F2 – 2020 Round 2 post-Qualifying press conference


FIA Formulation 2: Hello and welcome to the click conference for the cease three qualifiers for the FIA Formulation 2 Feature Trip at the second weekend right here in Austria. We’re joined by polesitter Yuki Tsunoda, for Carlin, in second situation is Guanyu Zhou for UNi-Virtuosi Racing and third is Callum Ilott, also for UNI-Virtuosi Racing. Yuki, you regarded quick final weekend, but couldn’t quite put all of it together in Qualifying, what used to be diversified at the present time?

Yuki Tsunoda: Mainly the be conscious situation. We had been in the quick lane final week, after which there used to be red flag. A automobile went off the be conscious in entrance of me, so the red flag meant I couldn’t attain a push lap in the second stint. For this reason I wasn’t in a position to attain a extremely merely job in Qualifying final week. We took the expertise from that, and this time we went high early, and that is the reason why I’m in pole situation.

FIA Formulation 2: It’s your second weekend in Formulation 2 and your first pole situation. Had been you looking forward to to be so aggressive from the launch up of this season?

Yuki: From Bahrain I had a extremely merely feeling with the tyre, and in addition with the crew. I was confident I had the tempo, so I’m merely doing my job and riding effectively.

FIA Formulation 2: Congratulations. Zhou, transferring on to you, it used to be P1 in Qualifying final week, P2 this week, so unruffled but every other sturdy exhibiting at the present time. How used to be your session?

Guanyu Zhou: The session wasn’t as straightforward as final week, love you acknowledged. I indulge in after the hassle that we had final week, the crew completed a merely job to place a automobile out without a problems, so a pleasurable attributable to UNI-Virtuosi. In the Qualifying session, I indulge in that on the first space we had comely alright tempo to be appropriate, and I indulge in that we improved rather of bit from there and we had been up there fighting for pole situation. The final two laps I obtained a crimson sector one, but then I misplaced three tenths, which I indulge in would hang been satisfactory for pole situation at the present time, but I have to be jubilant with the effect I’m and I’m taking a seek forward to the go the following day. 

FIA Formulation 2: With the uncomfortable consequence that you had in the Feature Trip final weekend, is there rather of bit more dedication to place it appropriate the following day? 

Zhou: Certainly, it hurt so valuable final week. Coming into final weekend, I was so wrathful to be coming lend a hand to the seat and on Saturday the total lot used to be going my system until I had a technical issue and needed to retire from the go. That meant coming out of the weekend with out any aspects for the races, so I misplaced reasonably a lot for that. It used to be lucky that we had lend a hand-to-lend a hand races so that I could perchance perchance put that weekend at the lend a hand of me and focal level on this weekend. 

FIA Formulation 2: Accurate just appropriate fortune this weekend. Now Callum, approaching to you. Front three again and merely 0.085s between the cease three of you right here. Is there rather of bit of frustration that it’s handiest first situation in that sense?

Callum Ilott: That you would possibly perchance also ceaselessly attain rather better. I’m positively no longer heart-broken with the cease consequence, I indulge in that as a crew we did a extremely, very merely job. I went P2 with a lap the effect I made quite a pleasurable mistake in the final nook, so that used to be going to be a merely lap, perchance merely just satisfactory for pole, but it indubitably used to be a critical go so I wasn’t fantastic if we would pork up or no longer second time. On the second go, my automobile would no longer launch up straight away so I was rather out of the location from the effect I wanted to be, but I made the most of it and on the final lap I improved rather of bit. I’m in a position to no longer be too heart-broken with P3, so a pleasurable attributable to the crew again for hanging me in a merely situation. 

FIA Formulation 2: We hang obtained softer tyre compounds this weekend for the go, so attain you believe you studied that tyre management will be more of an component than it used to be final weekend, and is that perchance an succor to the skilled guys, over the rookie lads? 

Ilott: It’d be, but who knows what the weather goes to be love. I indulge in that we’d be in a merely situation if it used to be dry. Me and Zhou hang every pushed about a times on this automobile in the wet even supposing, so whichever system it goes, we are in a position to merely strive to preserve out of difficulty and gain some more aspects. 

FIA Formulation 2: Yuki, returning to you. A identical query in level of truth. We hang obtained the softer tyre compound this weekend, attain you believe you studied that it would possibly perchance perchance perchance perchance be tricky for you to rework this pole situation into a preserve the following day. 

Yuki: It’s a ways completely going to be tricky, but now we hang merely go expertise from final year, due to Carlin hang shown me plenty of things. I hang self assurance from at the present time and I will merely attain my job. I do now not know what the weather will attain the following day, but when it’s wet, it would possibly perchance perchance perchance perchance be shut. I do now not know the intention it would possibly perchance perchance perchance perchance be, but I will merely attain my job to preserve the go. 

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