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Hi there Valtteri! A while ago, I saw that the improvement of the Kymiring, 135 km north of Helsinki, was nearing completion. The were planning to make use of that be conscious as the positioning of the MotoGP Finnish GP. Enact you imagine that F1 will furthermore at last move there and have you already pushed on it? If so, what were your first impressions?

Right here is the Wikipedia page about that be conscious: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kymi_Ring

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Hi there Valtteri! All those F1-connected questions are broad but I’d desire to effect a quiz of to you a varied one, in the occasion you’re feeling fancy answering something non F1 connected.

What’s your well-liked alcoholic beverage?

I requested Lance Stroll the equivalent questions and his is tequila with lime and soda so I survey ahead to checking out what your well-liked alcoholic drinks is

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Hi there Valtteri! How cease you’re feeling mentally against your teammate Lewis, who could also very effectively be one amongst the strongest psychological performing racer in the grid. I’m searching to consult Nico Rosberg, who said after his world championship, it was mentally so animated for him to compete against Lewis, that he now needs a relaxation and ended his occupation.

Confidently you can even employ against Lewis and steal some broad races. The F1 neighborhood is in the again of you! Forza Valtteri!

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Valtteri, hi there! I received a shirt with your name on it, so you can even bid I fancy you barely rather.

Recount, who would you retain in solutions to be your most tantalizing friend on the grid? I form not deem i’ve considered you have interaction worthy with many of your colleagues outside of the Merc crew and whoever finishes on the podium alongside you. I’d be enthusiastic to hear your acknowledge!

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How worthy cease it be main to bear automobile and suspension mechanics as a driver to honest up your automobile and power it rapidly? Are you intimately conversant in every field of your setup sheet? Enact it is seemingly you’ll possibly if truth be told have a psychological mannequin of how varied springs, torsion bars and whatnot have interaction with one one more?

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Hi there Valtteri.

By manner of racing video games, I do know you extinct to play a form of Live For Prance, which I furthermore loved again in the day. And further in the present day, I deem you furthermore turned some laps on iRacing. Which other video games cease you fancy?

Furthermore, have you ever tried the fantastic Finland 90’s simulator (My Summer season Automobile)? 🙂


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Hi there Valtteri!

As any individual who lives in Adelaide South Australia, I just appropriate wish to effect a quiz of to, what are your solutions on this remark after your whisper over with over the Summer season? I’ve heard that you just in actuality loved this remark, and even extinct the “Radelaide” nickname when talking to Ted Kravitz!

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Hi there Valtteri,

Thank you for doing the AMA, and congratulations on a job effectively performed up till this point in the season.

I needed to know what accomplish of an impact Finnish Components 1 drivers fancy Mika, Kimi and Keke made for your occupation rising up, as rallying/motocross seem like extra standard motorsports in Finland.

Furthermore, in the occasion you can even power with somebody retired driver as your teammate, who would or not it be?

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Hi there Valtteri, broad to have you right here amongst our passionate neighborhood. My questions are,

  • What’s your well-liked be conscious on this planet – f1 or otherwise?

  • Have you tweaked your porridge recipe for 2020?

Simplest of luck for the season.

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Hi there, Valtteri, thanks for reaching out to us. Though you seemingly have a form of natural abilities, what cease you’re feeling it was that effect your existence heading in the appropriate direction to become a Components 1 driver? Was as soon as there a 2d or series of decision as a junior driver you’re feeling was a turning point for your educated construction? Having a sight again, does any of it feel fancy it was planned at all or cease you’re feeling (pleasantly) shocked to be in the game? Thank you for reaching out to our neighborhood!

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Hi there Valtteri! As a former Williams driver, what cease you imagine were the mains causes in the tumble in performance after you left?

Thank you for the AMA!

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Charlie Whiting

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Hi there Valtteri, thanks for doing this AMA.

Regarding Mercedes’ dominant performance in nearly all races this season, cease you watched that the 2022 rules will spice things up rather and in actuality elevate the midfield groups closer to Mercedes and Red Bull? How cease you put together for such a modern generation of autos?

Cheers and most tantalizing of luck!

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I’m sorry that right here’s not connected to F1, but I’d want to know your FTP on the bike!

Stretch honest: presumably rather extra, fancy varied energy stages at varied time intervals (bid 5s, 10s, 30s, 1m, 3m, 5m, 20m an 1h)?

Thank you for carrying the cyclist flag in F1 and for doing this!

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Hi there Valtteri! Ought to you hadn’t been in motorsport, what roughly profession cease you imagine you would’ve had?

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