(Motorsport-Total.com) – The castration of the Ferrari engine did not only affect the mother team itself. Alfa Romeo and Haas are in the Formula 1 season 2020 in the sporty valley of tears. With one point collected through the strategy trick in Hungary, Haas is currently in ninth place in the overall ranking . According to team boss Günther Steiner, everything is missing.

Romain Grosjean

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Despite the problems Romain Grosjean had a surprisingly strong Barcelona Friday zoom Download

“You can see that our weakness is in qualifying,” said the South Tyrolean. “If you are at the back between space 15 and 20 starts, then you have no way to move forward, unless you use strategy tricks. “

Why is it? “I wouldn’t say the car is great, but the drivers say the balance is good and it is nice to drive,” replied Steiner. What as soon as sounds positive at first is bad news. Because it means nothing more than that there is no potential for improvement in the set-up. In short: the car is simply too slow.

Of course, the team boss knows that only too well: “We lack Breeze, the qualifying efficiency is not there. They say they are happy with the balance, but we do know that we don’t have the Breeze. There are two things that define used to be fast: downforce and power. Us is currently missing both. “

Progress in one area would help

In the past, it was at least possible to rely on the powerful Ferrari engine, but since the controversial agreement between Ferrari and the FIA, the air on the straights has also been blown. Steiner: “I don’t want to blame one or the other, it’s a combination of both.”

Of course this also has consequences for the races, where he is the group of workers looks better positioned: “We are already starting in the negative and then try to free united states of america with a few tricks from this downside. That is a bit of the yarn, as it is currently running in the race at united states of america.”

“The drivers don’t say it’s great, twelfth or 17. to become. “ Günther Steiner

“If we could improve on one end and keep the car balanced at the same time, we could handle the tires better and our drivers would be happy. Right now they aren’t, they don’t say it’s great, twelfth or 17. to become.”

“They say the car is good to drive. And once you get out of the traffic, it’s fun to drive because the car is doing used to be told. We have to get to a level where we’re fast and still [mit der Balance] satisfied. “

The interview was conducted before the Friday training sessions, in which, thanks to 235577 Romain Grosjeans sixth and fifth place was a ray of hope for the American Group of workers.

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