F1 – 2020 British Tremendous Prix Saturday Press Conference Transcript



1 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes)

2 – Valtteri BOTTAS (Mercedes)

3 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Red Bull Racing)


(Conducted by Jenson Button) 


Q: Lewis, no longer the most practical path to that pole function however an out of this world couple of laps there in Q3?

Lewis HAMILTON: Yeah, ultimately, clearly there might possibly be a moderately substantial gap between us and third space, however it indubitably doesn’t matter. On the tip of the day Valtteri is pushing me righteous to the restrict and he’d been doing such an out of this world job all weekend and I made some adjustments going into qualifying and it was once worse, so it was once a trusty struggle available. This tune is righteous generous resulting from, as , with a gust of wind, you’ll want to per chance well hang a head wind, a tail wind, a substandard wind in diversified parts of the circuit. It’s like juggling balls whereas you’re on a shifting plate, at excessive tempo. Then, clearly we had that depart. Qualifying is plenty about self belief constructing, as , and damn, I had that depart. I was once already down, I was once struggling by the indispensable half every lap and I don’t know how however with some deep breaths I managed to manufacture myself and Q3 started off the righteous blueprint. It silent wasn’t ideal the indispensable laps however silent a if truth be told swish lap and the second even greater. It by no blueprint gets used for obvious.


Q: I wager. As you most almost definitely can gape that is terribly an bizarre British Tremendous Prix. I do know how you just like the followers, it if truth be told does discover you here. Bear you ever obtained a message for the fellows who aren’t in a function to be here this present day?

LH: Yeah, honestly… see, you gape them [the grandstands], all empty here. In most cases you’ll want to per chance well hang the sirens going off, you gape the flags all over, you gape smoke and the atmosphere here is buzzing in most cases. You in most cases get out of the automobile and there might possibly be a diversified vitality, so we undoubtedly scramble away out them. However expectantly they’re contented with that turnaround support dwelling and I again righteous are making an are trying to deliver a indispensable thank you to the crew, the fellows on the factory, no longer some distance-off from here, who are continuously working tirelessly to push us forwards, create and we’re persevering with to create so and I’m if truth be told proud to be half of it.


Q: Valtteri, it was once attempting so get by Q1, Q2 and this man, after a depart, was once righteous, righteous in a function to pip you in Q3? 

Valtteri BOTTAS: Yeah, it was once an attractive exact qualifying in Q3 if truth be told. I felt if truth be told contented with the automobile and with both tyre compounds and I was once if truth be told righteous waiting for Q3 to get all the pieces righteous. However by the point of Q3 I began to head with the streak pretty extra with the rear raze than I hoped. I don’t if truth be told know, Lewis chanced on extra than me, so ultimately he did a if truth be told exact job this present day. It’s disappointing and I need to see into it. 


Q: Taking a see to the next day to come to come, it seems as if it’s a two-horse bustle the next day to come to come, you guys are thus some distance in front of the comfort. Can you create the relaxation with the technique, to search out a diversified blueprint to the shape line to venture Lewis?

VB: I judge my lengthy bustle efficiency this weekend has been if truth be told exact and I center of attention on there will be opportunities and Lewis supreme yr managed to determine on it from second space with a diversified technique to me, so yeah, all the pieces is silent extensive originate and indubitably the fellows will are trying to mix it up in the support of so we are able to gape.


Q: Max, it must be if truth be told tricky after a session like that. You’ve obtained the utmost out of the automobile and you’re a second in the support of the fellows in front pretty unprecedented. What can you select from this qualifying session?

Max VERSTAPPEN: Successfully, I judge the lap itself on the tip of Q3 was once pretty exact, however you furthermore mght can gape pointless to deliver very early onwards in qualifying they had been righteous blueprint too like a flash, like they’ve been the previous couple of races. You righteous need to earn that. You are trying to create the appropriate we are able to and that’s P3 for us. So I’m pretty contented with that. Also, after Hungary, to reach support support and be P3 in qualifying I judge is a exact originate up. In the bustle, , again, it’s diversified. Automatically you’re a minute bit closer in the bustle. I don’t train I’m going to struggle them however on the least you’ll want to per chance well hang a combating likelihood beginning third.


Q: All of us know you’re going to struggle them, Max. How is the automobile round here. All of us know Silverstone is a if truth be told originate tune, very windy this present day. Does that hang a substantial style on what the automobile is doing?

