1 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes)

2 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Purple Bull Racing)

3 – Valtteri BOTTAS (Mercedes)



(Conducted by Martin Brundle) 


Q: Lewis, your cherished number 44 Mercedes has perfect taken you to your 88th victory, rising your championship lead. How changed into it for you? 

Lewis HAMILTON: I changed into perfect in a daze accessible, I changed into perfect in a definite… It felt no doubt correct. An unbelievable effort from the team. Oh God, it felt no doubt correct accessible nowadays. It changed into an actual shock because we had this say with the tyres. Management changed into very, very correct and indirectly our notion of what took scheme last week that we introduced into this weekend has inevitably enabled us to supply what we did nowadays. I didn’t even sign it changed into the last lap at the stop. That’s how zoned in I changed into. I changed into willing to retain going.


Q: In the occasion you felt in a daze, your opponents must enjoy felt punch below the influence of alcohol. You controlled the speed beautifully. You had every little thing below alter, even your maintain technique, selecting your tyres for the last stint.

LH: Yeah, it’s something I take a look at up on very tough sooner than the speed, notion what tyres we are going to be the utilization of and what technique we are going to supply. And as I came to sign that I might possibly possibly produce the tyres longer than we had deliberate I changed into even potentially going for a one-stop. Nonetheless I mediate the technique we had changed into perfect perfect. There changed into no want to clutch the possibility of going on the soft tyre so I had a fresh, fresh medium tyres, which I mediate changed into finest. I perfect are on the lookout for to say a sizable, sizable ensuing from all of the fellows support at the manufacturing facility at this no doubt refined time… for everyone within the arena to perfect continue on, retain pushing, other folks staying superior. I am hoping everyone at dwelling is staying superior. Now we want to retain carrying these masks and never finest holding ourselves however assorted other folks.


Q: Max, what’s going to we are asserting? You spoil up the Mercedes-Benz [cars], are you cheerful with that? Was as soon as it the finest you might possibly possibly possibly possibly possibly also produce nowadays?

Max VERSTAPPEN: Yeah, I mediate to be in a scheme to spoil up them nowadays changed into very correct for us.  We clearly didn’t enjoy the whisk worship Lewis, very pleased with second. The originate changed into foremost, getting previous Valtteri, and from then it changed into gradually perfect on the lookout for to supply my whisk.


Q: When Valtteri came out at the stop on fresh tyres in direction of the stop there, were you observing for a chunk extra effort than you bought?

MV: Yeah, I suggest I anticipated a chunk bit extra however moderately mercurial, nearly into that that stint I changed into moderately pleased with my tyres and he changed into no longer no doubt catching and I felt moderately pleased.


Q: Own you ever bought any updates coming, any toys coming the place you might possibly be in a scheme to no doubt clutch the warfare to those guys?

MV: Successfully, we retain on the lookout for to present a opt to however in spite of every little thing the assorted ones, they retain pushing. We’ll take a look at up on.


Q: Valtteri, your 50th Formula 1 podium, you bought the fastest lap of the speed at the stop, I’ll leave you to repeat us the arrangement it feels.

Valtteri BOTTAS: Yeah, I mediate the originate changed into the foremost point. The originate changed into no longer correct ample and I misplaced the scheme. So within the foremost stint I had to push tough to supply some ground after which you warfare with the tyre life and in stint two I changed into somewhat powerful at the support of Max and everyone is conscious of how refined it is to overhaul at this note, so within the stop I mediate the originate changed into the indecent ingredient.


Q: What precisely took scheme at the originate?

VB: I’m no longer definite. I’ll want to examine up on at it. It looks worship Lewis in entrance, he bought a correct originate and I mediate the fellows at the support of me bought a correct tow and I had no tow. I’ll want to enjoy a take a look at up on at it.


Q: After which it bought somewhat ‘fighty’. It changed into aggravating down into Flip 1.

VB:  Yeah. It’s gradually… Final 300 and sixty five days it changed into additionally somewhat tight. It perfect didn’t no doubt work for me I changed into make of sandwiched. Yeah, upset.




Q: Lewis, many congratulations, that’s as dominant a victory as we’ve seen from you. Any issues at all?

