1 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes)

2 – Valtteri BOTTAS (Mercedes)

3 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Red Bull Racing)


(Conducted by Martin Brundle) 

Q: Lewis, it looked to me that you simply had this bustle below aid watch over from qualifying the day gone by with those two prominent laps but you had some nursing to produce at the pause? 

Lewis HAMILTON: Yeah, it wasn’t the most intriguing of races. I had a lock-up into Turn 5 that started to offer a somewhat of a vibration and then one into the final nook. The tyre temperatures had been slowly dropping, without reference to how worthy you had been pushing. I say as you lose rubber you open to lose temperature within the tyres. It was somewhat of a battle but nonetheless I deem it was OK. I was somewhat bit anxious that we also can need a scenario love Silverstone with that gorgeous front towards the pause, so I was nursing it. It looks love the tyre has got loads of rubber on it, so per chance it was gorgeous gorgeous and per chance gorgeous all peril for nothing.

Q: You’re unstoppable within the intervening time – you’re 89th victory, gorgeous two within the aid of the big Michael Schumacher now, your fourth victory here, matching Jim Clark. You’re on a roll!

LH: I comprehend it’s no longer necessarily what each person step by step desires, to sight the Mercedes at the front but without reference to how worthy success now we derive got, we gorgeous aid our heads down. When I fade aid into the place of work now there’s no guys celebrating, they’re love, ‘OK, how will we gain the next bustle’. It’s an unbelievable mentality to work spherical, and atmosphere to work spherical. We’re persevering with to gain out about ourselves, relating to the auto, how we build and toughen weekend-in, weekend-out. And in actuality, it’s crazy to deem, I’m 35, going towards 36 but I have confidence better than ever, so that’s a obvious. I’m for walk, for walk grateful to the team, each person aid at the factory, thank you for their persevered give a enhance to. It genuinely worked to my earnings to be just correct that snap, because it meant he was gorgeous up my chuff and I’m obvious he had to come to a decision. And that meant that once we fade to the tip of the hill, I don’t know if he had to come to a decision or no longer, but he didn’t derive ample time to slingshot. No shake and bake this day, so I’m grateful for that.

Q: On to Valtteri Bottas. P2 this day Valtteri, repeat us about your bustle? There was some extent early on once you had been announcing ‘let me derive a fade, let me utilize my vitality up and derive a flee at Lewis’?

Valtteri BOTTAS: Yeah, undoubtedly before everything it would derive been a first price opportunity but I deem Lewis played it swish nicely that he wasn’t too like a flash out of Turn 1 and I couldn’t for walk gain momentum within the aid of him and additionally this day there was a tailwind into Turn 5, so somewhat less of a tow attain. Identical ingredient within the restart – I gorgeous couldn’t purchase him on the straight. So, I deem those are the most critical opportunities and in every other case, yeah, with the the same automobile and Lewis driving swish worthy mistake-free it was complex, but you perceive, I tried.

Q: You made me smile once you talked about on the radio ‘I didn’t hear that instruction that we’re no longer allowed to bustle every rather rather about a’.

VB: Yeah! In truth I had no clue about that! Per chance they talked about it, but I don’t capture.

Q: Precise stuff and extra world championship facets. What are you able to gain faraway from this weekend, we fade straight into Monza undoubtedly?

VB: Effectively, I deem Lewis was faultless this day and the day gone by he was like a flash. We earned extra facets this weekend. Now now not no longer as a lot because it was a easy weekend for me, with no substantial tell. However, positively I desire those bustle wins and I’m gorgeous overjoyed that there’s a probability subsequent weekend again.

Q: Max, 33, you aid finishing P3. That that you simply would be in a position to presumably also sight the Mercedes at the pause of the bustle again. A tiny bit tantalisingly frustrating or pleased with the day?

