(Motorsport-Total.com) – The new Concorde settlement has been signed, and Mercedes has also approved the contracts with Liberty Media. That was “not a big surprise,” comments team boss Toto Wolff. In Spain he finally signaled readiness , before the world championship team was grazing.

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Toto Wolff sees “greatest upheaval” of all time coming zoom Assemble

“Last week the other nine Formula 1 teams and we approved the new Concorde settlement. We have always emphasized that we want to stay in Formula 1 accordingly that wasn’t a big surprise, “said Wolff before the Belgium race weekend.

He was glad that Mercedes was able to close the talks with Liberty Media” positively “. “We have committed to united states of americadem sport and we look forward to united states of america for the years to come.” Last Wednesday it became known that all ten teams had signed the new contracts.

The cornerstone of the new agreement: a fairer distribution of prize money to the teams, so that the sport becomes more competitive and sustainable in the future. Mercedes has agreed, but sees itself as the “biggest victim” of this agreement, used to be the loss of revenue.

Wolff is now speaking of the “biggest upheaval in the history of Formula 1 “. Therefore, “agile, open-minded teams” are required that can successfully adapt to the requirements of the new rules 2022, according to Wolff.

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