That yr at Mclaren very nearly destroyed his entire occupation. He’s had a prolonged toll road abet against the front since then, and even now folks are cheering his doable exit because it be appropriate left folks pondering of him as a correct “eh”. No subject being, individually on the least, one in all the correct doable within the midfield. I’m hoping he retains his seat, and if he does lose it I’m hoping he finds one other correct one. I extremely doubt he can snag that second Red Bull seat but Latifi’s no longer doing grand in that Williams, I wouldn’t mind seeing him there.

Somewhere available is a universe where he did now not throw away his affiliation with the Ferrari Academy, and did now not shuffle to an unappreciative and delusional Mclaren team but as a replace stayed connected to an…admittedly easy incompetent Ferrari team, nonetheless it’d be the next result nonetheless. If I decide as it’ll be (I’m hoping), the Ferrari heads had been very impressed with him and had been pondering bringing him up but he jumped ship to Mclaren and that is rationalization why they stuck with Massa.

Alonso/Pérez. Successfully, I will dream on the least.

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