Accident with 20g: Alexander Albon quickly, but with the next mistake


( – A new racing engineer does not protect against accidents either. Alexander Albon had this experience yesterday. Although the Red Bull driver was able to put himself in the spotlight with second place, he also made a violent departure in the Stowe curve ( Formula 1 2020 are living in the ticker ). With around 20 g he hit the route boundary and had to go to the Clinical Center for an examination.

Alexander Albon

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“The tail broke out pretty quickly and I had trouble catching the commuter,” says Albon, describing the accident from his perspective. “I thought I had intercepted it, but then I had a counter-commuter.”

The accident should not have reduced the pressure on Albon. The Thai must deliver results if he does not want to share Pierre Gasly’s fate. The title Sebastian Vettel hovers menacingly above his cockpit, of course such an accident doesn’t help.

Otherwise it was sporty but intestine. Albon drove the second fastest time behind Lance Stroll on Friday (+0, 090 seconds) and was also able to beat teammate Place Max Verstappen. “We definitely took a step as a group,” he says.

“The car feels intestine. To be honest, I would have expected a worse Friday, but the car was already in the first coaching on the first laps on point, “continued Albon. “But I’m sure that the Mercedes still have a lot of potential. So we have to keep an eye on it tomorrow.”

Comeback of Simon Rennie

Friday in Silverstone was also the Comeback from Simon Rennie . The former racing engineer of Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen, Trace Webber or Daniel Ricciardo returns to the command post after a time in the Milton Keynes factory and takes over the tasks of his predecessor Mike Lugg. Rennie should mainly help Albon with his experience.

“With the problems of our car and an inexperienced pilot like Alex, we found it unfair that the race engineer had such pressure,” explains team boss Christian Horner. “So we brought Simon back for the season’s leisure time. Hopefully Alex’s experience and knowledge will help us aggressively develop the car.”

Horner is convinced: “An experienced hand like Simon is definitely positive for him. ” On the first day, Albon noticed “not much difference from before”. “It’s just about understanding the car and the group. But also about adapting the driving style better to the car. But I can take a lot of positive things from today.”

The difference between Albon and Gasly

Nevertheless, Albon must deliver if he wants a future at Red Bull. However, Horner emphasizes that the criticism of his protégé is in some ways “unjustified and unfair”. Albon could have won the first race in Spielberg without the collision with Lewis Hamilton and finished fourth and fifth in the other two races.

“We know that the car is not optimized this year It has some difficult characteristics, and for a driver with little experience, it is a difficult task, “said the Briton.

Incidentally, that was also the difference to his predecessor Pierre Gasly. He was more experienced and had a car that was quieter. “So I don’t think that a change of staff would have changed his performance,” explains Horner, why not 2019 changed the race engineer.

In any case, Albon would handle the space and the pressure “impressively”, as the team boss emphasizes. “He just takes time and we do our best to support him. Things like the experience of the racing engineer are only intestine for him.”

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