The French MINI crew battled in opposition to the ingredients to bewitch their first Baja Poland purchase as three of the modern favourites hit complications.

In their first injurious nation tournament together, Stéphane Peterhansel and Edouard Boulanger powered to victory on Baja Poland, the 2d round of the FIA World Cup for Disagreeable Country Bajas. The all-French pairing survived the rain-sopping wet tournament to clinch a third consecutive purchase for the MINI on a rally where survival proved to be the name of the game. Bernhard Ten Brinke and Tom Colsoul brought their Toyota Hilux Overdrive dwelling in 2d establish with the Polish crew of Michal and Julita Małuszyński, in one other MINI, taking the final podium establish.

Contested over seven selective sections in the Szczecin, Drawsko Pomorskie and Dobra municipalities, this year’s 12th Baja Poland proved to be one of primarily the most interesting in history, with chronic rain creating treacherously slippery and muddy tracks. Peterhansel and Boulanger went into the tournament centered on constructing their modern relationship and, in an older specification automobile, had been aiming for a gather operate over terrain Peterhansel had petite expertise of. The twice-repeated 172 kilometre fragment on the protection power practicing ground in Drawsko Pomorskie on Saturday proved to be the decisive phases and, as their rivals hit complications, the duo claimed their first and easiest stage purchase in the 2d of the sections to vitality into the lead, in spite of some engine and gearbox complications. With factual over 14 minutes in hand going into on the present time’s shorter flee phases, Peterhansel and Boulanger had been ready to govern their tempo to the operate and negate their first purchase on Baja Poland by 12 minutes and 48 seconds.

Ten Brinke had a inclined Baja Poland obedient co-driver in Colsoul alongside him, but the Toyota crew also had a interesting time in the protection power phases. Thirty kilometres into primarily the most vital flee the window heater broke and the crew used to be forced to preserve stopping to clear the windscreen. After repairs in service they had been ready to restart, but charging complications then supposed they needed to conclude again as they battled with a shortage of electrical gadgets.


The Małuszyński pairing, in the MINI John Cooper Works Rally, had a truly gather flee on their dwelling tournament, consistently for the duration of the live five in all but one of the sections to operate third total. However, broken windscreen washers kept forcing them to force by water splashes to dapper the veil veil, and a shortage of vitality attributable to an overheating engine also dropped them time.

Three of the modern favourites for victory struck complications on their return to opponents. Nasser Al Attiyah and Mathieu Baumel, who fill won the tournament twice, had been 2d quickest by primarily the most vital of the long phases in spite of also suffering from a misted windscreen. However, blocked filters and water consumption then introduced the threat of a serious engine failure and the crew retired in the following stage. Jakub Przygoński and Timo Gottschalk had been interesting laborious the day prior to this, but the Polish driver – a inclined winner of the tournament – dropped nearly 50 minutes in SS3 when he took a wheel off the Toyota. They did nonetheless station as much as restart the final day of opponents and claimed two of the four stage wins to operate fifth total.

Local favourite Krzysztof Hołowczyc, a six-time winner on dwelling soil, took the early lead on Saturday, but the Pole and co-driver Łukasz Kurzeja retired from the day’s opponents with technical complications. They had been nonetheless assist in motion on the present time and racked up two stage wins on their methodology to seventh. The Ford Raptor crew of Martin Prokop and Viktor Chytka fought assist from water consumption and a flooded engine to operate one establish further in the assist of.

Fourth total and first in T4 had been Aron Domzała and Szymon Gospodarczyk, the Poles leading the category from the 2d fragment after obedient all but the Qualifying Stage on Friday in their Can-Am X3. The T3 purchase used to be claimed by Vasily Gryazin and Oleg Uperenko, the Russian/Latvian pairing taking a dapper sweep of stage wins to lead from initiate to operate.

The third round of the FIA World Cup for Disagreeable Country Bajas takes establish in Portugal (05-11 November).

Baja Poland – Closing Classification


Stéphane Peterhansel/Edouard Boulanger

MINI ALL 4 Racing

5hr 52min 20sec


Bernhard Ten Brinke/Tom Colsoul

Toyota Hilux Overdrive

6hr 05min 08sec


Michal Małuszyński/Julita Małuszyński

MINI John Cooper Works Rally

6hr 15min 23sec


Aron Domzała/Szymon Gospodarczyk

Can-Am X3

6hr 17min 01sec


Jakub Przygonski/Timo Gottschalk

Toyota Hilux Overdrive

6hr 28min 11sec


Vasily Gryazin/Oleg Uperenko

Can-Am Maverick X3

6hr 28min 43sec


Krzysztof Hołowczyc/Łukasz Kurzeja

MINI John Cooper Works Rally

8hr 20min 52sec


Martin Prokop/Viktor Chytka

Ford Raptor RS Disagreeable Country

8hr 39min 56sec


Gerard Farres Guell/Armand Monleon Hernandez

Can-Am X3

9hr 28min 14sec


Patrycja Brochocka/Rafal Marton

Toyota Landcruiser VDJ200

12hr 48min 00sec

Describe: www.bajapoland.ecu

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