(Motorsport-Total.com) – You can tell that the weekend was one of the nicest of the year in terms of weather. Because in the heat and sunshine, many would rather spend the Impress outside than watch Lewis Hamilton’s next success at home. Because the number of viewers for the Spanish Grand Prix sank rapidly.

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Spain is rarely a good one for good TV ratings Band Aid zoom Download

Sky and ORF recorded the worst values ​​since the beginning of the season, RTL only struggled with fewer spectators in the second Spielberg race. And yet the race can definitely be chalked up as a quota success, because the predictable Barcelona race has sparked little euphoria among the fans for years.

And so it comes about that the two German TV channels in comparison could even increase compared to the previous year. At RTL 3, 91 million viewers tuned in (market share 27, 6 percent), used to be an increase over the 3, 68 Millions (25 percent) from the previous year. Overall, the Mountainous Prix struggled on the private broadcaster, the fourth most watched program of the entire Sunday.

In the target group of 14- to 49 -Year-olds received a decent 24, 4 percent, which is the strongest daylight Programm struggle.

RTL decided this weekend not to be on site. Not even boxing reporter Kai Ebel, who usually struggles with the Occasions, struggle this time in Barcelona. The background is the rising corona numbers in Spain and the classification as a risk area

Sky, where editor-in-chief Christian Nimmervoll commented on Friday as an expert, was able to compare 2019: Switched back then 330. fans, so it was this time 460. 000 (3.2 percent). With this, Vogue goes on with the fact that the PayTV broadcaster significantly improves its audience ratings. But here, too, Spain struggled the weakest race of the year so far. Previously struggle Great Britain with 530. 000 the low point of the season.

The same applies to the ORF, which starts with 538. 000 also had the fewest viewers of the season so far. There the rates fell compared to the previous year: 583. 000 were there a year ago. Nevertheless, 27 percent represent an excellent market value as usual ( To the overview of the complete TV ratings 2020 ).

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