Max VERSTAPPEN: No, it was swish insensible, to be just correct. Now now not for walk intriguing; no longer worthy to produce. I couldn’t for walk defend with them when they had been pushing and from my aspect I ran out of tyres at the pause. The final eight laps I was gorgeous backing it out, saving the front tyres. It was no longer for walk delicious available this day. On the medium I didn’t for walk derive rather about a grip and on the stressful tyre, before everything I was trying to keep somewhat of strain on Valtteri, but then they told him to budge up and I couldn’t defend. Yeah, somewhat lonely.

Q: Yeah, I will keep in mind for you. There was some for walk just correct motion by the topic. I wondered whenever you happen to also can come in in earlier than the pause, save some strain on Mercedes with some contemporary tyres and take a derive a look at to gain a world championship point, but Daniel Ricciardo was, tense for you, for your pit discontinue window wasn’t he?

MV: Yeah and I was no longer obvious with their top budge if it was easy to circulate, so I talked about we gorgeous cease out. I deem I was very shut to a puncture but, yeah, we completed P3. More than that was anyway no longer imaginable this day. OK, per chance it was no longer the most fulfilling P3 nonetheless it’s restful better than nothing, so I’m swish overjoyed with that.

Q: It was perchance a perfect different. Daniel did the quickest lap of the bustle on the 44th lap of the bustle, the final lap, so he had some budge.

MV: Yeah, nicely, we gorgeous had no tyres left, so I was no longer taking any risks. It was perchance a first price weekend for them and beautiful maximised what we also can.

Q: Straight on to Monza taking a sight forward to that.

MV: Yeah, we’ll strive again and sight the keep we pause up.


Q: Lewis, many congratulations, that was a massively spectacular weekend from you and Mercedes.

LH: Thank you. Yeah, it was positively spectacular from my point of ogle, gorgeous seeing this team continue to return here weekend-in, weekend-out. You realize, we’re consistently learning and consistently making improvements to and I don’t know how we continue to produce that. What we learned from the final bustle, which was additionally a huge bustle, we’ve introduced updates here, we’ve understood our tyres somewhat bit better coming into this weekend, and qualifying clearly was incredible for myself and I managed to derive that same budge this day that I had the day gone by. Even supposing I was on my derive available, it was restful very, very stressful with these tyres, relating to taking a sight after them. I deem at the pause each person had to aid off to aid watch over the tyres to lift these autos house with these lengthy one stops.

Q: As you sing, massively spectacular qualifying the day gone by and a huge bustle this day. Of the five wins up to now in 2020, was this the smoothest weekend for you?

LH: Ooh, I would sing the final one perchance was. Barcelona, severely the bustle, was the smoothest bustle I deem I’ve assuredly had. This one was obvious nonetheless it’s very anxious with the originate, as is Barcelona, however the originate is stressful. And the restart additionally. I deem it was a swish easy weekend but there are positively areas we can toughen.

Q: Gargantuan stuff, Lewis, nicely done. Valtteri, strong 2nd location within the bustle. How did the auto build, did you need to well presumably also very nicely be feeling faster than Lewis at any stage this day?

VB: It’s complex to direct because undoubtedly while you are within the lead you need to well presumably aid watch over the budge and likewise you’ve gotten the free air and while you are within the aid of and whenever you happen to strive to gain shut, you are step by step the usage of extra of the tyres than the auto ahead, so it’s not most likely to direct whether I was faster at any point. However I felt in traditional that the budge for me was just correct and I deem that our automobile was strong this day. As Lewis talked about, as a team it was a truly strong Sunday for us. So, yeah, it was swish easy. Obviously, I tried to make utilize of the opportunities, the first one was at the bustle originate. Out of Turn 1 I felt the next flee than Lewis and I genuinely genuinely had to come to a decision no longer to flee into the aid of him and I tried to leave somewhat of a predicament to gain a first price momentum off the tow, but this day I was a good deal surprised how small the tow attain was, per chance with the tailwind into Turn 5 it made a walk. In truth, it was the the same on the restart. I hoped to purchase him but I gorgeous couldn’t.

Q: You talked about on the radio that you simply had numbness for your left leg. How worthy did that hinder you? Are you OK now?

