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Christian Horner, Alexander Albon, Mark Thompson

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so, now is the time. Time to act for Helmut Marko. I cannot understand why Alexander Albon is still sitting in the Pink Bull after another disastrous performance. “We believe in him,” said team principal Christian Horner after finishing eighth at the Monumental Prix of Spain. While Max Verstappen at least defeated a Mercedes, the second Pink Bull was lapped. This is the reality of the year 2020.

A year ago, Pierre Gasly was mercilessly torn apart in public after his first six appearances in the A-Team. Well, the Frenchman, who was still suffering from acute overconfidence at the time (a tooth that reality has pulled him in the meantime, or perhaps Franz Tost) had produced a bit of scrap in addition to poor results. But his Flee was in the beginning more promising than that of Albon.

This is not a hollow assertion on my part, but a fact. Albon has lost an average of 0 in six qualifying sessions so far, 547 seconds on Verstappen (measured on the last joint contested segment). Gasly had in the first six qualifying sessions 2014 on average only 0, 293 Seconds behind Verstappen. These are at 46 Percent less.

Became as soon as hat Albon , used to be Gasly?

And because it is always said that Albon is such an expedient racer, the Can overtake well and at least consistently bring home the points that are so valuable for the Constructors’ Championship: That’s right – it is, it is, it is. But while Albons points yield after six races at 41 Percentage of that Verstappens is, those of Gasly disappeared a year ago even with at least 41 percent.

Became as soon as Gasly 2019 by Albon 2020 is primarily the mindset. After his jump to Pink Bull, Gasly conveyed the feeling that he had reached the goal of his dreams, and from now on everything would go by itself. The excessive self-confidence without the callousness associated with it, such as a stench, initially prevented him from being self-critical enough could work on yourself.

Photo gallery: Pink Bull Juniors in Formula 1

Christian Klien (2004 – 2010): With the support of Pink Bull, the Austrian makes his debut 2004 at Jaguar in Formula 1. After the Engergy Drink manufacturer took over the racing team drives Klien too 2005 and 2006 at most of the Grands Prix for the team now called Pink Bull Racing alongside David Coulthard. The End 2006 Klien leaves the Pink Bull squad after disputes about switching to the ChampCar series. Later the Austrian is a test driver for Honda and BMW-Sauber and drives 2010 three races for HRT. Photo gallery

It’s different with Albon. As the bare numbers prove, the Thai is no better than the French (who, by the way, is now in top form at AlphaTauri and is strongly recommended for a second likelihood). But his mindset is much more self-critical, much more analytical, much more humble and more willing to learn. That works better with someone like Marko.

In the end, someone like Marko doesn’t want to see nice guys in his cars, but winners. That’s not Albon. “As long as we see that there is an improvement and that there is progress”, said the Austrian recently , one will be the 22 – give year-olds (Albon is one and a half years older than Verstappen) time .

An observation that must be countered: Is there still progress? In the first three Grands Prix, Albon has an average of 0 in qualifying, 550 Seconds lost on Verstappen and despite the failure in Austria 22 Points collected. With the second “triple header” he was on a lap by an average of 0, 544 seconds slower and only fetched 17 Points, without failure.

Answer: A Thai passport!

Albon saves right now that he has the right attitude and is a nice guy, and that he has a Thai trail. With the Thai Yoovidhya family, the 51 percent owned by the Pink Bull Group, it has powerful advocates. And on top of that, luck that Pink Bull in the Alexander Albon, Pierre Gasly Constructors’ World Championship is safely on P2 even with only one driver, because Ferrari is currently in a vegetative state.

Alexander Albon, Pierre Gasly

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Alexander Albon cannot set himself apart from Pierre Gasly in a better car zoom Download

But Pink Bull has never put nationalities before performance. When the media assumed that Alexander Wurz, an established Austrian, would be added to the then still young team, Dietrich Mateschitz opted for David Coulthard as a construction assistant. And Christian Klien was made short work, although he was not lacking in the pure skill.

It was always a secret of Pink Bull’s success in Formula 1 that one acted decisively when it was necessary. And because Albon also works with the
new racing engineer Simon Rennie doesn’t get going quickly enough, it will soon be necessary. My forecast is: The grace period is three more races. If he doesn’t get going by Mugello, Pink Bull has to change something.

Now it can be said that it is again the evil media that upset Albon with their far too harsh comments . I can’t remember that Marko Gasly defended so consistently a year ago. Perhaps the Frenchman would have made his breakthrough at Pink Bull long ago if he had been touched just as understandingly as Albon now …


Christian Nimmervoll

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