1 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes)

2 – Valtteri BOTTAS (Mercedes)

3 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Purple Bull Racing)


(Conducted by Paul Di Resta) 

Q: Lewis, I believe somebody watching that session would upright think you were on one other level. Very dominant, how did it in actuality feel?

Lewis HAMILTON: Yeah, these days a extraordinarily, very dapper session. Each and each lap used to be upright bettering and better. We did a form of wonderful work within the background. It’s a in actuality vital pole for me because I wakened to the saddest news of Chadwick passing away. It’s been this form of heavy three hundred and sixty five days for all of us and that news upright in actuality broke me. It used to be now now not straightforward to gain support in focal point coming in these days with that inserting on my coronary heart, but I was admire ‘I must inch available and power to perfection’. What he has executed for our of us, what he’s executed for… this superhero presentations all these young children that it’s that it’s probably you’ll per chance be ready to think. He used to be this form of shimmering gentle. So we offer that eternally.

Q: I believe one of the best probably admire goes to your focal point, Lewis. Everyone else used to be procuring for tows, you were upright out at the entrance very confident within the job you needed to construct personally and that’s what you did.

LH: Yeah, I studied that and for certain there be pleased been instances where now we be pleased needed to check out to gain a tow. You’ve bought these three refined sections where you’ve bought the straight line within the first piece, which is resplendent easy, but getting the sharp fly level right here is now now not so straightforward and a few, because it’s probably you’ll per chance be ready to see, are in actuality quick within the first and closing sector but now now not so appropriate within the center sector. We’re now now not the strongest I’d insist within the first and the closing however the center is de facto, in actuality sturdy and I believe for me this weekend it used to be my device to head first or 2d out of Valtteri and I chose to head first. I upright major to be out within the dapper air now now not having to hassle about of us up forward of me, getting a hole within the closing nook, wondering whether it’s four or eight seconds hole – because you’re unruffled getting a tow from somebody at seven seconds within the support of and I didn’t want the rest coming in my device so it labored out completely I believe.

Q: And driving these automobiles around Spa? It’ll be resplendent special?

LH: Oh man, it used to be appropriate. That session, as I acknowledged it used to be going better and better but it indubitably’s in actuality been studying to milk… the word’s rather a form of to if you happen to were driving it, within the sense of the speed-off areas, so that it’s probably you’ll per chance be ready to in actuality come up the gas a lot earlier. Specializing within the exits around right here is de facto vital. I didn’t construct any errors on any of my laps however the Q3 speed one lap used to be ace and I was pondering ‘there’s likely no device I’m going to beat that’ but Turn 1 has likely been a weak point for me the closing few years, upright bought stronger and stronger thru there and I saw I was up out of Turn 1 after which I upright kept beeping away all around the lap, so that used to be a extraordinarily, very, very, very appropriate lap so I’m elated with that.

Q: Valtteri, it used to be your birthday the day past, you had a extraordinarily appropriate session but it indubitably regarded admire you were struggling thru Turn 1 and from there on within the lap you upright didn’t be pleased the sting on Lewis?

Valtteri BOTTAS: Yeah, Turn 1 used to be rather inconsistent. I believe we bought the automobile sharp there, upright in Q1 (sic) within the first speed, the tyres were too cool or one thing at the originate of the lap, so I had rather of a lock-up. The main speed used to be there. The 2d speed felt the truth is resplendent appropriate total, so I don’t in actuality know why the opening to Lewis [is big]. I’m now now not too , because I know that 2d space is form of an correct space to originate right here. It ought to be an enticing speed into Turn 5.

Q: I was going to notify the slipstream right here is gigantic and if you happen to’ll be ready to tuck yourself in there forward of Eau Rouge there are advantages above that. Extra importantly you’ve bought to beat Lewis the next day to in actuality think the championship don’t you?