LH: There changed into one moment. There changed into any individual’s drift changed into on the exit of Flip 2. It changed into perfect by my perfect entrance tyre would generally creep. It changed into a sizable flap. And happily, in a spoil up second, I managed to place it beneath the car, so my wheels both facet. Nonetheless assorted than that, no. It changed into a big, unbelievable effort from the team, which I’m so thankful for, and an actual shock I mediate potentially for us. We weren’t observing for tyre efficiency to be as it changed into nowadays. On my facet I had deliberate to retain watch over the tyres as I did however generally you produce and you creep in conjunction with that opinion and it doesn’t determine the vogue you deliberate. Every infrequently you will enjoy extra deg than you belief, however I had powerful greater deg nowadays than I had by arrangement of P1 and P2 and I mediate that’s what indirectly nowadays made the incompatibility. I mediate no doubt the technique that I took… Obviously we had a correct originate, however balancing myself, the hole between max and I, perfect on the lookout for to gauge the place they were, because we didn’t know the arrangement a ways they might possibly possibly possibly creep and how powerful wear they might possibly enjoy when put next to us. Obviously within the last speed it changed into powerful, powerful greater. Nonetheless the team did a big job in notion, analysing – we had a big debrief coming into this weekend and I’m perfect so elated with everyone and nowadays I changed into fully within the zone. 


Q: What does it train about your team to enjoy grew to change into all the arrangement by arrangement of the tyre dramas of Silverstone so mercurial?

LH: We’ve bought some incredibly radiant other folks in our team. It’s good to to say a big job changed into carried out, however additionally it changed into a more difficult compound this weekend and I suggest… [to Valtteri] I will’t train we changed a edifying amount did we?

VB: No.

LH: It wasn’t massive adjustments, however the extra and further we sign about the tyres the extra we are acutely conscious of the instructions we can creep in conjunction with the car. I composed mediate if it changed into last week at the last speed we’d potentially composed enjoy the same say, however don’t quote me on that. There are no doubt issues we desire to clutch a take a look at up on at and give a opt to on the car shifting forwards however the balance changed into no doubt gigantic nowadays so clearly I will’t complain. Nonetheless we can’t perfect leisure on nowadays and that’s the massive ingredient about this team. They never leisure on our success. They continue to clutch a take a look at up on at to boost the bar and predicament and perfect creep from energy to energy.


Q: Correct at last, one other fable has fallen to you nowadays. You’ve passed Michael Schumacher’s all-time F1 podiums of 155. What does that suggest to you?

LH: I don’t no doubt know what to say to those issues. I mediate… yeah… it’s perfect very unusual. All of us drivers right here grew up observing Michael and within the future being right here. What goes on perfect now might possibly possibly possibly be a ways beyond what I dreamed as a child. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity that I’m given every day. I mediate Michael changed into clearly an elegant athlete and driver, and so I perfect gradually feel no doubt humbled and honoured to be talked about within the same gentle as a driver worship him and Ayrton and Fangio. It’s somewhat frigid. And I am hoping the Hamilton family are proud additionally.


Q: Max, gigantic originate, second scheme. Correct how powerful pleasure to you get from the speed you drove nowadays?

MV: Yeah, it changed into alright. I suggest, the originate changed into OK after which I might possibly possibly get into the tow of Lewis, so I might possibly possibly get by Valtteri into Flip One. And from there on I tried to practice Lewis a chunk. Finally, at the birth he changed into perfect managing tyres, so I tried to support out of it as successfully – however in spite of every little thing at one point Valtteri changed into support into P3, so you might possibly be in a scheme to’t tumble support too powerful. Nonetheless yeah, then, as soon as Lewis started to push a chunk extra I perfect couldn’t practice the same whisk and he perfect drove off. So, from then onwards I tried to supply my maintain whisk, and I tried to supply the fastest technique we might possibly possibly produce to cease out of Valtteri. That worked out moderately successfully nowadays, so I’m very pleased with that. We spoil up the 2 Mercedes autos again, so I don’t mediate there might be powerful extra I will produce presently.


Q: Could well also you perfect point to a radio replace you had with your engineer: ‘let’s focal point on ourselves and never Lewis’?

MV: Yeah, because at the stop of the day, you might possibly be in a scheme to’t alter what they’re doing and the categorical ingredient you might possibly be in a scheme to manage is what we produce. So we perfect might possibly possibly composed be clear we produce the fastest technique doubtless for us.


Q: Valtteri, coming to you, a stressful day at the office, and your speed changed into compromised from the off. Correct talk about us by arrangement of the originate. How slippy changed into it on the internal there?

