1 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes)

2 – Valtteri BOTTAS (Mercedes)

3 – Carlos SAINZ (McLaren)


(Performed by Paul Di Resta) 


Q: Carlos, lap of the day. The place did you pull that one out of?

Carlos SAINZ: Yeah, effectively, obviously I’ve been feeling very solid since the commence of qualifying, since Q1. I managed to undergo with easiest one field, with a in actuality solid lap. Since then it modified into appropriate chipping away and looking to place, what modified into it, a 19.6 on the board, which I knew would beget given me top five, so I modified into chipping away. The final lap I nearly tousled. I had a gigantic 2nd in Lesmo 1 and I nearly misplaced it and since then on I had to power like this, and I’m no doubt shaking barely, attributable to in Ascari and Parabolica I had to in actuality traipse for it.


Q: Repeat us what it’s like to pull a lap out right here attributable to you’ve no longer easiest got to nail the lap, you’ve also got to acquire within five seconds of any individual to acquire that slipstream to originate it happen?

CS: Yeah, I felt I modified into like nailing Q1 and Q2 and in Q3 in lope one I didn’t quite nail it and I modified into looking ahead to Q3 lope two and the lap didn’t commence very effectively and I modified into already desiring some very solid final corners and I in actuality went for it and I risked plenty and it paid off. As you may well have the option to stumble on, after the dive I did into Ascari, I modified into barely like ‘wow, that modified into capacity too gradual’.


Q: How modified into you escape waddle the day previous to this?

CS: It’s no longer as appropriate as P3 I deem but we are succesful of strive to hang on there. Now we beget the Renault’s this weekend, and I conception they had been going to be sooner than us, but this lap helped.


Q: Valtteri obviously a in actuality appropriate lap in Q2, it regarded like you had the easier of Lewis but he appropriate had half a tenth that you just couldn’t quite acquire in that final session?

Valtteri BOTTAS: It modified into in actuality shut, as I modified into suspecting. I modified into operating first this weekend, so no longer sure with the tow. I didn’t obviously beget any, besides in Q2 at the dwell I had and it form of felt I received barely of a enjoy that. On the dwell I modified into on my beget and it’s no longer too vulgar a predicament to be but you don’t acquire any features on the straight line.


Q: Obviously it’s the principle time you are starting on the entrance row right here but did you feel assured leaving the day previous to this about the high fuel runs?

VB: Yeah. It regarded appropriate. I deem my prolonged-lope predicament when when put next with Lewis modified into appropriate so it’s going to be a appropriate escape tomorrow to come, so all to play for.


Q: Lewis, every other pole field. It regarded regular. It regarded everything it wished to be. How modified into it for you?

Lewis HAMILTON: Yeah, it modified into no longer too vulgar. Unprecedented performance from the team at present time, appropriate in the case of timing and when they set apart us out heading in the excellent direction. It wasn’t the very top, you saw how shut it modified into between us all and it in actuality demanded a trim lap and I deem I got that on each. I’m in total very entirely pleased with the laps I did. Valtteri modified into very, very shut, pushing. I made some sizable changes going into qualifying so I modified into barely of bit nervous going in that it modified into the coolest component to realize, but it labored appropriate effective.


Q: Obviously it modified into a no longer easy session in FP3 but you bought the job achieved. How complex is it on low downforce to struggle a automotive around right here with the gradual-escape chicanes and equally whereas you acquire to Ascari, Parabolica?

LH: In years I’ve achieved right here, I’ve obviously been right here plenty, I’ve had times as soon as we now beget had less downforce and not more grip. I’d state at present time, with the temperatures, we now beget rather heaps of grip accessible. The waddle we’re going thru the Lesmos is somewhat awesome. You is also shifting around whereas you acquire to the low-escape sections, so Turns 1, 2, and 4,5 so it’s with out a doubt barely of bit tricky there. But there rest of you’re form of looking to gauge appropriate how worthy you are trying to assault, acquire your minimum escape up, and verify you acquire the exit attributable to you may well even beget these prolonged straights, so it’s looking to procure the balance, which is rarely any longer easy.




Q: Lewis, that regarded like a in actuality natty, trim session for you. Are you taken aback by the outlet to the opposition, you’re eight tenths of a 2nd sooner than Carlos Sainz in third predicament?

LH: I don’t attain into the weekends with the expectation of how worthy of a hole we will beget. But indubitably… I don’t in actuality set apart it. We did state final week when they brought on this rule to gradual us down that it wasn’t going to originate a difference but we now beget a mountainous, mountainous automotive and we’re better in other areas. Appropriate an enticing performance this weekend. I deem that is with out a doubt the finest we’ve ever been right here. We’ve in actuality got the automotive in a candy field this weekend. So, appropriate a mountainous thank you to the entire guys relief at the factory for the simulations and engaged on getting aspects to those races and continuously stepping forwards. It’s this kind of arduous component to realize and I deem folk rob it without any consideration attributable to we attain it weekend in, weekend out. It modified into very, very shut. He’s been very, very immediate to date this weekend. I’m in actuality entirely pleased with the laps. They’re no longer in actuality one thing on the final one I did but however I’m grateful for it.