VB: Yeah, for certain I must assault if I unruffled must get the title hopes there. It’s now now not over till it’s over and I’m undoubtedly going to head for it. The main lap is a worthy different because right here the racing is customarily resplendent appropriate. I know already there can be alternatives to construct it.

Q: Max, lining up P3, I insist you’ll be jubilant with that coming into the session but to narrowly fade over out by a centesimal at the pinnacle of the lap and I heard you insist you had some vitality that left you sharp at the pinnacle of that?

VB: Yeah, for us total it’s been a extraordinarily certain weekend to date. We came right here and we idea it used to be going to be in actuality refined for us and in actuality to be P3 and that finish to Valtteri. Clearly we are unruffled half of a 2d to Lewis but I believe total I’m able to even be very jubilant with that. The lap used to be first rate. I’d want speed out of vitality rather, but for certain it’s dispensed across the total lap, so it used to be likely the quickest device of getting the lap time, so very jubilant, an correct day and a form of alternatives for the next day.

Q: Carry out you suspect it’s probably you’ll per chance be ready to fight the Mercedes within the dry or are you going to be doing a rain dance the next day morning to check out to gain some blended weather in there?

MV: I don’t know. Clearly if you happen to see at the lap time distinction to Lewis I don’t think we without word in a bustle can originate to fight him. Round right here you by no device know, admire you acknowledged, with the weather as neatly, I am hoping that will device into play it makes it extra special more refined for each person, and it’s extra special more fun as neatly, in particular on this word. If there’s rather of weather around it’s a form of fun.


Q: Lewis, what a lap, what a session. It’s a sizeable margin over the total topic. Where did you discover the time?

LH: I believe it used to be upright rather bit in every single space. Within the shatter, the crew did this form of worthy job over these past couple of days – upright timing, as you saw, getting out on entrance of each person at the pinnacle. It used to be wonderful to be pleased a obvious straightaway forward of me after which otherwise upright working away at the gap-up. With the engineers we are upright persistently pushing every a form of to pork up. It’s now now not an straightforward element to construct and proceed to pick the bar but I believe we’ve executed a in actuality wonderful job this weekend with the blokes right here and the blokes support at the manufacturing facility, so a gigantic thank you to them. After which otherwise it used to be upright focusing, studying the lap after which executing. That’s bought to be one of the most cleanest qualifying intervals I believe I’ve ever had. Each and each lap used to be bang on the dot. No errors, no right factors. Q3 is customarily a now now not easy one because you have to want to gain the first lap and the first lap used to be wonderful and I idea it used to be resplendent extra special a supreme lap after which I managed to head out and receive rather bit more in just a few a form of areas. It used to be wonderful to be pleased that hole, that six tenths within the first laps, then I’ll in actuality discover on that next one and attempt to get even more of a likelihood. Yeah, a ravishing feeling driving around this word, because it’s appropriate how quick it’s change into.

Q: …and 1.3s faster than closing three hundred and sixty five days as neatly.

LH: All as soon as more, that’s the evolution of our automobiles, of the abilities and the evolution of our engineers who proceed to raise. They’re upright getting smarter and more ambiance agreeable yearly. I was pronouncing downstairs, it’s now now not been an straightforward day for the field. Our superhero, a superhero died closing night time, so that used to be in actuality weighing heavy on me these days, so I was so driven to bring an correct performance these days so I’ll dedicate it to Chad who I was in actuality, in actuality fortunate I purchased to meet him as soon as and repeat him how awesome he used to be. Because now now not all these… I take into accout after I was a baby, Superman used to be the hero. Didn’t see admire me but I unruffled idea Superman used to be one of the best probably. And so, when Chad grew to change into the king, when he grew to change into a superhero in Wakanda, it used to be this form of special occasion for therefore many of us because I know that young children, admire myself, can be ready to now see up to him and trace that’s that it’s probably you’ll per chance be ready to think in an effort to construct what he did. So this one’s dedicated to him.