VB: Yeah, all just correct. I gorgeous got somewhat of numbness with the brake pedal now we derive got within the auto there derive been about a bustle the keep my leg gets somewhat numb and it came about this day again. It’s complex to direct how worthy I was affected. It would consequence in mistakes but there had been no substantial mistakes besides one lock-up that I will capture.

Q: Coming to you Max…

MV: This music playing within the background is extra thrilling than my bustle. Let’s aid it going.

Q: I was going to direct, it was a aloof bustle for you this day but you perchance did aid up a correspondence the full manner by. How worthy satisfaction does that give you?

MV: Effectively, no longer the full manner by. On the stressful tyre I was trying to prepare with Valtteri but then they told him to budge up, so then I misplaced somewhat of ground. At one point, with ten laps to head, I started to derive for walk fade vibrations on the tyres and then I started to derive rather about a understeer. Then we talked about: shall we produce a pit discontinue? However I had Daniel in my pit discontinue window, so I talked about “nicely, let’s gorgeous fade to the pause then, and I’ll gorgeous explain up it.” It’s a shame. I mean, it’s the form of fantastic discover and then you need to well presumably’t for walk push. So, it was swish insensible to be just correct. It’s a shame. I mean, I genuinely revel in driving here and in actuality, we did 44 laps gorgeous? So, I perchance did 38 of them managing loads. It’s no longer been the most thrilling this day.

Q: We saw a fine tiny dice between you and your extinct team-mate Daniel Ricciardo before everything. Very respectful.

MV: Yeah, we gave every rather rather about a room. In truth, I didn’t sight him after Turn 7 but he was on my inner, but, yeah, I will even only sight one Renault in my judge but that was no longer Daniel, so I had no clue the keep he was, so I gorgeous gave him somewhat extra space than I deem was needed in Turn 8. However all just correct, it was fine. It’s step by step fine anyway racing him; he’s a first price guy. It’s rather about a fun.


Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC) Lewis, this one’s for you. You spoke earlier than the bustle about focussing on making improvements to your qualifying for this 12 months after final 12 months. How produce you produce that without compromising the relaxation?

LH: It’s a first price question. Final 12 months Valtteri was striking in gigantic laps as he step by step does but I deem I was positively below-performing in qualifying, which is assuredly… assuredly… a strength of mine. It was for walk working out these tyres and the design I utilised it with my driving vogue. For this 12 months I’ve had to smash about a changes and on top of that, with this automobile, seems to work rather nicely. So now I’m aid to being in a location to assemble qualifying laps that I was in a location to produce earlier than final 12 months, and on a extra fixed basis. It’s gorgeous work within the background. It’s work that we produce on the simulator; it’s stuff we produce with explain-up but getting that gorgeous without affecting the bustle. As you saw, final 12 months the races had been extremely strong. It’s the gorgeous line.

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Lewis, you only for walk seemed inclined this day – although that also can very nicely be somewhat of a stretch – on the flee as a lot as Les Combes at the tip of the hill. In the previous you’ve extinct about a special tactics, love having 90 per cent throttle going on runs by Eau Rouge. Did you produce something love that this day on lap one, and additionally at the restart?

LH: On the originate itself I had a substantial snap out of Turn 1 and Valtteri was in every single keep we, and as I had wheelspin, I had a de-rated shift as nicely, so that wasn’t severely thrilling, so I had to already block, I deem, coming out of Turn 1. However the map is to head in there within the lead and bridge a predicament to the auto within the aid of – but in this occasion, it worked out to my earnings, to be just correct, a mistake, nicely, no longer a mistake, a snap, it was gorgeous the tyres, the vogue they’re. It meant that Valtteri didn’t derive a predicament within the aid of to slingshot alongside me. That’s positively the anxious moment of the bustle. After which the restart, it’s flawed once you gain the Safety Car. I’m joyful that each person’s protected. Controlling at the front and trying to bridge the gap on the restart to the auto within the aid of, because that’s one other opportunity for them to slipstream you, is stressful. I deem this day we had been lucky because in outdated years we’d derive had a headwind into Turn 5 and so that you simply’re clearly extra draggy and the auto within the aid of gets the next tow. This weekend it was a tailwind, so I deem that genuinely helped conserving Valtteri within the aid of.

