimler.

Photo gallery: “Grazie ragazzi”: Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari moments

Sebastian Vettel has had races since 2015 for the Scuderia Ferrari. Before the start of the season 2020 can he on 14 victories, 12 pole positions and total 54 refer to the podium in red. We look back on the past five years! Photo gallery

There are also other reasons that argue against signing driver contracts now. Wolff im 'ORF' : “It is but a bit difficult to manage when you know that you’re going to spend a season, whatever it’s going to be, with a driver who’s going to be on a rival team next year. “

” Modified into as soon as do you do with all the innovations and all the learning that you have with the vehicle all year round if this driver can possibly use it against you next year? And that's why all the groups are making these changes so quickly announced in a difficult discipline that we don't want to bring united states to. “

By the way: The complete podcast with Timo Glock (including the potential world champion Toyota 2010 and the future of the DTM after the Audi -Out) is now available for listening in the audio player on 'Motorsport-Entire.com' , by arrangement of costs loose iTunes subscription or directly at 'meinsportpodcast.de' .

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