Tsunoda had lunge on Mazepin and tried to pass in Les Combes lap after lap. On one lap, TSU had his nostril neatly alongside (but did now not preserve watch over the corner) and MAZ did not leave room and compelled him off (no penalty). A lap or two alter, TSU does the same pass but will get appreciably alongside (with MAZ an mosey or two ahead). MAZ all once more leaves no room. TSU is audibly upset on radio.

Dash ends with TSU slack MAZ. On the chilly down lap, MAZ is informed that he bought a 5 2d penalty for that pass and is surely 2d. He is understandably upset.

TSU is guided to the P1 board and will get out of the car. While he’s strolling in entrance of the P2 board, MAZ strikes the P2 board onerous and it flies in entrance of TSU, missing him by a few feet. TSU is a CHAMP and doesn’t acknowledge it the least bit.

MAZ whines about “repeatedly taking his racing line every lap and I did the same thing I repeatedly function” (paraphrase) now not acknowledging the rule that he needs to present rental.

For the length of the rostrum birthday party, he literally doesn’t take up the P2 trophy or spray champagne.

For the length of this entire time, one of many English announcers, Peter Windsor, continues to defend MAZ for who knows why.

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