Longtime Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone would put his friend Flavio ​​Briatore at the helm of Ferrari, who he believes could bring the Maranello team back to the top of the fastest sport.

The great Italian team has been going through hard times in the last decade. After incredible victories and titles in the age of Michael Schumacher, Ferrari has been waiting for a new Formula 1 world title since 2007, when Kimi Raikkonen won his only championship.

Asked if Binotto is the right man to lead the most famous team in Formula 1, Ecclestone replied: “No, he is an engineer. There, they need someone to make it clear to people that orders are being obeyed. Not maybe, but definitely. ”

Flavio Briatore would actually lead a Ferrari. Flavio would do what he always did with Benetton and Renault: he would steal the best people from other teams. This is exactly what Ferrari needs now.

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