VB: Valtteri, coming to you. It regarded admire you were a little chasing the automobile one day of that session. How used to be it for you at the pinnacle of Q3?

VB: It used to be now now not too sad. I’d insist Apply Three used to be OK, upright the 2d runs, I believe I had some traffic or one thing so didn’t gain in actuality dapper laps, but then in qualifying itself, all the pieces used to be feeling resplendent OK. Staunch the first speed in Q3, I had a lock-up into Turn One. I don’t think I purchased my tyres warm enough on the out-lap. So, at the pinnacle it used to be down to the 2d speed. I knew all the pieces used to be unruffled that it’s probably you’ll per chance be ready to think, and it used to be a dapper lap. No longer per chance one of the best probably Turn One but it indubitably used to be OK and otherwise the lap used to be wonderful and dapper and in actuality felt admire I was pushing the boundaries. Clearly quite rather hole. No longer obvious but why but Lewis did an correct job these days. I’m now now not too because I know 2d space is form of an correct space. It’s always quite an enticing speed into Turn 5. So, having a see forward to the next day.

Q: Lots goes to rest on that opening lap the next day. How extra special are you able to suggest?

VB: Clearly it’s probably you’ll per chance be ready to knowing one thing but then within the pinnacle every originate is customarily a form of. Clearly we see at the total a form of starts right here in outdated years and attempt to get learnings and be ready for any difficulty – but you can be pleased to head with intuition as neatly. We are able to are trying to search out a style to construct issues sharp.

Q: Max, so finish with Valtteri these days, what used to be it, one-hundredth of a 2d? Had been you very much surprised to be that finish to a Mercedes around right here?

MV: I don’t know. I believe total, it’s been a extraordinarily certain weekend, I believe. We anticipated to device support right here with the prolonged straights around right here, it’s by no device going to be one of the best probably for us but I believe we managed to search out an correct an correct steadiness on the automobile the truth is straight away when we came right here, from FP1, so that helps. Yeah, it’s been a definite weekend. I didn’t in actuality be pleased a lot to whinge. If I’m now now not unsuitable, right here is the closest we’ve been to Mercedes in qualifying, on a word where we didn’t ask it to bet admire this – so yeah, very, very elated with that. Qualifying went resplendent soft. It used to be all about, for us, neatly, attempting to be pleased rather little bit of a tow, to be pleased rather little bit of top tempo but for certain, you are attempting now now not to be affected within the center sector but for certain each person is attempting to gain that tow. So, attending to the closing chicane to arrange the lap and as soon as presently I was now now not supreme, entering into Turn One but I believe in in Q3 it used to be elegant, and I’ll construct my lap admire I major it. Very jubilant to be right here again.

Q: How confident are you for the bustle? You were quickest in 2d exclaim the day past.

MV: Yes, neatly, over one lap the day past. Friday is upright Friday, because it’s probably you’ll per chance be ready to see. It’s miles likely now now not straightforward but I’m for certain going to check out to exclaim and trace what happens. And likewise, now we would like to wait and trace what happens. Moreover, now we would like to wait and trace what the weather goes to construct because, around Spa, you by no device know if it’s going to be dry or wet.


Q: (Dieter Rencken – Racing Lines) Max, given the lap being 7km right here and given the energy nature of the circuit, how very much surprised are you that the opening is so dinky – roughly half of a 2d?

MV: I believe in now not new we upright had a extraordinarily certain weekend, so we receive an correct steadiness within the automobile. Clearly, that helps. I believe some qualifyings I wasn’t that elated with the steadiness of the automobile so that robotically for certain the opening is probably going rather bigger so, yeah, to date a definite weekend.

Q: (Ben Hunt – The Sun) Request to Lewis. Clearly very emotional, if you happen to were speaking, if you happen to bought out of the automobile, and upright then as neatly. I upright questioned, neatly it’s probably you’ll per chance be ready to repeat us if you happen to met Chadwick, and upright how extra special you stayed enthusiastic with him one day of his profession and whatnot. He’s clearly had a gigantic abolish on you.