MV: With these unusual invent of vehicles from the previous couple of years they’re very sensitive to wind resulting from they’re that substantial and that extensive. And especially here in Silverstone, you furthermore mght can if truth be told feel, just like the day earlier than this present day, as an instance, it was once if truth be told tricky in the low-tempo corners and this present day the wind adjustments and it becomes a actually diversified automobile. Happily, in the righteous blueprint, resulting from this present day it was once plenty extra stress-free to pressure. However yes, it is very sensitive.




Q: Lewis, pole quantity 91 was once absolutely a if truth be told exact one. What had been your expectations going into Q3. Did you suspect a 24.3 was once doable? 

LH: Successfully, honestly I don’t if truth be told know what the previous info are or laps that we now hang accomplished in previous years here. I don’t if truth be told see at that. It’s no longer if truth be told basically the amount I’m attempting at. What matter is what the function is. I don’t even when truth be told see on the time after I bump into the line. I’m on the total righteous making an are trying to be obvious that I’m up on my previous ideal time. However it indubitably’s pretty improbable the efficiency here this weekend. This tune is mainly indubitably one of many appropriate tracks on the planet, especially when the wind is righteous, like this present day, and the temperatures are righteous righteous. It’s so like a flash and flowing. The payment that we’re in a function to retain by Maggotts and Becketts is… I be mindful after I did my first take a look at here I by no blueprint would hang notion that one day we would be doing the speeds we are at some stage. After which secondly, this crew is unprecedented and I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who continues to create a constructive job support on the factory and likewise here one day of the weekends, resulting from bit by bit we continue to step forwards. We’re silent powering forward, we’re no longer resting on the efficiency that we now hang, we’re making an are trying to push the boundaries and the limits and that’s the most impressive thing I judge about this crew.


Q: Pleasant in Q3 Lewis, little bit of a warning sign for you in Q2. Appropriate focus on us by that incident down at Luffield?

LH: Yeah, it if truth be told wasn’t a suited qualifying session for me. We’d made some substantial adjustments overnight, we went out in FP3 and the automobile was once basically feeling… night and day incompatibility potentially for everyone with the wind change, and the tune temperature change… and the automobile was once feeling pretty exact however the easy thing is to stop where you furthermore mght can be and righteous scramble away it and hope for the appropriate however we’re continuously, as I stated, making an are trying to movement forwards and so made a pair of subtle adjustments and it was once worse and you’re stuck with that once the qualifying starts. So, I had this inconsistency with the stability of the automobile and I was once struggling and clearly I obtained into Q2, had that substantial snap and depart – which is my first depart almost right this moment. Happily the tyres had been ravishing. We came in, I obtained to head support out on another unique station, which was once ravishing, however then it’s righteous if truth be told making an are trying to recompose your self and get your self support in line resulting from it’s if truth be told righteous constructing blocks whereas you happen to battle by qualifying. And that was once potentially the hardest turnaround, I’d train, shimmering that Valtteri had righteous been striking in quick lap after quick lap. To have the ability to head into Q3 with a roughly unique reset mentally, and striking in these two laps, yeah, I fetch constructive. However Valtteri’s been pushing me all weekend. He’s incredibly quick here, so I judge I had a tenth-and-a-half of advantage to him after the indispensable lap and I knew that he would earn some tempo in that second bustle, so the force was once silent on to exit and create greater. So, if truth be told grateful. Whereas we basically, if truth be told neglected the bawl of the followers and the vitality of the followers here this weekend, expectantly support dwelling they enjoyed that this present day.


VB: As Lewis says, it was once quick lap after quick lap from you however you talked earlier regarding the rear raze inflicting you a pair of problems in Q3. Can you focus on to us a minute bit extra about that? Where was once it inflicting you problems?

VB: It was once an attractive snug session in another case. Had some if truth be told swish laps and might possibly per chance well per chance silent if truth be told manufacture on lap by lap. The auto was once feeling pretty exact, righteous the stability of the automobile one day of the qualifying was once drifting pretty extra in opposition to oversteer. I don’t know if the tune temp was once getting larger or what was once it however on both runs in Q3 I if truth be told struggled to assault the unhurried tempo corners as I did sooner than – and the same in Turn 12 – Turn 13. I began to struggle with the rear raze – righteous pretty immediate. And on the same time Lewis clearly had a ideal lap in the tip – or on the least shut to to perfection. It was once an attractive impressive lap time and I righteous couldn’t rather match it with the stability I had however in another case it was once OK. Obviously pretty disappointed being second, as it was once a get session in another case – however yeah, that’s the fashioned. It’s miles the next day to come to come that counts however at this point if truth be told thankful the automobile is so get. It’s amazing and the crew is doing any such constructive job with it and it’s a pleasure to pressure.


Q: Max, focus on us by your session and the most practical plan exact your lap was once in Q3. After which righteous picture us, are you taken aback or no longer by the gap to Lewis Hamilton. One 2nd.

