Zak Brown: British government can't stop 2020 Formula One season


( – On July 5, Formula 1 in Spielberg should start into the season 2020 start. It is still unclear whether this will really happen. And even bigger is the question of how it would go on afterwards. Battle was originally planned to host two races in Austria and two more races in Silverstone after a week.

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Zak Brown still hopes for a Mountainous Prix in Silverstone zoom Download

But this view is currently shaking tremendously because All incoming travelers from abroad will in the UK in one 14 – quarantine every day . That would of course not be compatible with the tight schedule of Formula 1, which is why Hockenheim as a possible Silverstone replacement is in the room.

McLaren boss Zak Brown explains, however, that the dilemma could change in the coming days and weeks. “Nothing definite has yet been said about the United States of America,” he said of a possible quarantine exemption for Formula 1 personnel. This is the only way races in Silverstone would be imaginable this year.

“I know that Formula 1 and FIA continue to work hard with the government on this exception,” says Brown in conversation with the 'Night Fashioned' and explains: “Everyone wants Silverstone. I think it would be a shame not to have a Great Price from Great Britain and to drive anywhere else in Europe. “

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“If all other countries are ready, we cannot allow a country to ensure that there is no Formula 1”, Brown said, “It is unfortunate that it is England of all people.” Because there should be no exemption from the 14 – quarantine for one day would not only endanger the Silverstone race itself.

The issue: the majority of Formula 1 groups are based in Great Britain – including McLaren. “If we are restricted in our home country, maneuvering will be a huge challenge,” Brown explains. Because after a Mountainous Prix you wouldn't be able to return to the UK without any problems.

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Because the quarantine regulations also apply to Britons themselves, they could not enter after a race without missing the following Mountainous Prix because they are in quarantine. The result: The employees could probably no longer go back home and to their families for months.

Brown knows that the dilemma is “not supreme”. However, he declares that the groups will make arrangements if this should really happen. “The most draconian [Szenario] would be a lockdown in which we have to avoid Great Britain,” says Brown, who hopes that a solution will still be found.

He knows that one “be very careful” and “not put anyone in danger”. It remains to be seen whether the government will still agree to a deal with Formula One. Otherwise, the new season would be a real stress test for many people in Formula 1 paddock, especially in private terms.

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