Hi, thank you for taking the time to acknowledge to questions. A shrimp little bit of a technical one, the present engine formulation might perchance well even merely continue on for the foreseeable future due to monetary fees of increasing a unconditionally new engine. It is in most cases predicted that efficiency of all manufactures’ engines must lastly attain an asymptotic assemble, nevertheless groups equivalent to yours’ are defying this vogue and continue to search out efficiency thru structure changes (Equivalent to TJI), ignition timings and diversified other parts at some stage in the ICU. Attain you is seemingly to be feeling that we’re already at or like a flash impending essentially the most efficiency and effectivity of the V6 turbo charged ICU?

Attain you moreover factor in that due to this asymptotic efficiency curve will there be a shift of most major vogue and enhancements of the power put together against the electrical parts (MGU-Okay, MGU-H, Battery longevity, energy harvesting effectivity) as it’s miles a a ways newer technology and not more explored?

At final, as we formula the curve of diminishing returns would the lack of vogue on the ICU side entice groups to bend the guidelines to assemble an help on condition that the power trains are so equal and the extra efficiency might perchance well point out the adaptation for a championship title? (Not compulsory ask, don’t query you to acknowledge to this one due to obtrusive causes nonetheless a indubitably attention-grabbing level). All over another time, thank you for taking the time to read thru the questions.

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