LH: I didn’t know him-know him. I wasn’t enthusiastic with him, unfortunately. I want I had the privilege of that. We met in New York, one day of Vogue Week, per chance closing three hundred and sixty five days, or per chance the three hundred and sixty five days before. We were out at the same dinner. I also met him at the Met Gala. I believe it used to be the Met Gala Week, and had the different to meet him then. And I saw him just a few instances all around the rest of the night time and we the truth is partied away collectively. We were on the same table in total. It used to be an dazzling scenario and I upright take into accout talking to him. Nonetheless I construct take into accout when Black Panther came out and gigantic, gigantic Marvel fan, so upright sparkling how Hollywood has been for a prolonged, very prolonged time and to see the first sunless hero, superhero device out I believe used to be upright… each person used to be upright so proud. To in actuality signify. And again, I believe the total element in now not new, this below representation is this form of now not new element and so in an effort to see any individual construct it admire him, and be this form of highly efficient figure inner the Avengers world, y’know, it used to be appropriate. Such an honour and tantalizing, as I acknowledged, young children. I’m able to factor in a young child having a see up and seeing that it’s that it’s probably you’ll per chance be ready to think to be a superhero now. A young sunless child, as I acknowledged. I believe his legacy will always are residing on.

Q: (Edd Straw – The Flee) Max, we heard on the radio if you happen to were advised how finish you were to Valtteri’s time there used to be rather little bit of a frustrated noise and I believe you acknowledged you ran out of vitality rather at the pinnacle of the lap. Carry out you know what the motive within the support of that used to be? Became as soon because it upright now now not quite the upright exclaim of charge at the originate of the lap, and construct you suspect that with that, that will per chance well be pleased upright given you that itsy-bitsy little bit of time you major to be 2d?

MV: No. Nicely… I suggest. Robotically all over qualifying I believe you end extra special more… admire longer on originate throttle and for certain you attempt to administer the vitality all around the lap, but I believe likely it used to be the quickest device across the lap but it indubitably’s upright always if you happen to gain out of the closing nook after which you are feeling that the engine is now now not as accelerating as now not new because you speed out of that vitality where you in all likelihood employ it up someplace else, yeah, it’s always that feeling, but likely after I’m going support and trace at the guidelines it’s unruffled the quickest device but it indubitably’s upright… yeah, little bit of an irregular feeling as soon as presently.

Q: (Christian Menath – Motorsportmagazin.com) Yet any other attach a question to for Max: half of a 2d appears to be like gigantic in Plot 1 – as a hole – but as we’ve talked about earlier, it’s the longest circuit of the three hundred and sixty five days and from next bustle onwards there might be a technical directive which must lower down the gain collectively mode of the Mercedes-powered automobiles. Carry out you suspect you is per chance in a local to fight for pole positions from then onwards?

MV: I don’t think so personally, but if it’s going to carry us rather bit closer that will per chance well be wonderful but let’s wait and trace if that’s the truth is going to happen because I also don’t know.

LH: For certain don’t be pleased…. half of a 2d more energy than you, that’s for obvious.

Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Flee) Request to the 2 Mercedes drivers, form of in accordance to that (closing attach a question to): were you unruffled utilizing beefy energy mode from the engine right here or used to be there any indication of turning it down a little in anticipation of this contemporary technical directive coming into force?

VB: Yeah, we were utilizing the engine customarily as we’ve customarily being doing in qualifying. As we’ve considered all weekend, it’s been resplendent finish with Purple Bull and even a form of teams within the mix. We didn’t in actuality feel that we had that gigantic of a margin to originate saving. As prolonged as we will be capable to unruffled employ the energy we might as neatly employ it because within the pinnacle, yes, admire within the outdated attach a question to, I don’t think it’s going to construct a huge distinction.

