engaging that they had been taking away Schumacher no matter what


This never came about. He used to be supplied a 2 one year contract till 2014. But Michael wasn’t interested, Sabine Kehm talks about it in her podcast with F1 in that Michael did now not judge Mercedes had been going to design a huge push forward and staunch did now not judge it used to be well price the declare to stick round, critically after a mighty birth to ’12 where reliability let him down incredibly and ’10 and ’11 where the automobile used to be uncomfortable.

AFAIK, Merc supplied till 2014, Michael hesitated (Mercedes had been incredibly nerve-racking then) and used to be warming to a 1+1, then he did now not commit when Mercedes wished him to so they had to substitute him. That’s how it went.

Why he did now not preserve shut the contract till 2014, critically after reasonably bettering Rosberg in ’12, I design now now not know, per chance frustration with Mercedes.

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