(Motorsport-Full.com) – That Nico Hülkenberg and two Formula 1 teams have a regular cockpit for the season 2021 speaks, the German has already revealed. Now he is specifically confirming for the first time that this is, among other things, Alfa Romeo and that he could imagine driving for the former Sauber Group again next year.

Nico Hülkenberg

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Is Nico Hülkenberg 2021 in the Alfa Romeo? zoom Win

“Yes, that’s the short answer”, he confirms

in the podcast ‘F1 Nation’ . Talks with team boss Frederic Vasseur have taken place regularly in the past few months. And even if Alfa Romeo is mostly at the bottom of the field this year, the German is considering a Formula 1 comeback for the racing team.

“I would love to be in Formula 1 again drive. I still love it here, it’s my passion, “he emphasizes. “I’m not desperate, but I would like to come back and drive again.”

For Hulkenberg, Alfa Romeo would in a way come full circle. Already 2013 he was fighting for the Swiss racing team – back then under the name of Sauber – on the go. He also has good connections to team boss Vasseur: 2009 he became champion in the GP2 series with Vasseurs ART racing team.

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Gestern noch

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But Hülkenberg knows: “You have to for a deal many factors play together. ” Ferrari is allowed to occupy one of the team’s cockpits – Antonio Giovinazzi currently holds this position. In the other sits 2020 Kimi Räikkönen, but the future of the “Iceman” is currently unclear. It is questionable whether he would like to continue taking the back seats – just like the fact whether he will get a new contract at all.

Vasseur still waves it away. “To be honest, it’s a bit early for us,” he says im Podcast ‘Beyond the Grid’ . “I have to discuss this with my shareholders and also know what Kimi would like to do. So far I don’t want to disturb the group. It would be the worst scenario to have these discussions now.”

Frederic Vasseur, Nico Hülkenberg

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Ferderic Vasseur and Hülkenberg know each other from GP2 times zoom Win

Because Alfa Romeo currently wants to focus on the sporty, where things have not gone well so far. The two cars regularly occupy the last row and in the race outside of the high 10. The only two points come from the crazy opening race in Spielberg when only eleven cars crossed the finish line.

“We have to recover from this because we want to be attractive to drivers. I’m not sure that we can convince someone when we have problems, “said Vasseur. “First we have to recover, then we can convince drivers to come to u.s.”

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