(Motorsport-Entire.com) – In Spa-Francorchamps, Claire Williams also claimed that in her Group everything was “Industry as standard”

despite the sale to the investment company Dorilton Capital. be: “I led the group in Barcelona and in the races before that, and that will continue to be the case.” Less than a week later, it is clear: The era of the Williams family in Formula 1 is over.

Not only at the end of the season, but after the upcoming Sizable Prix of Italy in Monza ( Formula 1 2020 live in the ticker! ) put it to her Office as deputy team boss. And with her, her iconic father Frank Williams, who was (at least officially) team boss until the end, at the age of 78 years the racing team that bears his name.

Claire Williams vacates one that she gives up the leadership of the team “with a heavy heart”: “I had hoped that my term of office would last a long time and that I can pass the legacy of the Williams family on to the next expert.” But because of that she failed – due to circumstances “that were out of our control,” as she says.

Williams underlines in the official press release that she made the decision to resign from her assign, myself, “to give the new owners of Dorilton a fresh start. It was not an easy decision. But the right one for everyone involved, I think.”

Claire Williams: To 18 years is over

Williams encountered 2012 aged 25 years to her father’s Formula 1 group. She started out in the press department. 2012 she was appointed to the board appointed, 2013 made deputy team boss . Because her father has been struggling with his health for years, she was most recently the de facto team boss at the operational level.

In recent years, however, the downfall of the team could not be stopped. The sale to Dorilton Capital saved Williams from bankruptcy. The team’s prestigious title should be retained. The family will no longer be involved in the future. It is not yet known who will be the new team boss.

Photo gallery: The Williams memoir

Auf geht's ins Abenteuer Formel 1: Nach zwei erfolglosen Anläufen in der Königsklasse gründen Frank Williams (70 Prozent) und Patrick Head (30 Prozent) ihr eigenes Team. Mit einem March-Chassis steigt man beim Grand Prix von Spanien in die Weltmeisterschaft ein.

Let’s go on the Formula 1 adventure: After two unsuccessful attempts in the premier class founded Frank Williams (44 percent) and Patrick Head (30 percent) your own group. With a March chassis you enter the world championship at the Sizable Prix of Spain. Photo gallery

Because the future of the company is secured, be Now is the right time for the family to withdraw from Formula 1, says Claire Williams: “We have been in this sport for more than four decades and are incredibly proud of the legacy we leave behind.” The decision to withdraw was ultimately made by the family together.

What once means “together” is left open in the press release. Frank Williams has had nothing to do with day-to-day operations for years. And Claire’s brother Jonathan has been at odds with his sister for years. He recently took care of the historic cars in Grove without much publicity.

114 Sizable-Prix- Victories in Formula 1

For the Williams family, Monza will go to 43 years and 739 Grands Prix the farewell performance in Formula 1. The group has the first race on May 8th 1977 disputed in Jarama. This was followed by 114 Sizable Prix victories (the last one by Pastor Maldonado in Barcelona 2012), nine constructor and seven driver titles (last 1997 with Jacques Villeneuve).

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Formula 1 was a huge challenge, admits Claire Williams: “I now want to see modified into it in the rest of the world still exist for me. Above all, I want to spend time with my family. ” The 44 – year old has 2017 gave birth to their first son Nathaniel. And: “I would like to thank my dad for everything modified into he for the sport, the group and the family.”

You know the encouragement from Dorilton to continue in the current constellation, appreciate, says Claire Williams. But: “We know that the Group is in good hands and that the Williams title will live on. It is the end of an era as a family-run group. But it is the beginning of a new era for Williams Racing.”

It is unclear whether the group will be called Williams for a long time. Claire Williams insisted on this recently. But the funding is now listed on Dorilton Capital’s web residence, and it says that the group is “currently” going to Originate as Williams Racing – a “currently” that worries many Williams followers …

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