The 2020 FIA Junior WRC Championship will resume service along with the FIA World Rally Championship on Rally Estonia for the major time within the historic previous of both collection.

The championship that nurtures the future stars of WRC will spend the M-Sport Poland built Fiesta Rally4 which used to be released earlier within the One year. The Ford Fiesta Rally4 is an evolution of the 2019 Fiesta R2T and represents M-Sport’s dedication to its ladder of change, while additionally aligning with the FIA’s unusual rally pyramid development.

This One year marks ten years for the rationale that major Rally Estonia used to be held and within the last decade following the match has built up an impeccable recognition with drivers, groups and followers alike. The rally only within the near previous served as an unofficial preparation match for Rally Finland as a result of its gentle however treacherously hasty gravel roads, just a few of which bear been built particularly for the rally.

When in contrast to a identical outdated WRC match, Rally Estonia shall be shorter affair, with 233.40 competitive kilometres spread over three days. FIA Junior WRC sees its first competitive action in practically six months with a 1.28km mountainous special stage on Friday evening allowing 12 hungry junior crews to push from the fetch-run in interpret to snatch every stage rep point likely – a unfamiliar characteristic of the championship. Saturday will seek this One year’s juniors engage on two loops across 5 jog tests with an further six stages across two three-stage loops on Sunday ending with a total of 17 stages, with every particular person providing a precious stage rep point. In total, a maximum of 42 elements may maybe be taken house by one driver may maybe additionally merely mute they rep all 17 stages and the match. All 12 Fiesta Rally4 autos shall be geared up with Pirelli Scorpion K6 tyres and bear a total of 14 tyres accessible for spend across the rally in conjunction with Shakedown.

Using his maintain M-Sport-built Fiesta Rally2, the 2019 FIA Junior WRC Champion, Jan Solans, will open Rally Estonia with the 2019 FIA Junior WRC co-driver’s champion, Mauro Barreiro, in FIA WRC3. Solans has only within the near previous carried out a collection of intense tests to fetch as as a lot as the designate as likely with Rally2 equipment after a slight style of the action on Rally Spain closing One year the set he made his debut within the gathering designed for privateer drivers.

Maciej Woda, FIA Junior WRC Team Director, acknowledged:

“We are finally going encourage rallying! We now bear got 12 extremely proficient and thrilling FIA Junior WRC crews heading to Estonia with WRC for the major time. I quiz there to be very end competitors on the arresting terminate of the self-discipline on this rally as our Baltic and Scandinavian crews know these form of roads completely. Even the onboards, I will be able to say that is a driver’s rally and guarantee there shall be a smile beneath every single helmet near Friday. I am genuinely happy that the laborious-working team at M-Sport Poland’s Kraków facility has been in a position to deliver 12 Fiesta Rally4s for this match, it’s a giant endeavor to fetch so. Here’s a Junior championship, however it completely is on the enviornment stage so there isn’t one of these thing as a question, these guys need the most competitive Rally4 equipment on offer, and that’s what they’ve bought. That’s all I will be able to guarantee even when, I bear no idea who will rep this one! We are all encourage with renewed enthusiasm and energy, some shall be a little bit more rusty within the encourage of the wheel than others however, I’m definite everybody shall be encourage of their rhythm once the major loop is accomplished with.”  


1. Tom Kristensson / Joakim Sjoberg 1: 22: 51.3

2. Martins Sesks / Renars Francis +37.8

3. Ken Torn / Kauri Pannas +1: 00.4

4. Sami Pajari / Marko Salminen +1: 11.6

5. Raul Badiu / Gabriel Lazar +3: 23.8

6. Fabrizio Zaldivar / Fernando Mussano +3: 54.0

7. Ruairi Bell / Darren Garrod +04: 01.0

8. Pontus Lönnström / Stefan Gustavsson +4: 14.1

9. Lauri Joona / Ari Koponen +4: 15.5

10. Marco Pollara / Maurizio Messina +6: 10.2

11. Enrico Oldrati / Elia de Guio +6: 14.4

12. Tommaso Ciuffi / Nicolo Gonella +10: 11.4

13. Oscar Solberg / Jim Hjerpe +11: 05.1

14. Catie Munnings / Ida Lidebjer-Granberg +11: 16.2


– Fabio Andolfi / Stefano Savoia

– Jon Armstrong / Noel O’Sullivan


Tom Kristensson 3

Raul Badiu 2

Pontus Lönnström 2

Martins Sesks 1

Sami Pajari 1


1. Tom Kristensson 28

2. Martins Sesks 19

3. Ken Torn 15

4. Sami Pajari 13

5. Raul Badiu 12

6. Fabrizio Zaldivar 8

7. Ruairi Bell 6

8. Pontus Lönnström 6

9. Lauri Joona 2

10. Marco Pollara 1

Photo caption: Mārtiņš Sesks / Francis Renars, 2020 ERC Rally Liepaja within the plump Junior WRC livery Ford Fiesta Rally 4.

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