I plot no longer delight in how smug Toto is ready the qualifying mode restrictions. From how he has talked about it ever because it grew to become a component, it appears delight in FIA inadvertently honest gave Mercedes an advantage.

Possibly Merc already hold some form of necessary extremely efficient, good apt bustle mode ready to rumble, and now they’ll exercise it since they plot no longer need to emphasise the engine in Q3 anymore.

He takes no prisoners: “(…)and if we had been to be limited in qualifying modes, then, neatly, we are going to be stronger within the bustle.”

Toto even reflect it can well no longer destroy them the least bit: ““You would possibly per chance perhaps need to take into epic even though it can well destroy us extra in qualifying — which I’m no longer certain, and it’s about a tenths — then this would possibly per chance perhaps well destroy the entire others within the same manner. (…)”

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