MV: No, I’m no longer taken aback. We are clearly silent studying regarding the automobile, making an are trying to enhance it. However I judge total the qualifying itself was once pretty OK. I mean, I was once pretty unprecedented the total time in third. There’s no longer unprecedented extra I judge I also can create. I judge also my supreme lap in Q3 was once pretty exact. I had pretty of a moment out of the supreme corner however… it’s righteous a substantial gap and righteous tried to create the appropriate we are able to and for us, that’s third for the time being. So we did that. Yeah, it’s a greater function than seventh, let’s train that, to originate up the bustle.


Q: Can you choose the struggle to Mercedes the next day to come to come?

MV: In most cases no longer, however we righteous hope to hang a swish originate up and from there onwards I righteous are trying to create the appropriate I will in the automobile and if that’s are trying to watch them pretty, we also can be contented with that and rating some choices.




Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Demand to both of the Mercedes drivers please. It looked equivalent to you struggled rather pretty the day earlier than this present day in observe, clearly it was once very, very sizzling and windy however in a diversified route. Used to be that cured by the altering stipulations this present day, particularly the decrease temperatures, or was once it righteous indispensable station-up beneficial properties that you guys chanced on overnight? Thank you.

LH: I judge it was once potentially a combination of both. I judge if truth be told advantageous work by the engineers overnight righteous analysing where we had been and clear-slash how one can ideal the stability of the automobile. Piece of it was once that, and then I judge this present day, righteous being 10°C cooler – or whatever it is – and the wind being in a rather diversified route, if truth be told shifted issues I judge for us. And the warmer it obtained for us the day earlier than this present day, it obtained on the total worse for us. Now we hang understood that overnight and we corrected that this present day.


The relaxation to add to that Valtteri?

VB: No, that’s all.


Q: (Christian Menath – motorsport-magazin.com) Demand for both Mercedes drivers. Develop you query to be allowed to make teach of diversified bustle systems to bustle every diversified the next day to come to come?

LH:  Honestly, I judge it’s associated to continuously. Now we hang a philosophy and an technique as a crew and we righteous continue to… we don’t change issues unnecessarily. So, I create no longer judge that there will be any incompatibility here. Also, it’s no longer if truth be told of a income. On the present time it is rather sure which technique on tracks like this, righteous like supreme yr. If truth be told, it was once a minute bit less sure, I judge presumably, than supreme yr however it indubitably’s on the total pretty easy, so it’s unlikely we’re going to vary the relaxation.


Q: Valtteri, what create you’ll want to per chance well need to create to beat the fellow for your left?

VB: For obvious we’ll are trying all the pieces. It’s silent very shut between us in the championship choices, so pointless to deliver I’m going to create all the pieces I will and pointless to deliver will see overnight with the engineers what we are able to create and if there’s the relaxation diversified I will create. However yes, we now hang a obvious philosophy and sometimes the automobile forward can roughly decide the technique pretty extra, as pretty of a precedence, which is ravishing ample. That’s the most practical plan it goes – however you by no blueprint know. We observed an attractive diversified bustle from mine and Lewis’ aspect supreme yr. So, we’ll gape.


Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Saunter) Max, Christian Horner was once telling us the day earlier than this present day that the crew made a indispensable effort to determine on a see at and realize the data won from Hungary and striking it into action here. Develop you feel that the automobile is extra neatly sorted than it was once in Hungary, and now it’s righteous a requirement of tempo or are you continue to struggling to search out precisely where the stability is?

MV: I judge, yeah, when as compared with Hungary it’s for obvious greater. Hungary was once no longer if truth be told exact. No doubt, there are silent issues that would also silent be improved and we are engaged on it, however I judge it’s now righteous purely engaged on stability as neatly, yeah, discovering extra efficiency in that. We create realize where it’s coming from; now it’s righteous time, pointless to deliver, to position diversified parts onto the automobile and kind it sooner.


Q: (Phil Duncan – PA) Lewis, you continuously feeble to hang 140,000 of us coming here to scrutinize you bustle at Silverstone and cheer you on. How unprecedented of a motivating component would or no longer it is to ship that decide to them watching at dwelling the next day to come to come, particularly given all the pieces that’s occurring on the planet for the time being? And secondly, is there any invent of movement for your unusual Mercedes contract?