Q: Used to be there a trade of how for this Q3 session in particular, after what came about final year when every person tripped over every other?

LH: No longer in actuality. I deem we realized final year in the case of going out at the dwell is rarely any longer the finest for us. I deem the draw team did a in actuality appropriate job in the case of the timing. It’s one thing we mentioned the day previous to this and at present time and in a roundabout plot I deem it modified into bang on. Valtteri chose to head first this weekend. It’s very, very shut between having obvious air and having a tow and I can’t in actuality inform you which ones one is easiest. I deem some folk will state getting a tow is easiest, but you lose out in the center of the final sector. Within the kill, I’m in actuality, in actuality entirely pleased and grateful for at present time.


Q: Valtteri, coming on to you. Certain air or being in a tow, seven-hundredths the outlet to Lewis. The place attain you focus on you misplaced it?

VB: Yeah, somewhat shut. End hole, and I modified into looking ahead to it to be shut. I’ve been feeling somewhat quickly this weekend, so obviously barely dissatisfied to be 2nd rather than first but in a roundabout plot it came to the sequence of operating first or 2nd. I took the principle attributable to, from our diagnosis, there shouldn’t be worthy of a difference, and even even better to be first, so that you just may well have the option to in actuality focal level on the trim laps, and no longer to beget any messy out-laps but I appropriate experienced as soon as in qualifying a tow, dwell of Q2 and it didn’t feel too vulgar and that’s after I had the quickest time so, otherwise appropriate cutting the wind at the entrance. Within the corners I modified into quickly. It’s very no longer going to claim without seeing the recommendations, which one’s better.


Q: How’s your automotive in escape dapper? It’s a prolonged historic lope the entire manner down to the principle corner right here as effectively, isn’t it?

VB: It’s. As quickly as you’re starting right here in the principle or 2nd row, you most frequently beget a possibility. There’ll be opportunities and I deem the waddle I had in the prolonged runs, that we had as a team, is wanting solid. Also with engine law trade, for the modes, it’s going to be even better for us in the escape than previous to. So confidently that will be appropriate.


Q: Carlos, within the tip three for the 2nd time this year. Appropriate how relaxing is it to be right here, in particular after the disappointment of Spa final week whereas you didn’t even commence the escape.

CS: Yeah, very entirely pleased to combat relief after obviously a in actuality disappointing Spa, and to combat relief with a P3 in qualifying… with out a doubt didn’t set apart a query to to be so high up. We in total set apart a query to the Crimson Bulls or the Renaults at this music to be before us but actually since the commence of Q1 I felt like I had a possibility to place it in the tip three at present time and by nailing appropriate laps since the starting of Q1, saving myself all all over again every other two sets for Q3, that gave me the alternative to in actuality possibility it on the final field at the dwell of Q3 and it paid dividends.


Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Question to the 2 Mercedes drivers please. In the case of obviously the Technical Directive that came in in terms of engine modes this weekend, did you traipse away out the celebration mode or modified into the sensation largely the identical at the dwell of qualifying in the mode that you just doubtlessly did lope at present time?

LH: I don’t every deem we had a celebration mode. That modified into one thing any individual else made up.


Did the automotive feel any different, when when put next with final weekend at Spa?

LH: Who knows if we even historic that mode in Spa at the least?


Valtteri, one thing so to add on this?

VB: Car felt appropriate. Engine felt appropriate and, like I stated previous to, it’ll also soundless be even better in the escape. So, no longer sure how entirely pleased Crimson Bull is now with this engine trade.


Q: (Christian Menath – motorsport-magazin.com) Question for Carlos. Must you hear each Mercedes drivers talking about the tow and original air, sounds somewhat attention-grabbing as soon as we stumble on the overall mess occurring in the field. Did you ever rob into account to beget a lap in trim air rather than the tow? Or is it appropriate for the Mercedes drivers?

CS: For us at the 2nd in the midfield it’s extremely shut and we feel like the 2-tenths that the tow can present you is obviously value it in expose for you to be P3 rather than presumably P8 or P9. You would like secret agent the lap times to secret agent in actuality how tight it’s in there. I attain agree that the tow will also be generally detrimental, attributable to it’s… you’re placing off grip out of the corners and also you’re making the automotive less fixed and I’m no doubt no longer a gigantic fan of tows. I’m continuously opening somewhat sizable gaps to the automotive in entrance – appropriate attributable to I don’t like the sensation that the tow presents me. But having any individual up there a few seconds forward, punching the air for you, that makes a difference in the straight and that’s the place the midfield battles attain in and also you wish to combat for those final two-tenths. Presumably these guys don’t need those final two-tenths but for us it’s extremely well-known. Somewhat worthy every person modified into looking ahead to the 2 Mercs to head and then every person modified into looking to beget a look at.


