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( – The future of Sebastian Vettel is still the subject of speculation in Formula 1. On Tuesday the 'Bild' newspaper wrote: “Vettel clear with Aston Martin!” But according to information from '' the alleged sensational transfer from red to pink is still a long time away not as repair as it is reported by some media.

Sebastian Vettel

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It is now clear, however, that Racing Level team boss Otmar Szafnauer flickered last weekend when he, asked by '' whether he could give Vettel a definite rejection, explained: “We have long-term contracts with both drivers. It would only be logical that we have no space.”

Because it was not that long ago, at least the sparrows whistle from the roofs that Vettel was invited to Lawrence Stroll in Gstaad, where the owner of the racing level team and the sports car manufacturer Aston Martin has a vacation home. Stroll is said to have already submitted a draft contract to Vettel.

Only: According to information from '', Vettel has not yet signed. To 31. July, as reported by the 'Bild' newspaper , Racing Level can reach the 2022 terminate the current contract with Sergio Perez prematurely against payment of a multi-million dollar transfer fee. If that is true, the result is an ultimatum for Vettel's yes or no to Racing Level (or Aston Martin).

Vettel: Closing dates and ultimatums leave him cold

But Vettel does not intend to make his future decision dependent on others: “I don't see why I should allow myself to be put under pressure from outside,” he emphasizes in an interview with 'ORF', meaning “circumstances and decisions that are made all around. Rather, it is my own decision. And it has I haven't met yet. “

Used to be” Reasonable “and” neat “must be, Vettel clarifies if he should continue his career. Many in the paddock ask the question: is it enough for a crew to answer to the FIA ​​with a B-Mercedes Does Renault, because it claims to have tricked with intellectual property, have to meet its high standards?

Or does it prefer to wait if a door opens surprisingly somewhere else? Franz Tost, for example, does not believe that the Vettel variant back to Red Bull is off the table: “I would wait and see how the season goes. If a four-time world champion is recommended, a top team will not be able to avoid him,” he said AlphaTauri team boss quoted by '' .

Gerhard Berger, together with Tost at the “Miracle of Monza” in the year 2008 Vettel's first team boss, disagrees. He believes in the Racing Level variant: “I said to a journalist: the way it is discussed behind the hand in the paddock, it probably happened somewhere,” said Berger on Monday in an interview with 'ServusTV' .

“In Formula 1”, he speculates, “It is usually the case that the issues are often already dealt with when they are discussed. So I can well imagine that Sebastian will appear at Racing Level. For him, that could be the only replacement where he says: 'With that I can also win a race. '”

Berger: The door to Red Bull is locked for Vettel

For Berger it was “clear from the start that Red Bull would not be looking for Sebastian. Red Bull always looks at young, aggressive people , upcoming racing drivers, and always take these people in, where the future is still ahead of them, so I didn’t believe from the start that e A big discussion will arise. “

” It's the same at Mercedes. As long as Lewis is there, there will be no place for Sebastian. Lewis is in the best car again this year, can become world champion again and set Michael Schumacher's record. Then he will certainly try to put one on top of it. Why should he change crew or stop when he can break all records? “

Gerhard Berger bei ServusTV am Hangar-7 in Salzburg

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“I would not wish to see Sebastian anywhere in the middle,” says the DTM boss. In his view, racing level would not be a descent to midfield. At the Broad Prix in Styria, the crew “gave an excellent performance. With a Sebastian in the car, that would have been better, no question.”

Used to be for Vettel and Aston Martin speaks: Szafnauer formulated his denial in the FIA ​​press conference on Friday in the subjunctive (“would only be logical” ) instead of giving a clear no to Vettel on record. And even Vettel himself indicates in the 'ORF' that contracts are one thing, but actual variants are often quite something else.

When asked what options he had after all the public cancellations of Mercedes, Red Bull and Aston Martin still have, Vettel replies: “That will show. On the one hand, it's easy to answer, in the sense of: Which contracts have been made and which not?” The “other hand” he leaves open …

Vettel: resignation still 2020 is “no Possibility”

One thing is clear: Vettel has no time pressure. “Before the season starts next year, it would be good if you knew became,” he laughs. A resignation before the end of his Ferrari contract, as some suspect, concludes 33 – Year-old from: “To put on or to say, now it's enough for me, premature, that's not a possibility.”

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“If there became reasonable, then it is interesting. And if there’s nothing reasonable, it’s rather uninteresting. Actually, I see it quite simply, “he explains. “I have achieved a lot in the past in the sport. And of course it is also my goal to achieve further became.”

“If I were to make sure that I had my wallet I would probably already have a seat by now. But that’s not the goal. I am aware that I have had a lot of success in the past few years, but I was also very lucky to make good money Never played a role in this respect, and does not matter now. “

” Rather, it is the matter, “Vettel continues. “It should be round and became clever. And if it isn't, then I have to be honest enough with myself: maybe that was it?” He also does not rule out a one-year break: “Everything is possible in the 2nd. I think that the next few weeks and months will provide more information.”

No resignation in the Sky interview with Brundle

By the way: media reports, according to which he is in a Sky interview at Hungaroring could already announce his resignation are totally drawn to the hair. Sky expert Martin Brundle commented that Vettel had asked him for an interview, caused excitement on the web and stimulated the imagination of some fans.

But Vettel tells '' correctly : “Actually, an interview with Sky in Austria was planned. That had to be done we are moving in favor of ORF to Hungary. That’s what the discussion with Brundle was about and nothing else. That’s been a little exaggerated. ”

By the way: Used to be for it and speaks against that Sebastian Vettel 2021 switching to Racing Level or Aston Martin is one of the central themes of the current edition of the formula -1 podcasts 'Beginning Grid' with editor-in-chief Christian Nimmervoll and the popular moderators Kevin Scheuren and Ole Waschkau.

That Stroll sen. Vettel as the driving force for his Aston Martin project may have preferred Perez, is understandable. It is obvious that he sees a four-time world champion as the perfect mentor for his son Lance. And a world-famous Formula 1 star Vettel, who smiles from advertising walls in the British Racing Inexperienced in front of the Aston Martin DBX, also makes economic sense.

But there are also reasons against you Switch from Vettel to Aston Martin, and they are discussed in the podcast. Are you curious? There is a starting grid in the audio player from and Formel1 .de for download, as a free iTunes subscription or directly from the producer .

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