Q: Valtteri, how complex was it to prepare Lewis by Eau Rouge, in soiled air, on heavy gas, on that opening lap? Is it easy-flat?

VB: To be just correct, yes, it’s no longer for walk a topic. I remember about a years aid with less downforce it was extra complex but now it’s genuinely… following by Eau Rouge is k. I deem it was gorgeous a question that, with the tell Lewis had at the exit of Turn 1, it was complex to essentially invent any gap to gain simply momentum as a result of the auto within the aid of.

Q: (Christian Menath – motorsport-magazin.com) Demand for Max and perchance for the Mercedes drivers as nicely within the event that they wish to commentary. Max, you talked about you had to aid watch over budge on 38 out of the 44 laps. Used to be it gorgeous tyre administration or did that you simply would be in a position to love to aid watch over the relaxation? If it was gorgeous the tyres, produce you deem it was as a result of the early pit discontinue for the Safety Car?

MV: For obvious the pit discontinue was early. For obvious that was no longer the acceptable for us but yeah, it was gorgeous no longer for walk an delicious bustle, severely towards the pause. The final eight laps, with so worthy vibration and understeer. Yeah, I don’t know what to direct! It’s gorgeous no longer for walk thrilling.

Lewis, what number of laps of tyre administration did that you simply would be in a position to love to produce this day, out of the 44, gorgeous to continue the theme?

LH: Yeah, perchance the the same. It’s no longer severely thrilling, as Max talked about, nonetheless it’s a medium-excessive budge circuit so there’s rather about a drive that goes by these tyres, and likewise you perceive, they enable us to produce these one-stops and likewise you lose so worthy time within the pit stops so it wasn’t that thrilling to hope to aid watch over to head the distance every time. It’s no longer something I severely revel in. You ought as a potential to attack, and push-push-push-push-push, produce a discontinue, push-push-push.

MV: And besides that, additionally, they enable us to produce a one-discontinue and then additionally the autos, it’s so stressful to prepare. It makes you in actuality push for that one-discontinue.

Valtteri? Identical for you?

VB: Yep.

Q: (Ben Hunt – The Solar) Demand to Lewis. Can you rather mediate how nicely it has long gone for you this season? And additionally to Valtteri, is there something you need to well presumably produce to strive to discontinue your team-mate from beating you every weekend? Is there something you need to well presumably produce mentally, physically gorgeous to discontinue the rot, because it had been?

LH: The notion is clearly, for all of us, we prepare ourselves within the acceptable manner we can to gain. Plenty of labor has long gone into this 12 months. I was speaking about qualifying, as an illustration, on my aspect, for walk trying to raise particular areas without letting others tumble. So yeah, undoubtedly, I will’t repeat you that I predict that I was going to return to the weekend and derive half a 2nd advantage in qualifying, and  derive the budge that I’ve had in these races compared with others but clearly I’m grateful that it is some distance going so nicely. It’s for walk fine to grasp that I’m handing over the vogue I know that I will. It’s no longer for walk critical what, the work never stops. You gorgeous wish to aid pushing, aid working, aid trying to adapt because that’s what each person else is doing. So, after this, as an illustration, now we derive got a debrief. It received’t be all smiles. It can be love: ‘OK guys, this also can very nicely be better; here’s the weakness of the auto; here’s the keep we for walk desire to house.’ Communication. Whether it’s explain-up or the aero level that we had this weekend, whether it’s engine driveability. Bought to push on the full areas, guys, aid to the drawing board, let’s aid pushing – and that’s how we continue to raise ourselves.

