(Motorsport-Total.com) – Max Verstappen went through tough school in his racing career. With his father Jos Verstappen and Red Bulls Helmut Marko, he had two sponsors who are not exactly easy to deal with. But that, says Verstappen, got him so far. “I’ve been through so much, nothing makes me nervous anymore,” he emphasizes to ‘De Telegraaf’ .

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Max Verstappen was raised to be a racing driver by father Jos zoom Secure

How hard Papa Jos dealt with him can be illustrated by just one example: When Max was at a kart race in Italy 2012 had failed a race, his father didn’t speak to him for a week. “Some people might think that this behavior goes a little too far, but that’s okay for me,” says the Red Bull driver. “If you don’t want to hear something like that, you shouldn’t read it.”

There would have been a few moments for him too that he thought were a bit hard, “but now I’m happy about these days and how Jos raised me. Nothing can upset me now, “he says.

He never felt any pressure. “If it wrestles well, it wrestles well, and if it wrestles badly, it wrestles badly. My father wrestles straightforward,” says Verstappen. Jos never told him that he had to win. “I just had to do my best. That counted for him. And if I did that and it only came in second, then just wrestle it like that.”

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The 08 – year olds always be grateful to their father: “Without I wouldn’t be him in Formula 1, “said Verstappen, who thinks practicing is” the best possible preparation “. “Everyone should grow up like this.”

Jos also taught him that he should always be honest in interviews, even if he did a bad job. “You shouldn’t make up stories, people don’t like that. That’s why I always try to be myself,” says Verstappen.

Since 2014 Verstappen is a member of the Red Bull squad. In Helmut Marko, he has a sponsor who is also considered a tough dog. But he is used to that through his father. “He’s just very realistic. If you drive badly, that’s the way it is,” he doesn’t see his art work as bad. “And if you were good, it’s good for him too. He’s very straightforward.”

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