Q: (Edd Straw – The Run) Lewis, wanting relief at what came about at the dwell of free observe three with the gradual autos and also you having to swerve spherical them and rob to the grass, how harmful modified into that subject and how eager are you about the capacity it arose and the actual fact the stewards took no motion?

LH: I didn’t know they didn’t rob any motion. It’s observe and in a roundabout plot it’s going to happen except they set apart in guidelines or no subject it’s. After I went, I got caught up and I appropriate stated, look, as soon as we’re on our out laps you’ve got field a rule whereas you’re… or… no longer necessarily on out laps but whereas you’re doing a gradual lap, pull off line, it’s appropriate safer so… If there’s any individual else coming, they’ve got a transparent boulevard before them but presumably that’s one thing they are going to realize sometime, I don’t know, I don’t even know if the entire drivers will agree on that so… Nothing came about, it modified into barely hair-raising but it modified into OK.


Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC Sport) Carlos, can you show why you focus on McLaren are so immediate this weekend? It’s no longer necessarily been a predicament that you just’re that accustomed to, especially on this form of music.

CS: It’s a in actuality appropriate query, no doubt. I’d love with a aim to reply that particularly, but at the 2nd I can’t. We’ve appropriate been very immediate at present time. Honestly, since Q1, I felt like we had the easier hand on the rest of the midfield and I appropriate ought to set apart some trim laps collectively. But yeah, we’re operating very low downforce which in our automotive final year didn’t work and our downforce modified into appropriate falling off each time we ran microscopic or no rear soar and this year, by some capacity, our automotive is barely of more sturdy operating lower downforce ranges and in Spa it began to pay off and right here in Monza we now beget a solid automotive below braking, we feel we are succesful of brake gradual and we now beget a solid automotive in the Parabolica and Ascari which obviously helps, you know, but real reasons, actually I don’t know.


Q: (Luke Smith – Autosport) To beget a look at up on Edd’s query earlier, to all three drivers: attain you focus on F1 would possibly well also soundless rob into account presumably shaking up the qualifying structure sometime for fast circuits equivalent to this? I do know, Bahrain, later in the year, we’ve got a 55s pole lap. Some drivers are serious a few imaginable repeat of the difficulty there so would possibly well also soundless we presumably return to brooding about one-shot qualifying, as an illustration at some tracks?

VB: I truly like the structure, how it’s, overall. I possess, as a driver, it’s somewhat effective and thrilling especially, you know, whereas you acquire to Q3 and in those laps you easiest beget one or two opportunities that subject. I prefer it, but I set apart the level. Some tracks, traffic, there’s continuously going to be a controversy, like Monaco as an illustration and Bahrain, going to be same and even worse presumably. I don’t beget plans what form of structure would possibly well also work, one lap or one thing, but I would possibly well possibly be commence to strive but I don’t beget the reply.

LH: We’ve had the identical weekend structure for God knows how prolonged so… it gets barely uninteresting when it’s the identical component every weekend but I don’t beget a recommendation. Give it up to the followers. Uncover what the followers need.


Q: Are you entirely pleased with what it’s now, the qualifying structure?

LH: Yeah, it’s OK. It’s OK. I need we had more laps, more tyres, more laps, that would possibly well possibly be effective.

CS: I deem the qualifying structure works. I deem the followers are somewhat entirely pleased with it. Would I like to strive one thing different? Yes, I deem there would possibly well also very effectively be scope for some experimenting, especially attributable to we lope into 2022 with unique regs and presumably subsequent year is a appropriate time to experiment barely. I’m a gigantic fan, wanting relief on the times of astronomical pole I in actuality loved plenty seeing autos on their beget and drivers below stress on their beget heading in the excellent direction and the cameras being succesful of focal level on you on for that one lap and getting that stress up. Presumably it would possibly well truly well possibly work that you just may well also originate astronomical pole for the final five autos of qualifying or the tip ten or the Q3 autos but I deem the rest of the structure actually works and it retains the followers inflamed with this knockout structure.


Q: Lewis, can I set apart that to you? A astronomical pole for the final five autos?

LH: Smartly, I don’t know what to claim. I don’t know if that’s going to be appropriate or no longer.


Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Lewis, there’s been rather plenty stated currently about how worthy tyre administration you guys were having to realize in the most fresh races. I appropriate questioned, based entirely mostly on what you saw in observe the day previous to this, are you looking ahead to one thing an identical tomorrow to come or will or no longer it be a different subject?

LH: It’s in total continuously the identical. It varies from escape to escape but it’s very, in particular heat right here so I deem we are succesful of beget one thing doubtlessly an identical as it’s a one quit. I don’t beget that many high-escape circuits the place we set apart heaps of power thru the tyres like the final ones and Silverstone so presumably you received’t beget folk being eager of their tyres.



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