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Lewis, we saw a form of drivers attempting to gain a tow and debating whether to head for that. Max acknowledged he didn’t in actuality feel he major to head for that but on both your runs in Q3 you were out forward of the pack. How did that in actuality feel and what used to be the motive within the support of doing that?

LH: From weekend to weekend, Valtteri and I even be pleased a different… one weekend it’s his device to head first or 2d and others it’s mine and this weekend it used to be my different and I made up my mind to head first and I upright major to be out within the obvious and now now not want to support up within the closing nook within the support of of us. I upright major dapper air in entrance of me. I believe it labored. I believe there’s potentially a dinky construct from being within the tow but then there’s equally a probably be troubled of being caught within the support of somebody, somebody making a mistake and inflicting a yellow flag forward of you, all sorts, so I upright made obvious I was obvious of that so I’ll pull out one of the best probably lap I’ll construct.

Q: (Dieter Rencken – Racing Lines) Lewis, I’m able to’t reduction but peek that after the podium ceremony before you device in right here for the media session, you alternate out of your overalls. What’s the motive or that?

LH: Actually… neatly, if you happen to’re for your swimsuit, this three hundred and sixty five days, even more so, the suits are rather bit thicker and so it’s heavier and so that you just’re sweating thru qualifying. I don’t must sit right here… I know I’ll alternate my top but I even be pleased time to alternate completely so gain a towel, wipe off, and I attach dapper garments on. Staunch feels better if I’m sitting right here sooner or later.  We’re doing this press convention after which now we be pleased media outside, total of an hour. I’d upright rather now now not be sitting in my sweat.

Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Flee) Like a flash, for all three: are you able to upright talk concerning the compromise within the support of straight-line tempo and sector two right here because we’ve considered what appears to be like admire Ferrari… if you happen to gain it quite badly injurious or be pleased so little energy from their engine now that they’re having to construct a huge sacrifice? They’re one of the best probably crew, I believe, that are slower this three hundred and sixty five days compared with closing three hundred and sixty five days.

MV: Nicely, each person, I believe, went faster compared with closing three hundred and sixty five days but they didn’t by utilizing lap time so…

LH: What sacrifice did they construct?

MV: Nicely, it’s by no device straightforward round right here to search out the sharp fly level but yeah, it’s probably you’ll per chance be ready to chose low downforce. I suggest I tried it and you inch extra special more admire I’m running now. It’s truthfully what you admire, what you suspect is more fit for tyres but for certain it’s now now not going to construct a… it’s admire inner a tenth, low downforce to medium or no topic, so yeah, even when they would stick a gigantic old fly on it, they would be pleased the same lap time so I don’t know what’s occurring. I’m able to’t talk for them anyway, I also don’t must. What is there to notify about it? I’m able to’t in actuality bewitch what’s occurring. I upright focal point on what’s going down in my crew. I believe that’s the largest (element) and yeah, let’s inch away it there.

Q: Lewis, what used to be the compromise down at Mercedes? The twists of sector two or the straight lines of 1 and three?

LH: I suggest, we device right here with a package and we hope that it’s the sharp one. I was extra special the same: we tried a low fly however the loss used to be quite gigantic within the center sector and so it used to be upright attempting to search out the sharp steadiness and the engineers construct an dazzling job with their simulations and understand where now we would like to be and we caught with it and I believe it used to be the sharp different. I believe inevitably it’s a form of within the bustle if you happen to don’t be pleased DRS and there are these that are quicker… a little quicker in a straight line but confidently that doesn’t gain in our device the next day.

Q: Valtteri, where did your automobile in actuality feel strongest, which sector?

VB: I believe total we’re resplendent sturdy in every single space. I believe per chance extra special more so in sector two but I believe the compromise we had used to be easiest for the lap time total so it’s always upright a compromise but I believe it used to be a obvious winner for us, for our automobile, the fly we chose.


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