I wish F1 brings assist podium interviews as an different of the instantaneous interviews after the gallop


What construct you guys ponder? I own the instantaneous interviews very trite and tiring. Sure the “adrenaline” and instantaneous tips are what F1 thinks is correct, but no. The rostrum interviews, after presenting the trophies and champagne, used to be most positive.

Drivers had time to own a kindly time with the crew, frigid down, resolve in then be on the podium in leer of all followers. Then as a good formula to prevent all the pieces for the weekend the interviews came about. It used to be distinguished extra natural and fluid. Being on the podium moreover assist the drivers own interplay with the followers better and be one with the celebration. Deem Ricciardos shoey.

Plus the interviewers were most frequently inspiring folks, fancy frail drivers or F1 personnel (sure some awkward celebrities too that used to be not correct).

Want we can raise it assist.


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