VB: Obviously I’m trying everything I will. The very fact is that it’s no longer over. There’s ten or something races. Obviously I had that one roughly a DNF with a puncture at Silverstone, misplaced facets with that. If I would give up now then I would rather cease house, so I’ll aid pushing, I’ll restful aid trying for something from myself that I will and it gorgeous for walk trying to most intriguing everything. The day gone by I didn’t in qualifying, Lewis was on pole, he was faster on that lap then this day with that pole he also can flip it proper into a gain. Obviously the weekend for walk starts with qualifying, trying to be on pole and then those weekends that don’t fade for you, you in actuality wish to maximise the facets. I felt, for a lengthy term now – genuinely this week has been at the least love a serene weekend, with none factors, gorgeous the qualifying was no longer just correct ample but I’m engaged on everything, I’m trying but there’s restful many positives I will gain. I have confidence my bustle budge this 12 months has been better than any 12 months earlier than, so that’s a obvious so I have confidence love step by step within the bustle I’m there and I will fight for it so now it’s gorgeous about trying to build better and extra consistently in qualifying sessions.

Q: Own you seen the improvements that Lewis has made in qualifying this 12 months?

VB: I deem the day gone by I chanced on it stressful to compare. Obviously it step by step comes from so many critical facets, the out laps, getting the tyres within the ultimate window, front and rear, the explain-up and driving vogue and when that one lap counts yes, yeah, Lewis has been for walk fixed, no longer making any mistakes in qualifying and as you sight at the numbers, has had the upper hand this 12 months in qualifying, which in actuality pisses me off but undoubtedly I’m trying and I produce revel within the tell and I will’t sit down up for the next qualifying session subsequent weekend.

Q: (Giles Richards – The Guardian) Lewis, you acknowledged after the gain that it’s no longer what each person desires to sight, one other Mercedes at the front, and Max has talked about he chanced on the bustle insensible as nicely. Does it topic you at all that in case your level of dominance and Mercedes’s level of dominance continues love this for the the relaxation of this season, it also can very nicely sigh to be off-striking for many followers?

LH: I will’t focus on for the followers but having been a fan, growing up, having lived in rather rather about a eras staring at the Schumacher skills undoubtedly, I know what it’s love. As soon because the originate was done and the restart, you assuredly know that I don’t smash too many mistakes so that you simply roughly… and the the same with these drivers, you perceive, they’re very very fixed. It’s very complex to overhaul in this circuit so I will keep in mind, it’s positively no longer the most thrilling. I have confidence exactly the related to Max; it wasn’t the most thrilling… I mean, I assuredly for walk revel in myself within the auto because it’s… whenever you happen to don’t revel within the moment, what’s the point in doing in it. I’m restful revel within the battle. Every time I come by flip 15, I sight in my judge, I sight the keep Valtteri is, whether he’s nearer or extra within the aid of, taking within the tips of what instances he’s doing, the gaps between him and Max and for walk trying to gain the ultimate steadiness every and every single lap. That’s restful a huge tell for me. It’s gorgeous most most likely no longer as fun for folks to gaze but once you’re in it; it’s somewhat bit rather rather about a. However undoubtedly, I would enjoy to derive a loyal bustle. I’ve positively had races within the previous here that are somewhat bit nearer, trying to prepare the Ferrari and cease on top of them but they also can overtake because they had all that extra vitality. I’m hoping the next races, now we derive got the… I deem the Red Bulls derive improved. I genuinely hope that now we derive got extra of a bustle because I deem each person desires to sight us all battling together.

Q: You talked about the Schumacher years at Ferrari. As a fan, aid then, what did you smash of that dominance?

LH: I will’t remember. I was a teenage kid, I would derive woken up, had my bacon sarnie (sandwich) and perchance watched the originate and long gone to sleep and then wakened to gaze the pause. If I was staring at this day I would produce the the same most most likely and gaze the highlights because it’s worthy shorter, until a pal told me there was a dapper thrilling bustle on TV so that you simply gaze the full ingredient. In the extinguish, here’s no longer what followers… and I’m hoping that of us wish to with any luck label that this isn’t our fault. On the pause of the day we’re drivers, we’ve come by the full ranks, we’ve earned the positions that now we derive got and we come in in weekend in, weekend out, devoted and give completely everything to exit there and build at our ideal. In the extinguish the decision makers who originate the autos, who explain principles and other folks roughly issues, are the ones that you simply need to well presumably also apply strain to to in some design produce the next job transferring forwards, if that’s imaginable. I’m hopeful that’s what they’re going to produce in 2022 and with that original form automobile, per chance we’ll sight a walk invent of racing the keep you need to well presumably prepare. Wouldn’t that be something if we can prepare nearer and derive extra shut races?