LH: To the second half, no, there’s no discussion in any admire, nothing made up our minds. Yeah, clearly with the… I kept it in mind. In most cases after I technique this weekend there this unprecedented unprecedented diversified feeling, I judge it’s half excitement and likewise nerves whereas you happen to reach to this bustle, shimmering how many americans create reach. And that anxiety is righteous if truth be told by righteous desirous to excel and ship for everybody, resulting from you scramble on an attractive improbable stride together. And so I are trying to remove that in mind silent this weekend; whereas I didn’t hang that same feeling coming, shimmering that no-one’s going to be here, and I righteous if truth be told tried to be mindful how… reminisce the supreme years and study out and in a technique get that vitality and utilise it this present day which is no longer if truth be told easy however I create, as I stated, I am hoping… I will’t take into accounts how many americans watching and if it’s the same vitality-bright support dwelling where they’re, if it’s associated to it is once we’re on the tune. However I am hoping this presents some of us some hope.


Q: (Edd Straw – The Saunter) Max, clearly supreme yr Red Bull had some struggles on the beginning up of the season however the upgrades presented, Canada by to France, that invent of time, if truth be told switched on the automobile and obtained it going. Develop you suspect something an identical can happen this yr in phrases of reasonably minute adjustments, with time can if truth be told free up the aptitude? Develop you suspect there’s a rather wider ranging declare that can decide a minute bit longer to style out and kind the automobile both hang the efficiency and the consistency that you need?

MV: I didn’t judge, yeah, for obvious we are able to enhance the automobile rather pretty, however the difficulty is that the gap is so substantial to the fellows forward that this also can be very disturbing to shut so yeah, I center of attention on the fellows are working flat out pointless to deliver to enhance the automobile, so I’m confident they can create that however pointless to deliver also the others are no longer standing silent so yeah, we now hang quite a lot of exertions in front of us however let’s gape what we are able to create.


Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) To Max: attempting at what we observed in observe the day earlier than this present day when it was once very, very sizzling and you had been in a function to get shut to the Mercedes’ times on the lengthy runs, and then there’s a substantial gap this present day when the temperature comes down, create you suspect that Red Bull is closer to Mercedes when the temperatures are larger?

MV: Oh yeah, however we would silent be a vogue of tenths down. I don’t judge the heat weather makes any such substantial incompatibility. If it could per chance well per chance had been 35 levels this present day I’d silent be third, so it wouldn’t… it could per chance well per chance hang helped me presumably a minute bit however no longer that unprecedented.


Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Saunter) To all three: clearly Nico Hulkenberg is support on the grid, very supreme minute. He’s fully three Tremendous Prix weekends and three pre-season take a look at days in the support of you guys so I bet he’s bodily going by what you went by on the indispensable day of Barcelona sorting out, as adverse to he hasn’t spent the previous couple of months bodily making ready for that. How tough create you suspect he’ll discover it in the Tremendous Prix with I bet, mainly on his neck, how substantial a venture create you suspect it is?

LH: Indubitably no longer the appropriate one to reach support to, your first observe, your first bustle for the neck. Copse is flat out so it’s an attractive intense combination of corners so I wouldn’t be taken aback if this morning he wakened with a vogue of bruises and sore however he’s on the total continuously been if truth be told in exact shape. I observed him strolling in, he gave the look of he by no blueprint left. However judge it’s even extra so, it’s potentially the prep is a substantial half, your notion of the automobile, that’s potentially the ideal half. At the same time as you don’t know the automobile, you don’t know the tools you’ll want to per chance well hang or the simulations that the crew uses. I will’t even picture you systems some distance in the support of he’s with that. However he’s a constructive driver however if anybody can create it. This would per chance well per chance be him, for obvious.

MV: I also can gape after the indispensable observe his neck was once hanging to one aspect. He has rather a lengthy neck so as that can be… that’s no longer good to hang in F1. It’s tricky, resulting from I spoke to him about it  support in the day when he was once silent in F1 fulltime. He didn’t bask in that. It’s tricky, you most almost definitely can put together as unprecedented as you defend to hang; the indispensable time you scramble in an F1 automobile with these speeds, especially round here, you’ll want to per chance well be sore. You might possibly per chance well be in a function to put together daily with your neck however the indispensable time it’s continuously going to be sore so I’m 100 per cent obvious pointless to deliver, when he wakened this present day he felt it. However anyway, it doesn’t matter to him anyway, he’s contented to be here and he also can silent be here anyway resulting from I judge he silent deserves his space on the grid.

VB: Yeah, I’m obvious he will be sore and as you stated, he’s potentially no longer been ready, bodily, to pressure a System 1 like we all did for the indispensable bustle however I judge he’s accomplished if truth be told exact, I judge it’s a substantial venture for him, with such quick place a query to, he was once surroundings some exact lap times however clearly substantial abilities from the previous. I am hoping he has a exact bustle the next day to come to come.



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