An Examination of 2010s Dominance of RB, Merc, and Ferrari. Now with extra (and appropriate quantity of) Merc domination.


Sorry for the errors! As any individual mentioned in the opposite thread, it used to be a abet-pause error with how my spreadsheet used to be reading the raw details from the races. Any errors in there must nonetheless now essentially be how I transcribed the races themselves (which I feel reasonably assured I got lawful). Any errors must be minute (e.g. if a bustle used to be written down atrocious) in preference to glaring from a execrable equation. (For any entertaining, any individual did derive it lawful: The column that checked if there used to be a Mercedes in the podium of details used to be shifted to the lawful, so it wasn’t recording Merc wins, ultimate Merc 2/3s.)

There used to be additionally every other error with the podium rates. I had tallied the complete alternative of podiums, which would indicate that if both drivers got on the podium, it might maybe maybe depend in the direction of the complete twice. Since the spirit of this graph on the constructors’ side used to be extra “both driver, both team”, I lowered that to tally ultimate once if both driver used to be on the podium. To my shock, it essentially brought all three teams rather end in step with their rate of inserting as a minimal one driver on the podium.

I corrected the rates of the Huge 3 getting on the podium, leaving ultimate two races the put it didn’t happen. Coincidentally, these had been both races the put Hamilton attained the podium with McLaren, hence why these are now now not “unicorn” races.

Furthermore I corrected the spelling of Vettel’s first name. If ultimate that used to be my largest error in the preliminary post!

In the raze, I will mention that consistency might maybe well be the part extra in be conscious right here correct on myth of this would now not snatch into myth podium situation, or 1/2s of a particular team. I needed to abet this rather concise, and additionally correct point of interest on the sheer predominance of these teams (and the drivers) over the previous 10 years. Clearly, Ferrari attained neither a WDC or a WCC in the 2010s. Nonetheless, their rate of undertaking the podium used to be practically equal to Mercedes. I disclose what I needed to steal most in this chart used to be the feeling that, if you might maybe well even be watching a bustle from the 2010s, you might maybe well even be practically assured to ask both a Crimson Bull, Ferrari, or Mercedes on as a minimal one step, alongside with the consistency of both Hamilton and Vettel as drivers (the suitable two drivers to bustle for every season of the 2010s, options you).

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