VB: I don’t no doubt know if there’s powerful incompatibility between left and perfect. I don’t know the info. All I do know is that I had a indecent originate, no longer lower than when put next to Lewis and can enjoy to you’re at the entrance, the fabricate is even worse for the reason that autos at the support of, they get a tow out of you. So, first I tried to transfer to the left, to get a tow from Lewis however then Max changed into already there, after which I tried to transfer to the perfect to quilt the internal, however belief to be one of many Racing Aspects changed into already there. Then I had autos on the exterior and belief to be one of many internal that changed into sooner than me into Flip One. So I changed into a chunk sandwiched. Each person is conscious of on this note how tricky it is can enjoy to you lose two areas at the originate. Finally we tried every little thing we might possibly possibly. The whisk changed into solid and, as Lewis talked about, I mediate the tyres were holding on a chunk greater than anticipated. We tried something assorted at the stop for me and even made an further stop at the stop for the fastest lap, which worked – however for me in my belief, in spite of every little thing, no doubt, no doubt disappointing nowadays.




Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Request for Lewis please. You talked about the work the team did over the last week can enjoy to you bought out of the car, and again you talked about you had a big debrief coming into the weekend. What did that no doubt suggest for you within the cockpit nowadays. Had been you doing something in every other case when put next to last weekend? Was as soon as it perfect a case of seeing what the Purple Bull changed into doing after which squeeze your back? Or changed into there a scheme opinion of attack when it came to the tyres?

LH: There wasn’t a scheme opinion of attack, no. I honestly didn’t replace something in terms of… I drove the real same in terms of managing the tyres as I no doubt enjoy carried out within the previous. I mediate potentially improved the effectivity of how I drove nowadays in terms of the tyre management. I mediate we perfect went into a chunk bit extra ingredient on how we can give a opt to with that and took it on board and changed into in a scheme to attain it perfectly nowadays. So that changed into no doubt… again, we didn’t no doubt replace a edifying amount coming into this weekend. I mediate mainly we composed want to fully sign precisely what took scheme last week. I mediate we perfect dealt with assorted circumstances this weekend in terms of varied note and a more difficult tyre. When is the Peaceful tyre the categorical one to commence the speed on? Most incessantly we creep to the Medium tyre so perfect loads assorted this weekend in terms of how the compounds worked on this note. Nonetheless the fellows did an elegant job in terms of notion that and so I mediate we had a reasonably supreme technique and… yeah, we are able to continue to supply work in terms of notion, so we can give a opt to after we get support to those softer tyres shifting forwards.


Q: Lewis, you train you didn’t replace powerful on the car for this weekend – however did you replace the vogue you drove it to preserve the tyres?

LH: Presumably… I’m no longer going to repeat you that!


Q: (Dieter Rencken – Racing Lines) Valtteri, your indecent originate however, the place you very much surprised at how quickly the purple autos were – or changed into that what you anticipated given their foundation?

VB: I mediate on the straight line they’re somewhat correct, so no longer no doubt very much surprised with the tow they might possibly possibly possibly get internal of me. And within the speed whisk, it finest took a pair of laps to get by arrangement of, so I mediate their whisk changed into as we no doubt anticipated to be within the speed. So no sizable surprises there.


Q: (Edd Straw – The Urge) Lewis, clearly there are some wins there might possibly be a spectacular creep or you putrid the road with three tyres as you did the assorted day. Nonetheless there’s assorted ones worship this the place on paper it looks to be like very easy and worship it changed into all very easy. Nonetheless it indubitably regarded that the whisk you had can enjoy to you wanted it, the tyre management, every little thing changed into no doubt within the perfect window nowadays, so does this produce this a form of no doubt excessive stop wins, though possibly to those observing it doesn’t take a look at up on worship a form of gigantic swashbuckling victories?

LH: Yeah, yeah, fully know what you suggest, no fully. This day – I mediate both these skilled drivers subsequent to me can repeat you – there are assorted forms of races you will enjoy, can enjoy to you’re clearly at the support of or leading, however to attain… we all strive for perfection and it’s no longer gradually easy to carry worship that however nowadays, for me within the car, I changed into happy after I came… after I stumbled on the road, I didn’t realise it changed into the last lap, I changed into composed going. In my mind, I changed into worship a horse with those blinkers on, I didn’t realise, I changed into going to retain going. Nonetheless for me, it’s up there with… in terms of how I drove, no doubt turning in, I mediate nowadays is perfect up there with a pair of of the finest that I’ve in my belief felt I’ve carried out so for me it’s natty thrilling and I maintain we creep, weekend in, weekend out and we perfect transfer on to the next ingredient however what I might possibly possibly composed be clear is I no doubt worship this moment because you never know can enjoy to you’re going to enjoy one other worship this. As I train, we’re racing weekend in, weekend out, it’s easy, generally, perfect to neglect perfect how unbelievable it is, the place we are, what we’re doing and so I’m no doubt going to enjoy a tumbler of wine tonight to enjoy a if truth be told perfect time, yeah, natty grateful.


Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC) Lewis, you were asserting afterwards that you were in a daze, in a definite zone, something worship that. I’m definite you already know there’s a famous ingredient about Ayrton Senna… query lower off…


Q: (Christian Menath – Motorsport magazin) Max, the radio conversation you had all the arrangement by arrangement of the foremost pit stop sounded somewhat aggressive from your facet. Can you point to what changed into precisely at the support of that because I mediate there changed into some confusion about the Racing Level autos?

MV: Yeah, I wished to pit and so they didn’t name me, so I changed into vastly struggling on the tyres and I misplaced moderately moderately lap time over the last two laps so yeah, I already talked about on the radio, I don’t care if you happen to pit me at the support of the Racing Aspects due to this in spite of every little thing I will creep them easily anyway, we are loads faster, in particular on fresh tyres so that changed into the conversation.


Q: (Ben Hunt – The Solar) I mediate I changed into going down the same route as Andrew Benson with regards to my query. Lewis, you talked about that you felt in a definite head condominium. Andrew, I mediate, changed into declaring the truth that Senna talked about something linked when he extinct to finish his eyes and feel, worship, a presence. Is that something you’re experiencing? Could well also you elaborate a chunk bit extra?

LH: Yeah. No, I wouldn’t train that it changed into something… I wouldn’t describe it the same arrangement as Ayrton would. I mediate nowadays… I mediate indirectly there might be an massive amount of stress on all of us to manufacture weekend in, weekend out and I mediate the target is gradually to – within the tear for perfection and being in that zone , you might possibly possibly possibly possibly possibly also be very, very finish however composed be a little bit out and never be moderately in your supreme rhythm. Nonetheless for no topic motive, nowadays I don’t know, I will’t moderately pinpoint why, however nowadays I felt worship I changed into within the most… it changed into worship a clear zone, the readability that I had nowadays whereas I changed into riding changed into… I’m definite I’ve had it sooner than however as I talked about, it no longer gradually… I don’t even know systems to no doubt get into that zone, I don’t know what… it’s tough to say what helps you get into that condominium however in spite of every little thing I will evaluate this weekend and the sensation nowadays however honestly I felt unbelievable within the car. It changed into physically tough however in terms of no longer making any mistakes, turning in lap upon lap upon lap, I changed into in a supreme zone and that’s the zone that I dream of being in. Finally, I never would enjoy anticipated to enjoy a lead of 24s, that’s no doubt no longer what we belief we’d enjoy coming to this weekend, however I no doubt set it all of the vogue down to that… even after I changed into catching net page net page visitors I changed into gaining time reasonably than shedding time which is rarely the case. Most incessantly you lose time with net page net page visitors and nowadays wasn’t the case. There were all these aspects, which were perfect perfectly in scheme and I changed into very, very centred in my core; bought to clutch a take a look at up on at and get there a week, every day.


Q: (Julien Billiotte – AutoHebdo) Max, you had an engine replace sooner than the speed. Was as soon as it a ingredient at all within the future of your Spacious Prix?

MV: No, no, no. We perfect saw something irregular within the solutions so we perfect changed support to the assorted engine to be clear, so all correct.


Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Max, at what point nowadays did you realise that you couldn’t match Lewis? Was as soon as it within the future of that first stint on the softs or were you composed holding out hope that – as we saw in practice – you might possibly possibly possibly be sooner on the mediums can enjoy to you came in to pit?

MV: No, in direction of the center of that first stint when Lewis started to spend up the whisk I couldn’t no doubt practice so I knew that that changed into it for nowadays. I’m perfect going to retain watch over my speed any extra and strive to produce the finest of it.


Q: (Erik van Haren – de Telegraaf) Max, you regarded moderately pleased and never upset however you study a sizable favour nowadays in step with Mercedes so what’s your glimpse on that?

MV: Successfully, clearly we weren’t within the speed. I don’t pay too powerful attention – we perfect want to focal point on ourselves and never… Love I talked about within the speed as successfully, now we want to perfect focal point on ourselves and never strive to examine up on too powerful at the others, what they train or what they produce because at the stop of the day you might possibly possibly possibly possibly possibly’t alter that anyway so we perfect want to focal point on ourselves, strive to give a opt to, strive to be a chunk extra competitive and never perfect depend on softer compounds or no topic, with blistering. We perfect want to search out a chunk extra efficiency within the car and the engine to be extra competitive.



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