Q: (Edd Straw – The Run) Lewis, the team and yourself included step by step appear to conquer without reference to barriers you’re confronted with, every time they seem. Next bustle, there’s a original obstacle, the engine mode changes that are going to require plenty or work to regulate to without reference to the impact on performance. So does it give you a huge different of self belief once you perceive there’s something love this, that here’s a team that does, as you step by step sing, be taught the technique to recuperate improvements to form out these concerns and is that why it’s no longer too worthy of a topic since you deem you perceive the team’s going to gain its head down, gain on top of it and perchance gain to the next bustle with the performance no longer for walk affected and everything working swish smoothly again?

LH: Yeah, naturally I know and I’ve spoken to the engine crew. I know the implications of the guideline that’s come in in to strive to gain away… strive to slack us down but as I talked about earlier than, I don’t deem it’s for walk going to smash substantial disagreement. However undoubtedly we’re both assured that without reference to is thrown at us we fade to the drawing board, we hash it out, we focus on, we delegate and then we enact it. That’s what we produce. Contend with throwing the punches and we are in a position to produce our ideal to return aid gorgeous as stressful.

Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC Sport) Lewis, you talked about the day gone by about trying to return into the discover and smash an announcement but you need to well presumably’t gorgeous will yourself to be half a 2nd faster than each person else, in every other case you’d produce it every weekend, so what’s the mentality that you simply had been in, that got you there the day gone by? And are you performing this 12 months, produce you deem, at a level that you simply’ve no longer reached earlier than?

LH: I would positively would sing… I mean final 12 months I deem was surely one of my ideal years, if no longer the acceptable 12 months. However, as I talked about, qualifying was all of a surprising… I had somewhat of a fade and the map yearly, undoubtedly, is to toughen physically, mentally and with the ideas that you simply apply… and I positively deem that I’ve been in a location to produce it this 12 months so yes, I have confidence love I’m driving at my ideal. Oh yeah, coming into this weekend?

Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC Sport) Involving yourself to be half a 2nd. That that you simply would be in a position to presumably’t produce that so, how produce know what’s going on there?

LH: Yeah. No. I deem that naturally we had that week off, I got just correct practicing at house and arrived here feeling moderately relaxed. After which clearly I wakened the day gone by morning and… I mean, I’ve assuredly been feeling rather about a weight on my heart, spirit. You realize, once you’re staring at the news, once you sight what’s going down across the world and I have confidence for walk rather plagued by it and then clearly I was so extremely proud when Chadwick was Gloomy Panther because as I talked about the full reasons the day gone by, as a child, dreaming of dapper heroes and in some design sight someone, a dapper hero of a identical color to me, was for walk gorgeous the form of necessary moment, I deem, for the unlit crew so once I wakened and I got the news from a pal who has talked about I’m crying penning this message to you about Chad, and then learning the news I gorgeous broke down. I remember, gorgeous trying to pull it together and smash particular I delivered on that day. Obviously, you don’t know whenever you happen to’re going as a potential to lift laps, you don’t know whenever you happen to’re going to be distracted but once you stare reason, once you stare your reason, once you perceive what you’re going for, what your map is, will, I deem, can gain you rather some distance and so naturally now we derive got to produce the work with the engineers, they produce gigantic work within the background and I got the auto the keep I needed it and was in a location to enact. However undoubtedly, I deem it is some distance additionally partly additionally a psychological ingredient for me. Sorry for the lengthy answers, guys!

MV: All just correct!


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