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CHASE BRISCOE, No. 98 — HighPoint.com/Ford Efficiency Racing College Ford Mustang — WINNER‘S INTERVIEWWE KNOW WHAT YOU‘VE BEEN THROUGH, BUT WHAT A WAY TO END THE WEEK WITH A WIN.  “Yeah, here’s for my necessary other.  This has been the toughest week I‘ve ever needed to address and God is so licensed.  Even after I took the lead with 50 to trudge I became crying inner the stride automotive and licensed emotionally I wasn‘t there in any appreciate.  There‘s nothing else to relate rather than God is allowed so obliging-looking out.  Clearly, I‘m satisfied to catch HighPoint.com and Ford Efficiency Racing College in victory lane, but here’s extra than a stride take.  Here is the ideal day of my life after the toughest day in my life, and as a design to beat primarily the most lively there would possibly possibly be is so fulfilling.”

IT‘S BEEN A TOUGH WEEK.  “Here is truly the most lively thing that can perchance occur, honestly.  For folks who don‘t know, we had a miscarraige Tuesday of our daughter and, to be correct with you, I wasn‘t sure what racing we would attain.  On the preliminary commence I became in every single set up the characteristic emotionally, and then after I had the lead with 50 to trudge I became licensed making so many errors because I became actually crying inner of the stride automotive.  God is so licensed.  So that you simply would possibly possibly well attain this and it‘s all attributable to Him.  Sooner than after I got dressed I prayed that with out reference to His will is allowed let it be carried out currently.  I knew he became gonna have a high attributable to the low and it‘s licensed implausible to take here at Darlington and to beat Kyle Busch doing it.”

TALK ABOUT THE FINAL LAP.  “I licensed saved making diverse errors down there.  Fancy I became asserting emotionally I wasn‘t there.  Going in one I knew that there became no methodology he became gonna power in deeper than me.  I wasn‘t gonna let it occur.  He became qualified ample to a minimal of trudge away me a chunk of bit of a lane and it became a heck of a stride.”

WHAT DOES THIS WIN MEAN?  “Here is the number one take.  Genuinely, successful the Daytona 500 couldn‘t even prime the feeling of licensed, like I became asserting earlier, the u.s.a.and downs.  Here’s what my family essential and what my necessary other essential.”

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